Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Birthday OOTD/LOTD

Hello Sugars...

Sooooo, in case you haven't noticed, I've been MIA from the blog.
I was still updating via Instagram and a bit via facebook, but the thing is, I was busy having fun. LOL.. yes, no need to sugarcoat it.

It was my Birthday this past Saturday!!!
I had a wonderful birthday and I should be back to regular programming on the blog soon.. but today I have my birthday Outfit of the day and general Look of the day for you all.. :-)

Let's start off with my fave picture of the night... :-)

Here's my face.. Makeup done by me of course... :-)
Neutral face with bold lips.

I was so happy this day with my makeup.. The bold lips and neutral face ... just how I wanted it. :-)

 Before leaving for dinner... Trying to do a stand/sit so you can see my dress well...

A up close look at my shoes.

And, I know you're wondering what I had on my nails.. Lol...
I did a simple mani this year.. Used a color that complimented my dress.

Used: Zoya - Zuza, topped with Seche Collage Overlay.
I Know, I could have a better picture, But I took this picture during dinner and never got a chance to take a better picture.

A collage:

Makeup: Seriously a mixture of so many things. Lol... Yes, I used a lot.. I wanted to look extra different and went for a really BOLD lips while keeping the rest of my face sort of neutral.

Dress and Shoes: Dillards
Alright darlings,
That's it for now.
I'd like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that wished me a happy birthday on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.. and everywhere else you wished me a happy Birthday.

Till Later, God Bless you All. :-)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blabs: Fashion Collages with items from SheInside.com

Hello pretties.

I have a first of its kind post on my blog today. I want to blab about some fashion items today. I will do this often from now on as I just recently discovered Polyvore and I can't stop making collages from websites I have been to that sell pretty and lovely products!

This Video explains best how to use Polyvore.
Well, when I found out how easy it was to make collages the fashionable way, I went to an online store I'd been eyeing so many cute items from.
The website is SheInside.com.

They frequently have lots of discounts and coupon codes one can use to shop!

One section on their website where I find myself spending most of my time is their jewelries section.
I am currently into bold statement necklaces, and they carry a lot of those!
Here are a few of my favorites from them. I so want each of these and love how bold the colors are. I would rock them all year round.

Jewelries from SheInside

I also visited their dresses, tops and shirt section, and here are some of my picks. The black dress is so beautiful to me. I absolutely love the neck design. 
I am into flare/peplum tops, and the two tops on the first row were just so pretty! The white skirt I would love in another color, but the design is what I loved about it. 

And that Coral dress. *Swoon*. I Love the color and how girly/flirty it looks while still being chic/modest. 

Tops, Skirt and Dresses from SheInside

I was pleased to find out that SheInside also carry some nail art goodies on their website. Yay! Rhinestones, Flocking powder and lots more!
Nail Art Supplies From SheInside

I have so much more goodies I loved on their website, but I'll save those for later. ;-)

DO you guys like any of these items? Have you ever bought anything from SheInside? Share with me loves.

  That's it for now darlings, till later, God bless.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Born Pretty Store Samsung Note II Case Review + DIY Bedazzled Phone Case with Rhinestones

What's crackalacking y'all!!!? 
Hahaha.... I mean, what's happening!!!!?

Y'all doing alright? Having a great week so far? 
I'm doing well... and I have a phone case I got from Born Pretty Store to show y'all today. 

I am a samsung galaxy Note II user and I LOVE MY PHONE SO VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH! lol... 
Usually, when I buy things from Born Pretty store or have them sent for review, I always choose nail art/nail polish/nails related items. But this time, I opted for a new case for my galaxy note II. I wanted to see if BPS is much more than just a nail art store. 

I chose the phone case that also doubles as a screen cover in the color purple, because duhhh, y'all know I love purple! I had a black case before and the case had served me well and needed to retire! 

Phone is mine, Case was sent for review

The case came nicely packaged. This kept it protected.

Opened it up and found this. Looks like my old phone case that I got directly from Samsung. It has Samsung and Galaxy Note II written on it.

A foam was inside

Package was pretty much AMAZING! Everything looked fine and there was not a single scratch on the case. It also had all the correct openings on it - Like for the camera, and speaker.

