Monday, April 20, 2015

Nigerian Wedding Flow: Peach and Mint OOTD

Hello everyone, 

Hope y'all are doing great today! 
Lately I've been all about the outfit posts and I hope you all are fine with that (?)

Over the past weekend, it was my friend's wedding and as one of the bride's friends, I got to wear an aso-ebi (simple defined: a fabric chosen by the bride for her friends/family to sew different styles with so that they stand out at the wedding). 

My tailor (seamstress) was amazing and nailed the design of my outfit to a T! It took her about a week to make this dress and the final result blew my mind. 
I'd like to give major credit to my friend - the bride - for choosing such an amazing fabric and color! The color of the gele (headtie) she chose also complemented the peach fabric sooooooo well! 

Ohhh sweet sweet Mint and Peach! Couldn't get any more perfect for a spring wedding.
(I always knew mint and peach were a perfect match... CLICK HERE for an ootd I once blogged about with both colors). 

The wedding was so lovely and I would like to use this minute to once again, wish my friend and her new husband a very happy married life! 

Now, on to the post... Pictures were taken in abundance, but I'll try to behave myself and share just a few. Lol.. Those of you on my snapchat and instagram are probably already fed up.. but HEY, these aren't cell phone pictures, so enjoy these quality pictures I'm sharing!!! 

When you have Gele on your head, and you somehow managed to slay your makeup.. The pout pose comes automatically. Lol

Can I just mention at this point that I tied my gele and did my makeup by myself? *Toot Toot* (Yes that's the sound of me tooting my own

Sitting high and mighty like the Queen I am! Yaaaaasss!
(Ok, I really should get back to my modest and humble self). 

My handsome photographer.. a.k.a the Boyfrann blessed y'all with some blurry pictures.. Lol..
(But I'm posting them anyway, because I love my poses, and you get the point)..

Serving face... I think that's what the kids call it these days... ha-ha-ha-ha

And here's an upclose look at the fabric and style of my outfit.

On my nails I had Zoya Stasi layered over Zoya Tilda. 
For Shoes: I wore flat nude colored sandals since no one could see them and I didn't want high heels. As I wanted to be comfortable.

My Seamstress phone number - Please call for business only: 817-642-5355

For Makeup and Gele lessons: Pray for me to get a great video recording camera and TIME to finally start putting tutorials on youtube. Lol... I Know I'm not the best and I'm still learning myself, but enough people have asked me to put videos on youtube, and I'm finally seriously considering it.

Anyhoo darlings,
That's it for today... Comments, questions, Random remarks? Leave it in the comment box below.

Till Later, God bless.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Wheelchair Fashion: Ask TheDIYLady - Wedding Guest Inspiration

Hello World!!!

Today's post is of an outfit I wore to a friend's bridal shower. 

I thought I'd blog about this outfit as a public response to an email I got from a blog follower named Lebo
She asked me on instagram for an outfit idea to attend a wedding, and she later sent me an email so that I could further help her. 

Here's Lebo's email: 
My name is Lebogang, but short for Lebo, Im from South Africa, Johannesburg. Im so excited writing this email to you. I have been following you on your blog, pinterest and trying to copy your style, when I saw you on instagram, I was over the moon. I like everything about you, mostly your confidence.

How you always look so good? Back to the matter at hand...Im going to a wedding and you say, I cant go wrong with a dress..what kinda dress?

Now, once again Lebo, I'm so flattered by your kind words towards me. 
I have already responded in length to your email, but I hope you don't mind me responding again in public with hopes to help any other person out there. 

Even though I wore this outfit to a friend's bridal shower, I would absolutely also wear it to a wedding. It's Spring season, and colors are in!

Being on the wheelchair, a dress that isn't too long to get caught on the front tires of the chair is perfection. The dress is long enough that it covers your legs and doesn't show the world your goodies as you roll towards them. But it's also short enough that it shows some legs and allows your shoes to shine. 

I do love to wear high heels, but those of you that are not new around here know that I ALWAYS opt for Wedges or really chunky heels.  This one is a wedged heel and it sits very comfortably on the wheelchair foot plate.

I paired my dress with a blazer because it was first and foremost a little windy, but also because the dress is totally sleeveless and I didn't like how my arms looked without the blazer. I luckily had a blazer in the exact color that was part of the dress, so that really made it look much better.
Note: Play with colors, but don't go too crazy.

Accessories are a girl's best friend. So I added some statement earrings, necklace and a watch. 
My hair (box braids) was put in a high bun, and I kept my makeup to a minimum. 

There isn't a one size fits all answer to what to wear to a wedding on a wheelchair, but I hope this post helps somebody out there.

Above all, whatever you wear, wear it confidently and wear a bright SMILE on your face. 

My photography logo is on the pictures because I took pictures for my friend's Bridal Shower. Follow me on Instagram @LizzyOPhotography to see some of my works as a photographer.

Follow @TheDIYLady on Instagram and Twitter for first looks, lifestyle, and other shenanigans I post.

