Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Walgreens Haul + Review of Nail It Magazine


Double the post today. 
Did you miss my first post of the day? Click Here to See some of my suggested orange Nail Polishes for Halloween Mani/Nail art. 

Right now, I have a Walgreens Haul for you guyssssss!
Been a lil while I did a Haul Post. And I'm going on a no-buy starting from today, SOOOOO, I wanted to do this post to make myself feel better about my soon-to-be-Shopping-Hiatus. 

Here are the goodies I picked up from my local walgreens. 

I bought the NAIL IT magazine, which is the FIRST magazine I've ever purchased with my money.
Of course the first magazine I purchased with my money had to be Nail Polish related. :-D

I also got this Lip collection by BellaTrix, which I've only seen at walgreens.
I was very very much interested in it.  The lip pencil and lip crayon were really what attracted me to it. And then when I saw that the price for this one pack was $5, I jumped on it.
One NYX lip Pencil is Just about that same price, so I figured, getting a lip pencil and everything else in here was worth it.
Also,  I must mention, I've tried everything in here and I LOVE IT! Well pigmented and the lip pencil is long lasting on the lips. I will have a swatch and review post of this collection on the blog soon.

I also got two mascaras from Maybelline, and uhmmm some nail polishes duh... lol

Here are the Nail Polishes I picked up from sinful colors.
Left to right: Sinful Shine - Who's the gloss, Sinful colors - Decadent, Leather Loose, Gold Medal, Purple Diamond, Pine Away, and Blue by You.

And I have a simple review of the Nail It! Magazine.
This was such a fun and light read. I truly love the magazine, and all the things written in it.
It was certainly something that even someone who wasn't too big in NAILS would understand and enjoy reading, and also learn from. Also, if you are a nail guru/addict, you should enjoy it...

They showcased some celebrity nails, and I LOVE that they also featured some nail bloggers inside of the magazine. The bloggers shared some of their favorites with the readers, and also pictures of their works were shown.
I was very happy to see a section in the magazine that had pictures from random people on instagram. That certainly makes the magazine reader interactive.

If they keep this up, I see them going higher and higher. Seeing this in Walgreen made me really happy y'all. TURN EVERYONE INTO NAIL POLISH LOVERS!!!

Oh, but one thing I disliked in the magazine was when they called a glitter gradient an Ombre effect. I was like Uhmmm, NO! Get it right. lol...
But other than that, I actually enjoyed the magazine, and hopefully one day my nails will make it in ehh? :-D

Alright darlings, that's it for now.
Hope you enjoyed this mini haul...
As always, individual swatches/review of all the rest of the stuff I bought will be posted on the blog at a later time.
I am sad to be going on a no-buy, but it's been a while I went on one, and I uhmmm Need to do this. lol... Starting Now till end of November? (Question mark because I doubt I'll last that long). lol...

Are you on a nobuy? Or do they never work for you?

Thanks for reading.
Till Later, God Bless.

Orange Nail Polish Ideas for Halloween...

Howdy darlings.. 
Halloween is all the rave lately and although I don't really do much for Halloween, I've been seen wearing orange polishes just to do a lil something something... 

As I was re-arranging my nail polishes, and thinking of the orange polish I'll possibly have on my nails this Halloween, I got the idea to do a simple post about Orange Nail Polishes that can be worn on their own or used in nail art for Halloween. 

Speaking of re-arranging my polishes, y'all should expect a stash update post soon. I'm so excited to share with y'all! 

Below are the orange nail polishes I chose for this post. Pretty much, all my orange polishes... with the exception of a few that didn't make the cut.

As you can see from above, Zoya pretty much takes the cake. I'm thinking of using of the Sand texture (pixiedust polishes) on my nails.

I've swatched most of these polishes shown on my blog, so feel free to click on their names as I will link to the original swatch post so that you can see what they look like on the nails.

Below, left to right is Zoya: Thandie (Here and Here), Amy, Dhara, Beatrix, Destiny, Arizona, Paz, Myrta.

 I had fun using these little pumpkins as props for my pictures. :-D

Next up: Left to right.
China Glaze: Sun Worshiper
Sinful Colors: Tapping nails, Summer Peach, and Laced Up

Below Left to right.
The New Black: No Name, but Click for swatch.
Mod Lacquer: Satire - has some matte glitters in it for additional pizzaz!
Julie G: Tangerine Dream
Entity: Pearl orange
Julie G: Sugar Rush
Kleancolor: Neon Orange
Bourjois Click for swatch

I love these two Julie G Polishes. They are Textured nail polishes and they sparkle and look great on the nails.

