Friday, February 24, 2017

Pink Hair Loving - Hair Details Included

Happy Friday lovely people!

I'm so excited the weekend is upon us because that's when the ultimate Fine Girl in me gets her time to shine. LOL... With little to no time to spend on hair and makeup during the week, I'm quite grateful  and thankful for my most recent hairstyle. It's low maintenance and keeps me looking like I tried to look good to work.  

Ladies on snapchat and instagram have been asking me to spill the beans on this hairstyle. I've been getting questions like: Is it a wig? Is it a weave? Did you dye it yourself? Is it Pink? Is it red? Lizzy, what is this hair and HOW CAN I get it? 

Well, wonder no more darlings, because TODAY, I have answers! 

Below is a pack of the hair I've been rocking lately and if you guessed it was a wig, YOU GUESSED RIGHT! 
This is the Freetress Equal Invisible L Part Wig in Chasty - Color number OF99J530BG.

I bought this wig from my local beauty store but a quick search on google shows me that you can buy this in a lot of online stores INCLUDING AMAZON! There are variety of colors to pick from but can I just say this color I got is my favorite? 

I like the part that the wig comes with but I think I need to tweeze some of the hair off and open up the part a bit more.

This hair is sooooo low maintenance and I seriously only have to run my fingers through it every morning. I've worn it every day for over 2 weeks now, and I brush it every other day. It's tangle free and I haven't used any heat on it yet. The curls are still as popping as when I first got them.

This wig is the real MVP and dare I say the best beauty supply store wig I've ever purchased. For it being under $30 and requiring no manual labor whatsoever, I am certainly IN LOVE. 
I didn't have to cut any lace off the front (Hairline) or do ANYTHING to it other than bringing it out of its pack and putting it on my head. 

It has a band on the inside and 3 combs to firmly secure the wig on your head. 

I believe I have answered the most common questions I've been asked about this wig, but please if you have further questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. 

To view my post on the outfit I wore in this post, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

#WheelchairFashion: Slaying On and Off the wheelchair

Howdy peoples!

It's a world full of slay queens and kings and while I'm not one to value outward appearance over inner beauty, I certainly think looking your best is a strong factor in FEELING your best. 

Expressing my style as a wheelchair user can be quite tricky but as I shared in my most recent video - My feelings about life on a wheelchair - I certainly enjoy expressing my style and never let anything hold me back. Watch the video if you haven't already, I also show how I transfer off the wheelchair in that video.

While I have managed to perfect the art of taking pictures ON the wheelchair, I love it even more when I transfer OFF the wheelchair for some extra poses. 

I somehow manage to still have the wheelchair in some of my pictures though, because it's certainly nothing to be ashamed of - I just enjoy variety in life.

Do not be fooled by my posture, it only lasted a few seconds and I mustered all of my strength to use my trunk muscle for this shot. LOL. 

I get a lot of messages from other wheelchair users asking me how I slay, and honestly, while it may not be the most inspirational response, the truth is, I JUST DO. I find outfits that work for my body type and try my best to get things that I can easily wear without getting pressure sores. 

Another common question I get from ladies on wheelchair is: How do you wear high heels?

My response to that is, if I want to wear heels for a long period of time, I generally go for wedged heels. They have more balance to them and I can prop my feet nicely on the wheelchair foot plate.

I also buy shoes that have lots of "spacing" in them because the spaces mean that there isn't much pressure from the shoe on my feet. And I usually also buy shoes with laces so that I can easily adjust the fit as my leg swells up (this is very common for wheelchair users).

The ultimate truth however is that, I DON'T WEAR MY SHOES FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME. lol... Yes, just like ladies not on a wheelchair, I too can only handle heels for a short period of time before I take them off and either go bare feet, or change into flats. 

I Hope you have enjoyed my answers to some of the most common questions I get about styling and looking fashionable on a wheelchair. 
Remember, style should reflect your personality and what works for someone else's body type might not work for you. Do you, be you, and stay true to yourself. 

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My Feelings about Life on a Wheelchair - Video

Hello world. 

Today I have a video sharing my feelings about living life on a wheelchair. 

Please watch the video below, and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn on your notifications for future posts. 

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine Special: Our Wedding Video & Pictures - #Amizzy2016

Happy Valentine's day!!!

