Friday, April 28, 2017

My First Get Ready with Me Makeup Video - Date Night

Hello guys, 

So I finally did it!! My snapchat fam wanted me to film a get ready with me makeup video, and I decided to deliver!!! I'm not a makeup artist but I enjoy dabbling in makeup and glamming myself up! 

It was date Night with Le Boo, and so I took the opportunity to film my makeup look for you guys. I also did a Vlog of our date night, so be sure to watch the video below till the end. 

I mentioned just about everything I used for this look in the video, but Here are some key products I used for this makeup. 

Lipstick: Sephora - Always Red Lip stain
Eye Liner: wet and wild black liner
Powder: Bare Minerals foundation powder
Highlighter: Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow
Eyeshadow: Juvia's Place Saharan Palette. I reviewed this in THIS VIDEO on my youtube channel. 

I Hope you guys enjoyed the Get ready with me video.
Please let me know if you like videos like these, and if you learned anything from my makeup application.

Thanks for coming,
Till Later, God bless.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Vlogging with Le Boo

Hello Loves

I have a new Vlog on my youtube channel and I wanted to post it here for those of you who aren't subscribed yet (Come on, get to it!)

The Pap I used for our Saturday Morning Breakfast in this Vlog is from @Yumfoods_MN
The facial Mask I used: CLICK HERE
Sunday Outfit style post: CLICK HERE
I Hope you guys enjoyed this Vlog.

Thanks for visiting,
Till Later, God Bless

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Styling: Off Shoulder Ankara Top

Hello world

I'm excited to have yet another style post on the blog today. 
I love ankara tops and I enjoy pairing them with regular plain bottoms/pants to break the pattern on the ankara. 

This top was gifted to me by a friend but it was made by EllaGrey. Tailored to perfection and the style is so modern and chic. 

I paired it with this black denim (which feels and fits like jeggings), a crossbody bag and this gorgeous shoes.

I find that I keep my accessories to a minimum lately, because I'm always wearing this bracelet Le Boo got me on our wedding day. Small pearl earrings and this gorgeous glasses were all I rocked.

I am seriously obsessed with ANYTHING that is "off shoulder"! 

I Love how this top has an off-shoulder AND a cold-shoulder peekaboo thing going on! The straps falling to the side of my shoulders are self-tie and they certainly makes this top something special. 


A smile is always a great accessory!

Here's a close up of  the shoes I'm wearing with this look. I can't stress enough how much I love shoes that have strings/ropes because I can adjust them to fit comfortably even as my legs swell from sitting on the wheelchair.

And that's it for now you guys. I Hope you got an idea or two from this style post.

Ankara Top : By EllaGrey
Jeggings Denimv : Walmart
Shoes : Ross Dress for Less
Glasses: DD's Discount
Bag: Forever21

Remember, it doesn't have to cost much to look fabulous!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

On a Wheelchair because I don't have Faith in God

Hello you guys!

So if you read the title of this post and said to yourself "Uh oh, what is Lizzy on about now", well.... welcome and thank you.

I tried to give this post a different title but it just wasn't working out. So I decided to leave it as raw as it gets.

I sat down in a chit chat with one of my friends in my most recent youtube video and we got to talking about different things people say to me - as a wheelchair user, and what people say to her (and my other friends and family) - as friends to a wheelchair user.

The video is quite self explanatory, and you can watch it below.

But since I am a talker, I decided to back up this video with more words in this blog post.

As I mentioned in the video, I understand that human beings are created to be curious beings and a lot of people mean well when they approach ME (a wheelchair user) with certain questions or concerns or advice.
However, the fact that these people "mean no harm" doesn't take away from the fact that I still find some of their questions, comments and advice to be funny or downright.... ermm.... unnecessary. 

I have been blessed with what I believe is a great sense of humor, so I personally don't take offense (anymore) to the comments people make to me or my friends and family, but I still wanted to touch this subject because at some point in my life, they used to affect me.

I also wanted to discuss these things because I felt like I was in the position to bring them to light since some people can still be affected by them.

Life is already difficult enough for most people, and I believe that a kind word goes a long way than careless words that could hurt or make a person sad/depressed.

Before you say certain things to anybody - not just a physically disabled person - ask yourself, will this comment make their day a little brighter? Or could what I'm about to say hurt them?

Anyways, I hope this video helps you see how certain words could hurt and makes you more cautious of the things you say to people. You don't really know what somebody is going through no matter how "physical" or "clear" it seems their problems are.

That's it for now.
Till Later, God Bless.