Sinful Color polishes have certainly grown on me. The improvement in their formula, not to talk of how affordable they are just makes them a great brand to me.

And that's it for my suggestions on orange polishes for some Halloween mani/nail art.
I hope you enjoyed this post. Click the links for swatches, and share your thoughts with me. :-)

Have a safe and happy Halloween if you celebrate/participate.
Ohh, and if you are wearing a costume, share with me.
As I mentioned I don't particularly do anything on Halloween, but I do enjoy seeing creative costumes (not the scary gory kinds though... *shivers*).

Till Later sugars
God Bless.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wheelchair Fashion: Fall/Autumn Look - OOTD, Thrift Finds, Orange Bag

Hello Gorgeous, yes you reading this, YOU ARE GORGEOUS!
On the blog today is my first ootd for this fall season. 
The weather around here is changing, but it's not crazy cold yet, so I can get away with blazers instead of heavy jackets. 

For this look, I paired some goodies I bought at the thrift store with some things I already had in my closet. 
Yes y'all, I went thrift shopping!
If you follow me on my instagram @thediylady, I'm sure you know how uhmm, iffy I was about going thrifting. Lol... I follow some ladies on blogs/youtube that find the cutest, one-of-a-kind goodies at CRAZY GOOD PRICES at thrift stores, so I finally told myself it was time to get over whatever phobia I had, and head over to the nearest thrift store in my area. And YEP, I went there, and I found some lovely stuffs, which I sent STRAIGHT to the dry cleaner before even trying them on. 

This post if full with a lot of FIRSTS for me. 
- My first blazer (that I like, and actually wore out). 
- My first time wearing green (at least to my knowledge)
- My first time sorta kinda color-blocking
- My first time wearing thrift store items.... 

Alright let's get to it then, shall we?

Here's my full OOTD. Can you guess what I bought from the thrift store? 

I am a colorful lady, and as such, I certainly still wear bright colors even in the fall, so this outfit shouldn't be a shock to you all.
I toned down the green/white with black pant. And I finished my look with chunky heel shoes, and an orange bag.

I styled my DIY BOX BRAIDS in a high bun, and had minimal/neutral makeup on. Then I used this green earrings I've had for ages and NEVER got a chance to wear since I really don't wear green.
Yes, this was basically the first time ever I'm wearing green, in as long as I can remember. 

I kept smiling while getting my pictures taken. lol... I really love this blazer and I want more.

I carried this orange bag because I've been known to be a goody-too-matchy-matchy. lol.... I actually DO love the color blocking, as these kids call it nowadays. Lmbo... Why am I talking as though I'm over my young age of 24? 

And finally a smile to you for reading this post. I love YOU. 
Feel free to leave me a comment below... :-)

If you leave without leaving a comment, here's the look I'm giving you below... Forget about that ^^ smile. Hahaha..

That's it for now darlings. 

And in case you're wondering which of these was bought at the thrift store.... *drum roll please*..... Both the shirt and blazer are from the thrift store. The blazer also came with a pencil skirt (and both the skirt and blazer are a total of $3.99). The floral shirt was $3.99 too  I believe.

Lessons learned from thrift shopping: 
- It's actually really lovely. The search is very interesting. Just waiting to see that one thing that CALLS your name, and then you look at the price tag and a big smile comes on your face. LOL...
I think the first thrift store I went into was badly organized and things looked weird, and that's why I never went back. BUT this time around, I was open to just finding whatever, and I searched through the racks, hoping something jumps at me.
I'll be blogging about the other things I bought at the thrift store, so stay tuned.
- I also learned that there are so many junk at thrift stores. lol, but in between those junks are some lovely items, like this AMAZING blazer and floral shirt. 
- Most Importantly, I learned that going thrifting with an open mind is the best thing you can do for  yourself.
- Lastly, I recommend you dry clean whatever you buy from there.  

Soooo... how many of you have been to the thrift store before? Did you buy anything fancy? Feel free to share your experiences with me. 

