Thursday, August 24, 2017

28 Lessons Life Has Taught Me

Hello lovers,
So today is my birthday. (Thank you, thank you. You can stop clapping now)

As this day crept up, I began to think back on the years I've lived and I had the urge to write down 28 lessons I've learned from and about life so far. I realize that I am a product of love and I am so blessed to have great relationships in  my life. I am thankful for the attitude God has blessed me with and for the lessons I have learned. Even though some lessons were hard to learn and some are still a work in progress, I wanted to share them with hopes that it would help my future self and possibly help someone out there. 

These are in no particular order, and most of them will definitely sound cliché.

  1. Love yourself fiercely. The ability to do this enables you to receive love from the world and to also give love into the world.
  2. You do not owe anything to anybody. Trying to please humans will get you nowhere. In all do you, ask yourself: "what will Jesus do?"
  3. Always put God first. (I should move this to the top, but remember I told you these are in no particular order. Lol)
  4. Embrace Failures. They can be stepping stones to bigger and better things than you initially planned for.
  5. Don't be too hard on yourself. Eat the cookie.

  6. Quality over quantity always, except when it comes to buying nail polishes. Lol.. Just kidding.
  7. Marry the man that shows and tells you that you're his good thing (Proverbs 18:22)
  8. If it's not good food, don't even bother managing it. Life is too short to eat bad meals.
  9. You can cook, and you can love doing it. Plus, you will end up saving money if you do. 
  10. Take responsibility. It's a fast route to self-improvement.
  11. Impossible is nothing. You can do so much if you're determined. If you want it, go for it.

  12. Cultivate a habit of saving and pay your tithes.
  13. If you want to get something done (right), you will most likely have to do it yourself (DIY pun intended).
  14. You are blessed. Count your blessings.
  15. What is worth doing at all is worth doing well. Deliver more than you're paid to do. 
  16. Never say never
  17. Write ideas down. Write plans down. Write everything down before you forget. Seeing it written or typed out also helps to keep you accountable.

  18. Set measurable and realistic goals. 
  19. Detach yourself from electronics once in a while. Allow yourself the time to just be, reflect, plan, energize and relax. 
  20. This too shall pass. Whatever it is. 
  21. No one you meet in life is a mistake. Learn from failed relationships and nurture great friendships.
  22. Laugh. Laugh till you cry. Laugh till your belly hurts. Call the people that make you laugh. Do the things that make you laugh. Watch the things that make you laugh.

  23. Google everything and anything. There is so much you can learn for FREE. There is something in you that can make you great if you seek for and nurture it. 
  24. Watch foreign movies, especially K-dramas. There is something quite intriguing about them. 
  25. Say I Love You and mean it.
  26. Pray always
  27. Do new things and visit new places. 
  28. Never stop being creative or inspired. Use your hands, use your imagination, make moves so that your future self will thank you. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Can you guess how old I am based on these lessons? The hint is in the list *wink*

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Till later, God Bless. 

Friday, August 18, 2017


Hello loves, 
The title of this post pretty much tells you what I am here to tell you today!

However, stay with me for a bit while I ramble on why I am doing this ultimate giveaway!

As most of you know, about a year ago, I married the love of my life. We will be celebrating our one year anniversary in September and so we have been reminiscing and thinking back to the days when we were planning our wedding. 

For most brides-to-be, picking out their wedding dress is the biggest task they had during wedding planning. But for me, the hardest part of wedding planning was picking out a photographer and a videographer because I know of the importance of having trustworthy vendors (who are also within my budget) to capture the highlights of our wedding day. 

We do not regret our decision to go with the duo we chose for the job because we have watched our wedding video over and over again and the pictures from our wedding day serve as great home decor master pieces. Also, as most of you probably know by now, Our wedding highlight video, and wedding photos have made quite the rounds on the inter-webs because the vendors captured our love in the most beautiful way.

With all that being said, we know things can get pretty expensive really quickly if you are doing a full blown wedding and so every little bit of help count! I get emails frequently from people who watch my youtube vlogs and saw our wedding video asking me about wedding planning and money saving tips. We also notice it is proposal season and lots of couples are picking their wedding dates!

All of these reasons, in addition to wanting to show my appreciation to everyone who support me is why my husband and I are very happy to be hosting this giveaway in partnership with our wedding photographer (Damell Photography) and videographer (D2tography) to give one lucky WINNER a wedding day Photo and Video Package!

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Friday, August 11, 2017


Hello and welcome back here!
Hope you're  having a good day. 

Today I am showcasing what I  dare to call the best straight hair I have ever worn. I got this from
I have a review video up on youtube and you can watch that below. 

Now let's talk about the hair. I am seriously in love with it. The lustre, the volume, everything is bomb! 

I made it into a wig all by myself and I am quite proud. 
What you see is 3 bundles (24, 22, 20) and an 18 inches closure (that I didn't have to bleach). I  tweezed the closure a bit and added some concealer to make it more realistic. I am completely in love with the outcome and quality of the hair. 

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Thanks for coming by.God Bless.
P.S: Don't forget to watch  my review video below: I also share my hacks to laying your wigs/closure FLAT in the video.