Today is a very special day for me because it's my dating anniversary with the love of my life. On this day 8 years ago, Le Boo asked me to officially be his girlfriend and it's been the best decision saying YES to him. You guys have been a part of our love story and after our proposal video and pictures, everyone has been anticipating our wedding video.

I am still unsure how I can thank you all for loving us so much and wishing us so much blessings. People I don't know reach out to me everyday via email and share their joys with me and tell me what hope our relationship has given them. I cannot take the glory because God truly deserves the praise. 

Our wedding was last year September and it was beyond anything I could have imagined. Yes we tried to plan to the best of our abilities, but ultimately, God took over the wedding planning and wedding day. I still owe some people the full details of wedding planning, but time has gone by so much that I honestly don't know where to begin. LOL... Does anybody still care for details?

Most importantly for now though, I'd like to say, wedding planning was fun for me - overall. I pretty much knew everything I wanted and tried my best not to go above our budget. It wasn't easy but all the years of marital "grooming" and marriage seminars I attended reminded me that there was life after the wedding celebration. 

If you're a bride-to-be and you find yourself wishing for things beyond your means, please remember that wedding planning is not a one-size-fits-all thing.  What one person finds as expensive, another considers to be too cheap and thereby worthless. Sit with your partner, put everything on the table and decide what works best for you both. Mummies, daddies, uncles, and aunties will have input regardless of WHO is actually paying for the wedding, but you must remember to honor your elders while still skillfully and prayerfully doing what works best for you and your spouse.

You will discover that weddings can get pretty expensive real quick, especially if you have no prior knowledge of this "industry". I found myself being so confused why venues and certain vendors were so expensive so I did the first thing I felt was wise and hired a wedding planner. Their job is to work within your budget to provide you the closest thing you can get to your dream wedding, and ours delivered beyond my expectation. (Thanks again Jewel if you're reading this).

While it was completely relieving and life changing to have a wedding planner, the Do-It-Yourself-Lady in me still came alive by being an active part in our wedding planning. From bargain shopping to picking my solid girls as bridesmaids so that I won't have any headache, to making my veil and bouquets by myself since I had a vision and wanted to save money. I also took on the role of making sure I kept communication lines open with almost all of our vendors including those I found by myself, those our parents found and those my planner introduced me to. Also, do not feel pressured into hiring vendors that your mind isn't at peace with. I had peace of mind with regards to all of our wedding vendors, and they all delivered above and beyond for us.

Overall, I found favor with everyone because God kept showing up and showing out. Le Boo and I kept God throughout the whole wedding planning and we had a pact to have fun on our wedding day and soak in all the emotions and love from our family, friends and everyone present.

I also would like to add that if you're Nigerian and you have the opportunity to do your traditional wedding, PLEASE DO IT! I initially opted against having a traditional wedding so that we could "join all the money on one day", but I am so glad that my mom and pastor's wives and all my other wonderful mummies convinced me to have a proper traditional Nigerian Wedding. "Ha, Lizzy, this your Le Boo must Dobale ooo"!!! 

The 21st century frugal bride-to-be in my head certainly didn't understand it, but I cannot tell you how much FUN myself and my husband had on that day! Mixing both of our cultures - he's Edo, and I'm yoruba - certainly made us very happy. To top our excitement, seeing the looks on our parent's faces was so worth it. I cried so much tears of joy, danced and loved every part of it!

From Le Boo to Future Grooms: None of it [wedding planning] will make total sense to you and you'll want to question anything costing more than $1, but you cannot stay within that mentality throughout the wedding planning process. Shake it off, discuss finances amongst each other, and support your bride in every way you can because you're happy when she's happy. Pray together at every given opportunity, put God first and make sure to enjoy your wedding day to the best of your ability. DANCE DANCE DANCE.

We would like to thank all of our vendors for their tremendous support and delivering above our expectation. Not one vendor disappointed us, and I am very aware how rare that is. Thanks!

Photographer – Damell Elliot Photography
Videography - d2tography
Wedding planner – Touch of Jewel
Makeup – Flawless Touch Makeover
Asooke's and Couple's Traditional wears - TwentEight02 Asooke
Wedding Decorator – Events By Carlos
Wedding Ceremony and reception: The Villagio Resort
Wedding Cake – Crystals and Cream
Wedding DJ – Deejay Rell
MC – Jedi
Bride’s hair - Platinum Silk Virgin Hair
Bride’s Hair Installation and styling – Jaclyn Irabor Hair Design Studio
Asoebi - 5 Yard Fabrics
Dessert Table - Moe's Desserts
Live Band – Genesis
Catering – Yemsade
Snacks – Tasty Bites
Bridal Jewelry – David Tutera & Zena Accessories
Groom Styling - JprStyling
Invitations and Programs - Bankem Printing
Uplighting - Dj Riz

Without further ado, please view pictures below and enjoy our wedding video!