Till later, God Bless. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DIY Box Braids I Did with Xpression Braiding Hair - Tips Included

Hello gorgeous humans.
This DIYLady is here today with another DIY adventure!!!
Yesss, I completed another "Mission DIY".
I am proud to announce that mission DIY BoxBraids was a Success!

As most of y'all know, I love to try out new things, and really lets face it, I'm kinda cheap and don't really enjoy spending money when I can try to do something about not spending money. lol...
Ever since the car accident I had, I never thought I would ever attempt to do single braids by myself since they require much more finger strength than cornrows. But I realized my hand/finger strength has greatly improved thanks to God, especially after continuous use and I believe physical therapy helped too.
SOOOOOO, I decided I wanted box braids but wasn't willing to pay someone to do it for me, so I decided to start watching youtube videos and getting myself prepared for my next DIY adventure.

My mom gave me two bags of Xpression Braiding Hair she had (yay, more money saved), and then I was ready!!!
I had braiding knowledge and didn't learn everything exactly from YouTube, but I must say watching those videos really helped. I'll post links to some helpful boxbraid Tutorials at the end of this post.

My final result?

I made a YouTube video to document this success, and you can watch below. The video is more in depth with information, but by all means, if you just want to see pictures without info, keep scrolling. lol... 

And now some during braiding pictures and blabbing....

Taking pictures was really the only way I could see what was going on in the back as I did it. lol.. I had to rely on whatever my hand told me looked alright... Thankfully the lines were decent even though I couldn't see what I was doing.

This is the part I disliked most about the whole thing.. Lol.. Pulling out/stretching/feathering the extensions before use!
I had to do this because I didn't want the BLUNT ends on my braids, so doing this pull out method allowed for the flowing ends. This process is not the most fun, but you'll be glad if you do it.

So, right when I had done the whole back of my head and some parts in front, the 2 big bags of xpression braiding hair I had finished! I had to take a mandatory break and my dad generously bought me two small bags of hair that helped me finish. 
This gave me the opportunity to get a different color of braiding hair to add highlights of some sorts, and I am so glad! 

This picture below shows that not all of my braids were the same size, so I obviously have more to learn. But not bad for first time doing a full head of single braids right?

Anyhoo, if you're following me on instagram @thediylady, I'm sure you know my braids are pretty much all I've talked about this past weekend. lol... I have said this over and over again, I am really proud of myself, and I am glad I took a step and went for this.

If there's a DIY project you've been putting aside for a while, I encourage you to get to it now... you never know how something will turn out until you try. :-)

The videos I recommend amongst MANY I watched before doing this can be found HERE. Click on her info bar to watch all parts of her braid series.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Get Soft Hair with Kor Naturals: Intensive Quinoa Protein Treatment Masque - Review (Before and After Pictures Included)

Hello Darlings... 
Long Post Title I know, but are YOU ready for today's post?
I mean, are you really ready? I'm talking to YOU, the one with really strong natural hair that just won't comb or get soft no matter how hard you try, or how many products you use!

Do you have hair that pretty much gives you an headache whenever you comb it? 
Ok, I'm starting to sound "Info-mercial" like, BUT y'all, this product I have for review today is really BEYOND amazing!

As most of you know, my hair is natural, African American Hair, heck, it's natural NIGERIAN Hair! lol... It's not always really hard to comb, but it does get difficult to comb sometimes, especially after I take down an hairstyle/weave and wash it. 

Anyhoo, I found a product I dare give the title of "Best Product to make your natural hair SOFT".... 
I know making such claims could end up biting me in the bum, especially since different people/hair react to different products in different manner, but I somehow doubt that this won't work for all hair types - Don't quote me though. Lol.

I present KOR NATURALS - Intensive Quinoa Protein Treatment Masque!

This stuff is amazing! It worked wonders on my hair and made it soft after first use. 

I was skeptical before trying this of course. I seriously didn't know what to expect, but I figured, an hair masque shouldn't do me harm especially since it has protein in it. lol..

With my hair in its natural state - already shampooed but dry -  I used my bare hands to apply the product to my hair in sections. As you can see below, the right side is done, and the left is not.
I just applied a decent amount of product to saturate my hair.

I noticed that my hair felt softer to touch as I applied, but I was still like, Well, of course it's soft, the product is on my hair, I want to see what it feels like AFTER I wash. 
Below is an up close look at how my hair was after applying this.

