Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Hello lovely people.
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As most of you know, I started a series called #DIYMonday over on my youtube channel (are you subscribed?).
This week, I shared an easy plus healthy tutorial on how I make scotch-egg.

According to wikipedia, A Scotch egg consists of a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated in bread crumbs and baked or deep-fried.

I love scotch egg so very much and had to learn how to make it! In order for this to be healthy, I use turkey sausage, grounded granola bars and then I also baked it instead of deep frying it.

What you need:
  1. Sausage (I used turkey sausage as an healthier alternative)
  2. You choice of seasoning for the sausage (I love cayenne pepper and creole seasoning).  
  3. Ground cinnamon
  4. Grounded Granola bar (substitute for bread crumbs or grounded graham crackers)
  5. Flour
  6. Boiled eggs
  7. Cracked egg
As you can see, not much is needed to prepare this yummy snack that could also be a meal depending on how much of it you choose to eat. *wink*



  1. Boil desired amount of eggs.
  2. Remove eggs and put into cold water then peel. Set aside. 
  3. Blend/Mash granola bars(remember you can substitute for bread crumbs or graham crackers)
  4. Add ground cinnamon to granola bar blend
  5. Remove sausage and add seasoning of choice. Then work seasoning into sausage. Set aside.
  6. Break raw egg in a separate bowl then whisk.
  7. Prepare a baking pan with foil. 
  8. Preheat Oven to 375 degrees 
  9. Dampen palms with water or wear cooking gloves
  10. Roll each egg in flour. 
  11. Scoop enough sausage mixture into your palms - Be generous, you need enough to cover the egg. 
  12. Put one egg in the middle of your sausage and cover egg with sausage (you may want to watch the video above at this point if you're confused). 
  13. Roll sausage covered egg in beaten/whisked egg.
  14. Roll the result from step 12 in grounded granola bar mix
  15. Arrange on a baking pan 
  16. Bake for 20 minutes
  17. Serve whole or cut in slices

Below is what the finished product should look like before you transfer to your oven.

Below is what your finished product should look like once you've baked it for about 20 minutes. If you look at the lower right of this photo, you'll see the result of not using enough sausage mix to cover your egg. LOL

Here's what you should have after cutting each one in halves.

Happy eating!

Remember, you can adjust this recipe as you feel. I honestly decided to go the healthy route with this because it makes me feel less guilty when I eat more  than one. LOL... Scotch eggs are lovely as a side dish, breakfast or whatever you choose them for. They are great for brunch or finger food at bridal/baby showers as well.

Please let me know if you try this recipe and also share with me if you love scotch eggs as much as I do.
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Monday, November 6, 2017

Word of Encouragement

Happy November loves. 

I am blogging today because I was really convicted to pick up my laptop and begin to write this post that has been on my mind lately. I also wanted to share my look with you guys because I was feeling myself. LOL, so, let's start with my look.

 It's November, but the weather here in Texas hasn't gotten the memo yet, so I still get to wear fancy summer-like dresses which brings me so much joy and happiness because I love colors!
This dress from curvaceous boutique had me feeling perfect for a brunch event I attended over the weekend. I will have a vlog of my weekend up on my youtube channel this coming Wednesday. 
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Anyhoo, speaking of November, we are getting to the end of the year and it's usually a time that some people use to reflect. Some could be feeling less accomplished than they planned to be at the beginning of this year and want to give up their dreams or goals. 

Do you feel like you have nothing to be grateful for? Are in one of those "Can't wait for next year to get here so I can begin all over again" moods? Is there something you wanted to get started this year but aren't even close to starting yet?

Well, if you feel this way, I truly hope that you can begin to count your blessings and realize that being alive means there's hope for a better today AND tomorrow. If there's something you wanted to do, what is holding you back? Is that thing truly an hindrance or a figment of your imagination? 

I have had to ask myself on several occasions if the things I consider as hindrances really have the power to stop me from achieving my dreams. More times than not, they are only a figment of my imagination and I give them the power to control me or stop me from starting with what I do have to work with. I find that once I get out of my own head and choose to begin with what I have, I am more happy and begin to make progress towards achieving what I desire. You seriously have to be your biggest cheerleader.

 I do not want to sell you false hope today, but I do want to encourage you to look around you and count your blessings. Begin with what you have and realize that LIFE is for the LIVING and the fact that you are here means that there is so much more you can achieve. 

Start with what you have, where you are, and pray about where you want to be and the things you desire. God is faithful, he will not forsake you.

You have the power to success in your hands, and with consistency, determination and a decision to choose to be hopeful, you will be on your way to blowing your own mind.
Anyways, that's it for now you guys. I just felt like sharing this with somebody out there.
Love you all.

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Thanks for visiting, Till Later God bless.