PHOTO SLIDESHOW (Might require viewing on desktop)

Traditional Wedding  

White Wedding Your comments mean a lot to me, so please leave one. :-)
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God Bless.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Swatches and Review: Juvia's Saharan Palette + Bad Customer service?

Howdy loves!

I have my first impression and review of the much raved about Juvia's Place Saharan Palette!

I had to get this palette because I loved all the colors and I heard so much about how pigmented they were. 

The eyeshadow color selection for this palette offered something for every look, and I was certainly excited to get it so that I could decide for myself if it was worth the rave. 

I've heard so many people comment on loving the juvia's place palettes, but some also said that Juvia's place had bad customer's service and orders not being fulfilled or arriving late.  

I'd like to mention that when I placed my order, I had no problem whatsoever, and my item arrived within 4 days. 

Watch the video below for my thoughts on this palette. 

Did you get this palette or would you get it?
If you need a Juvia's place coupon code, Use code "Nikkie" during checkout. 

Share your thoughts about this palette and brand with me below or under the youtube video. 

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Friday, February 3, 2017

#MakeYourMove: Styling on a wheelchair - It's Possible!

Hello loves, 
Hope you're having a lovely day and excitement is in the air wherever you are!

Long time no style post, so let's get into this!

I chose to pair my Ankara peplum top and scarf with this bright blue pants and a nice wedged sandal. 
As I've told most of you before, wedges are my best friend for when I want to wear my fancy shoes for a long period of time. The wedged heels allows the shoes to sit nicely on the wheelchair's footplate and keep my legs looking fancy. 

For photography's sake however, I tend to position my legs in a way that makes them look very stylish - as you can see below. 

My Inspiration for tying my scarf like this came after watching Queen Of Katwe movie. 
I loved all of lupita Nyongo's head-tie/scarf styling. 

If you need ideas on how to tie ankara scarfs or even turbans, remember to check out THIS VIDEO I made on youtube. 

I get so many messages from people asking me how I style and dress myself despite being on a wheelchair.

And I must say, the journey to happiness hasn’t always been an easy one. It becomes even more difficult when life throws curve balls your way and you begin to doubt how much you can accomplish. When you choose to persevere and follow your dreams to living a happy and fulfilled life, you find that you are capable of so much more than you thought you were.

After my car accident, I genuinely thought I would be confined to “looking boring” and wearing nothing but long boring dresses all the days of my life. Though I found a way to be comfortable with long and easy to wear dresses for a while, I had to make my move and challenge myself to develop certain skills that would enable me to dress myself the way that I wanted to. From occupational therapy, to physical therapy, I learned so much that enabled me to dress and style myself. I am still on the quest to go beyond where I am now with regards to my style and life in general, because no matter how good you think you are, there is always another level of excellence you can attain.

Never become comfortable, take risks, keep your eyes on your goal and always be confident to #MakeYourMove because you have all it takes to be a master at whatever you put your mind to doing. The movie #QueenofKatwe said it best: "You belong where you think you belong." If we as human beings do not choose to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone, and strive to go far beyond the situations we find ourselves in, then we do great injustice to the better versions of ourselves that we could become. “Losses happen to all of us but what matters is that we reset the pieces and begin again” - @QueenOfKatweMovie Disney’s Queen of Katwe Now On Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere, On Blu-ray 1/31 #ad

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Stay strong and keep pushing!
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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Reaction Video: We're in a Hallmark Commercial | Yasssss

Hello world and happy new month!

It's the month of love and what better time to tell you guys that Le Boo and I are in a Hallmark commercial?!

We feel very blessed and grateful for the opportunity and collaboration with Hallmark to feature a clip from our proposal video in their most recent Valentine's commercial.

Without further ado, watch our reaction video below. We didn't know which exact part from our proposal would be in the commercial. Le Boo and I also goofed around a bit in the video... we hope you enjoy it!

To watch our proposal Video, CLICK HERE
To watch the full Commercial, CLICK HERE

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