 Once I had all of my hair saturated with the product, I combed my hair (NO TANGLE, it was very easy to comb), and then I covered my head with a shower cap and sat for about 15-20 minutes with the Masque on my hair.
Below is after I took off my shower cap.

I rinsed the product off my hair, no conditioner, no shampoo and I was able to comb through with the smallest comb I have! No lies, no joke. My hair was soft!
I posted on my Instagram @thediylady right after I used this! I was seriously in awe of how soft my hair was.

Kor Naturals - Treatment masque IS NOT A RELAXER. As you can see in the above picture, my hair is still in it's natural state, just a lot softer and easier to comb. I certainly will make sure to use this masque whenever my hair is out and not in a protective hairstyle.

Who doesn't like easy to manage/comb hair?

Here's what the Kor Website says about this product.
The Intensive Quinoa Protein Treatment Masque penetrates deeply to help repair, seal and smooth even the most damaged hair. It restores hair’s health, silkiness and shine by providing nourishment to each hair follicle and increasing strength and protein bonding.
I have heard about people using masques on their hair, but I never tried it, and I always thought, the masques would somehow dry out the hair.. But this particular masque didn't at any point dry out or become hard on my hair.

If you're interested in this or want to check out more hair products, please go to Kor Hair's Website.
Kor Naturals products are packed with Proteins and Amino Acids to nourish your hair!

Let me know if you've tried this product before or if you try it after reading this review. I definitely want to read how it works for you in the comment section below.
That's it for now sugars. Till Later, God Bless.

Product sent for review. Opinion are 100% mine. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Online Beauty Supply Store: Review/Haul - Video Included

Hello Love Muffins. 
Hope your day is going well thus far... 

Today I have a haul post with products I got for review from is a website that carries lots of beauty products, accessories, eyelashes, and yes, even nail polishes at affordable prices. 
When I say affordable prices, I mean really affordable prices. 

When I got my package, I was very very impressed with the presentation/packaging. Pretty wrapping, and security! 
Below is the pretty pink wrap I pulled out of the box it was sent in. 

And upon opening the pink wrapper, I saw everything sealed completely in another bag.

And then, each of the products were ALSO sealed in separate bags! I was very happy with the extra precaution and I smiled BIG! Yes for product security!

Yep, each stuff came in a sealed plastic bag like this. How fancy and safe!

For this review, I made sure to pick different things from different areas of their website. I got some jewelries that I LOVED even more in person! When I saw them online, I was like... I hope these are good, at these prices. But when they arrived and I opened them up, I was very pleased! 

Fashion jewelries! have lots of fashion sunglasses on their website, so I got one just to see what they look like in person. I picked this Ombre wayfarer one and I am loving it!!

 Isn't it so cute? This was less than $5 y'all!

 I picked up three of my all time favorite lipglosses by ruby kisses!

 An E.L.F concealer brush for nail polish clean up.

 Some earrings....

And speaking of earrings, I did get one earring that came broken.. :-( 
This is something I can fix with glue, but I felt it necessary to show to you all. Everything came In great condition except this. Considering how well packaged everything was, I couldn't imagine how this happened, but oh well. 

I also got some makeup goodies. 

An NYX lipstick called - Shocking Pink.
I've been using this almost everyday since I got it. OMG perfection!

and an E.L.F Lip Stain.

I wanted to try out these LA Pro Concealers I'd heard so MUCH about, and when I saw the prices they were being at on, I HAD TO PICK THEM UP!
Original price for these are about $6 each, but iKateHouse sells them for $1.99 each! 

I will most likely review these on their own at a later date.

But here's what the applicator brush looks like. I've heard nothing but great things about the concealers.

And Finally, I thought I'd show you the three rings I got on my nails.
I really LOVE all three of these! The lip/lipstick one is definitely too cute! also carry nail polishes, different brands of makeup and pretty much everything a girl needs/want in her life. Lol..

Everything you see here was a few cents shy of $40. I KNOW, AMAZING right?!!

I had a great experience and I have no complaints whatsoever!
I'd definitely shop with them again.

I know with a post already so detailed, a video isn't exactly necessary, BUT I still made one, and it'd be my pleasure if you watch it.
And CLICK HERE to subscribe to my channel on YouTube.

Interested in either of these or want to check out other beauties sold on CLICK HERE.

That's it for now y'all
Till Later, God bless.

Products were sent to me for review. Opinions are 100% mine.