I'd love to do more post like this (Ask TheDIYLady), so if you have any questions for me, send me an email:


That's it for now loves.
Till Later, God Bless. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wheelchair Fashion: Nerdy Chic in High-waisted Pants and Blazer

Hello Lovers. 
New day new post. 

Long time no wheelchair fashion/outfit of the day post.
I got an email from one of you lovely people that follow me, stating that she misses my wheelchair fashion posts. Her message was so kind and loving that I got misty eyed. She's a blog follower also on a wheelchair and she mentioned how my post inspires her to stay fashionable despite being on the wheelchair.

Now you guys, I've heard this many times, but I just always thought people were only "being nice".

Receiving this email however from this lovely lady made me realize that even though my blogging is an hobby and I post my style without obligation, there are people out there looking forward to my post. THIS made me gear up and determined to make today's post.
Thanks once again to the lovely lady whose email kicked me in the butt and inspired me to blog. 

Now on to the post. 

I'm currently rocking a short cut and feeling all sorts of sassy Chic. Channeling my Inner "Boo Boo Kitty" from EMPIRE (y'all watch the show right?? Please say yessss... I'm in love with that show)!

I also accessorized with my nerdy glasses from Firmoo

My pants are black and white but somehow my camera freaked out on the color, so bear with me.
The pants are comfortaaaaaable!!! No zippers, no buttons.. Just the perfect fit for sitting on a wheelchair. 

Here's a close up picture. Check out the pattern on my pants.

Caught taking some selfies. Y'all Know thissss!

Blazers are Bae  right now in my closet. I Just want to wear blazers with everything!

These shoes didn't really go with my outfit in my opinion, but I bought them at a great price online HERE and was HYPED to wear them when they got delivered. I forced them to work with what I wore but I will for sure style them better soon. This is practically my first ever white shoe, and they're comfortable. The wedged heel stays nicely well on the wheelchair foot plate.

When you click HERE to buy anything on the website, you get free $10 towards your purchase on the website.

Trying to Serve Face but it didn't work.

Tah-Dah!!! And it's a wrap.. Buh bye lovers.

As always, thank you all for visiting... 

Stay Fashionable, wheelchair or no wheelchair, remember, you control YOUR style! 
Till Later, God bless. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Swatches and Review: Zoya Ultra PixieDust Collection - Oswin, Arianna and Noir

Hello Loves. 

This DIY Lady is here today with another post. 

This time I'm gonna be sharing my swatches of Zoya's Ultra PixieDust Collection for Fall 2014.
Yes, this is coming late, but y'all know I was on a blogging hiatus, and since I'm kinda back, I will be posting everything that needs to be posted. Lol... 

I Hope you all enjoy!

First up is Zoya Oswin , 
This is a gorgeous red textured polish that is beautiful and dries to a matte finish.

Next is Noir.
Anyone who knows me know that I'm a purple Lover! Anything purple and I'm In Love!

This purple is everything and then some. The glitters in it shine through and it glistens in different lights.

And then Arianna
This confused me because it somehow looks like Oswin. BUT, I finally saw through it and realized it had more of a pink undertone, and is not as red as Oswin. 

I love the Zoya PixieDust Polishes and these ones certainly didn't disappoint.

Do you have these or are you thinking about getting them?

Share your thoughts with me darlings.
Till Later, God Bless.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Yearning for Spring - Colorful DIY Polka Dot Mani

Hello Lovers. 
I recently just cut my nails short and decided it was time to get back into DIY nails. 

I've attempted to "come back" many times but life and life and life just keeps getting in the way of my come back to full time blogging. *sigh*.. 
BUT no complains, I love my life and thank God for everything I'm blessed with. 

This winter weather has however been err.... Not my favorite. I find myself counting down to Spring and summer weather. I want colors, I want beauty and I WANT SUN! 

I whipped out two nail polishes from Zoya Summer 2014 Collection called Rocha and Ling for this colorful polka dot mani to get me in a spring mood. 
I did polka dots to remind myself I still knew how to DIY simple nail art. Lol... 

Painting my nails, doing this nail art and holding the polish bottle for pictures was almost like coming back home after a long journey. I missed this so much, and I hope to be fully back to blogging nails and more DIY things again. 

These two colors from Zoya's Summer 2014 collection complement each other so well and they're beautiful with a fabulous formula.

Polka dots never fail me. Also I am a lil rusty now that I hadn't done nail art in a while. 

This last picture is just because I can.
I have been focusing more on my photography, so I got to playing with colors in this picture below. Lol...

Anyhoo lovers,
Hope y'all are happy to see this DIY nail art post from me.
I miss you all, I miss visiting blogs and commenting and being nail polish crazed!

Till Later, God Bless.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sally's Beauty Supply: February 2015 Coupon

Hello Lovers, 

Today on the blog is Sally's $10 off $20 or more coupon. 
Enjoy shopping lovers. 

Thanks for visiting. 
Till Later, God Bless. 


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