Friday, March 24, 2017

Gym Vlog : Exercises I do on and off the Wheelchair

Hello lovers,

Today I am sharing with you all a Vlog from the gym.
I don't always go to the gym, but I do my best to go especially when I notice that I am beginning to have less endurance or difficulties with transferring to and out of the wheelchair.

I'd like to mention that I am not a physical therapist and neither am I a personal trainer, but I hope that you guys enjoy this Vlog of me in the Gym. I hope this video helps any wheelchair user out there wondering what exercises to do in the Gym. As I mentioned before, I'm not an expert but doing some of the exercises shown in this video help me build strength and maintain my body weight.

While weight loss is a great reward for going to the gym, it's hardly ever my focus because I know that dieting is a big part of weight loss.

However, getting your body moving and ensuring that you're flexible and have good blood flow/circulation is a MAJOR part when you're a wheelchair user.

Personally, I enjoy being independent and being able to do just about everything I want to do despite "the wheelchair".

I had to learn to do certain things differently since I don't have full muscle control/use, and my balance is still kind of OFF. I also get help from the really big guys at my gym for certain transfers I can't do by myself.

I won't give everything away by typing too much.... so lets get into the video.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video, 
Please feel free to ask questions you may have. 

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Hello lovers. 

Happy Second day of spring! 

I wanted to make this post on the first day of Spring but life happened and here we are today. 
It's just another fashion post showcasing all the beautiful colorful-ness that spring times brings. 

I'm also rocking this hair I shared with you all sometime ago, and in case you're wondering why it looks different, it's because I straightened it. Man, that hair REALLY keeps on giving! Once again, it's a beauty supply store hair! Just Amazing!

While I love spring and the blooming beauties it brings, I certainly cannot STAND Spring Allergies! My glasses look fashionable, but the truth is, they were hiding my very red eyes that wouldn't stop producing water from all the allergens in the air. 

I wore this gorgeous jumpsuit and paired it with a blazer I thrifted a while back. I'm sort of color blind and these colors seemed to compliment each other in my eyes. Lol

The blazer was necessary because it was still a very windy day. 

Looking forward to summer time so that I can actually wear my jumpsuit in all of its glory without a blazer. 

But the wind made my hair fabulous thooo... LOL

And That's it for now yall!!

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

How I stream Music Using Google Chrome Cast Audio

Hello darlings, 

Today on the blog we are discussing music! Who doesn't like a good tune? 

Music can change my mood from bad to good within seconds, and while I enjoy listening to music on pretty much all my devices, I like the ability to be able to hear it more on my speakers. 

The google chrome cast audio makes playing music on your speakers very easy. Whether your speakers are new or old, you can wirelessly cast music from your phone, laptop or tablet.

Because Chromecast Audio uses WiFi instead of Bluetooth, you can stream crystal clear hi res sound that will fill up a room with your favorite sounds. This device was from Best Buy and I certainly have plenty to say about it, so enjoy reading!

Having had this for over 2 weeks now, I can easily say it has made listening to music so much easier and seamless. 
Some of my favorite things about this device is that I can use my phone to play, pause, or change the volume from anywhere in our house without interruption. Also, while streaming, I can still text or call without interrupting what's playing or draining your battery.

The sound from this is AMAZING! The Wi-Fi  streaming has many advantages over Bluetooth including higher sound quality.

Once connected to the speakers, you can stream millions of songs, radio stations, and podcasts through apps like Pandora, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Google Play Music. Find more at

Something else I love about this is that we can play music across rooms. You can easily fill every room in your home with synchronous music. Simply group Chromecast Audio devices together so you can listen to the same song on multiple speakers.

The device comes with everything you need for great music really. 

And it's so small yet very powerful.

All you have to do is cast your music from your favorite music app, and your room will be filled with sounds of happiness. 

Using the google home app from the play store is highly recommended. 

To Buy or learn more about this device: Visit

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Disclaimer:  The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Friday, March 10, 2017

How I drive + My Wheelchair Accesible Car | TheDIYLady

Hello lovers!

Today I will be discussing a topic I get so many questions about - Driving with Disability.

As most of you know, I make use of a wheelchair for mobility due to a spinal cord injury sustained in a car accident. I feel like I say this a LOT, but I have to mention it before I get asked AGAIN. Lol. Based on some of my VLOGS, a lot of people noticed that I drive and they've asked me how I drive. I get multiple emails on this, so I decided to do a detailed video for everyone interested. I also have more information below on how I got my accessible car.

After my car accident, I went back to school, graduated and wanted to begin working after graduation. Being transported by family and friends was fine until it came time to get to work and become more independent.

Talking to a friend of mine - Kemi (a wonderful artist)  - one thing led to another and she told me about how she has a wheelchair accessible car. I got all the way excited and found out that the state of Texas had many resources (a.k.a FREE Services for those qualified) that could help me get to work after university despite a disability. That was how I found out about DARS (Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services). DARS has since taken a new name and is now one of the vocational rehabilitative programs under the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).

With the help of DARS, and my wonderful parents who bought me my car right after university, my car was modified by Lift-Aids and made fully accessible so that I can drive everywhere I wanted to go (especially to work).

Lift Aids accessed my abilities and there were a couple of options for a car modifications back then. After much deliberations and considerations for different circumstances (such as when it's raining or if I wanted someone else to drive my car), we settled on this version of modification.

Having a car was the icing on the cake of my independence and I couldn't be more grateful to God for everyone he used in making this a possibility. My parents are truly awesome and I know that it was not an easy task to buy me this car for it to be made accessible with the help of the state of Texas and Lift Aids.

If you have further questions about this, please ask in the comment section below.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Be Bold For Change: Impossible is Nothing

Hello loves!

In case you're wondering what the title of this post means, it's in honor of March 8th - which is known worldwide as International Women's day!!! The theme this year is  Be Bold For Change. 

Here's to all women! May God continue to strengthen and uphold us in all the many roles we play as daughters, wives, sisters, friends, mothers, and so much more.

As a woman who make use of wheelchair for mobility due to a spinal cord injury sustained from a car accident, it took courage before I became confident in myself. Choosing to have a platform such as this blog and my other social media presence was in part to encourage other women and people with disability that Impossible is Nothing. 
Being bold and making the decision to live my life despite the conditions and circumstances of life certainly didn't come easy, but now that I am where I am, I am so glad that I didn't let the voices in my head, or the mumbles of the outside world stop me from being the BEST me that I could be. 
I still have a long way to go and I hope to continue to share my message with the world. 
I hope someone out there reading this chooses to be BOLD for Change from this moment onward. There is greatness waiting for you in life. 

 We are all Wonderfully and fearfully made!

Outfit Details:
Skirt & Top - Ross. (The Top is actually a fitted dress I tucked into the skirt) *wink*
Shoes - Dillards
Hair Review: CLICK HERE

I hope you all have a splendid day!
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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Taking care of Children & Cooking | Vlog #5

Hello loves!

I have a new vlog on my YouTube channel. *Insert Cheering here* LOL

I love vlogging because it gives you a tiny glimpse into my daily living.

Remember to watch in HD with a cup of your fave beverage.

Hope you enjoy! Please note: comments are welcomed as I'm still trying to get the hang of this vlogging thing!

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