Wednesday, November 30, 2016

First Vlog as a Married Woman - Thanksgiving Weekend Vlog #3

Hello world,

Have I formally introduced myself to you all as a married woman yet? Forgive me please, it skipped my mind while I was too busy being married. LOL..

Ok ok, I'm not crazy, I'm still the same old Lizzy but I thought that intro would amuse you guys.

Anyhooooooo, if you don't know by now, yes I (we) are married and it's been an interesting time to say the least! God truly showed up during our wedding and I'd love to thank all of our vendors listed IN THIS POST once again for delivering impeccably! Our families and loved ones, you are all so very much appreciated. I most certainly still have to blog about wedding stuff but I'm still soaking up in the joys of being a newlywed with the most amazing man ever!

Along with my husband came his family - all of whom I love so very much and I was glad to have celebrated our first thanksgiving as a married couple with some of them.

Since thanksgiving break was a 4 day weekend and we had quite a few things planned - from shopping for furniture to hanging out with my bestie, church and some other things - I challenged myself to making another vlog and it was a success!

I would like to use this moment to thank everyone of you out there who have congratulated me and said so many kind things about our surprisingly much publicized wedding. It is all still beyond me, but all the glory goes to God. Our Hashtag #Amizzy2016 will fill you in if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Thanks to everyone who celebrated along with us. May your reasons for celebration never end in Jesus name.

I have so much to say and plenty to share with you guys (yes, pictures too for those asking), but that will be another post entirely because this one is about my first vlog as a married woman! ;)...

Please do enjoy the youtube video below.

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel because I've realize that this vlogging thing isn't as hard as it used to seem... I hope to do better with updating you guys and hopefully answer some of the many questions that fill up my inbox every day.

P.S: Grab a cup of your favorite drink and popcorn cos this is quite long (as requested by my snapchat fam!). The majority voted for ONE LONG video as opposed to multiple short ones. Also, what would your preference be for future reference? Let me know in the comment section.

P.P.S: The necklace I wore with the map of Nigeria in my vlog is from: - They are a great store for an amazing cause and proceeds go towards charity! You should absolutely check them out. I got tons of remarks on the necklace.
@HfuCharity on Instagram.

Till later, God Bless.