Here's my old case below. I told y'all it needed to retire! Lol..
But this is just to show you that the Born Pretty Store Case isn't far off from the one I got directly from samsung.

 After seeing that everything was fine with it, I brought out my phone and snapped on the case.

Note: This is NOT an external phone case that you wear for your phone. It is a back case that doubles as a screen cover. Just like the one Samsung makes. 

The front cover is nice and looks really neat. the shape is exactly that of the Galaxy Note II. No mistakes made. The opening on the front was accurate!
I have to mention these things because I've seen cases where things aren't correctly lined up! 

I was still able to put my external phone case cover on it as shown below. 
Black Phone Case is Mine (purchased at the Sprint store). 

The front flip cover doesn't interfere with the black case as shown below.
I don't intend to use my black phone case with this because it kind of takes away for the purple goodness - This is just to show you that you can still use an external phone case with this if you choose to.

I LOVE the case and the color so much... It's very sleek, and looks like this was how Samsung created it. 

That's it for my review of the BPS Samsung Note II Flip phone case. If you're interested click here to go buy now. Lots more colors available! 

Now moving on to the DIY part of this post. 
One day while I was in a dollar store/thrift store, I saw the rhinestones that can be used to decorate whatever one wants, and I bought them. $1 each I think. 
I actually thought the rhinestones were individual ones and I would have to use glue to stick them on, but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the case and found out that the rhinestones came off in rows and already have adhesive on them. 

 Look at how they come off. One strip. This was a WIN in my book.
And you can use a small scissors to cut in between the adhesive joining two stones should you need to.
I recommend scissors because yanking it with your hands could pull out the adhesive under the connecting stone. I learned the hard way you see. Lol

Here's the purple stone coming off, easy peasy! This part was really easy.

I didn't know exactly what I was going to do, but I started with one line and kinda went from there.
The rhinestones adhere very well to the phone case. Once they are on, you can forcefully lift them up if you need to re-position, but I advice you try to get it right the first time so that you won't ruin the adhesiveness.
The more you lift and replace, the less adhesive it is. 

 I took the case off my phone while doing this. Gave me better control. I placed the rhinestones on with so much ease I wondered why it took me so long to start bedazzling things. I always imagined they'd be hard and messy (because I thought I had to use glue).

I wanted to personalize the rhinestones a bit, so I chose to use the first letter of my name... L for Lizzy.

I doubled the L with the pink stones, and placed a line of the purple stone next to it.

Then I continued on to placing more stones..

I continued on with the other side. Remember, I placed the stones all together, not one by one. This process was really easy y'all and the stones stuck to the case WITHOUT glue!

More pictures.... at this point I was debating how I was going to cover up the rest of the case...

 I debated leaving the Samsung logo opened...

And I decided to cover it up.
Everything was sorta done except the bottom of the phone.

I was running out of purple stones.. lol...

So I used lots of pink stones for the bottom and finished it off with the purple stones I had left.
At this point, I was happy, but then I noticed that the L for Lizzy was too connected with the pink stones at the top of the L.... (I can be anal sometimes.. lol)...

So I took out the two stones connecting the L with the pink stones and placed a purple stone right there. I used my fingers to shift things a bit to make room.

AND I WAS HAPPY!!! Happy with my result!! Yay!

BLING BLING!!!!! Yeeaaahhhhh (Lil John's voice)

 Then I placed the case on my phone and It looked so nice!
L for Lizzy! Purple and Pink stones, Blinged out phone...

I used some rhinestones on my thumb nail and discovered that these work great for nail art too. In fact, they made lines of rhinestones easy! No need to individually place them! you can just place one line and seal it with topcoat! Oh My Goodness! (expect another post with this).

 Some 3D style picture taking. Haha...
No, you can't have my phone even though it looks like it's about to jump out of your screen.

So much Love for this phone case!

I know this post is so picture heavy already, but here's a final collage briefly explaining the steps I used in creating this DIY bedazzled phone case. 
Using the Dollar store rhinestones that already had adhesives on them made this really easy. 
Another thing that made this easy was that I didn't have to place the stones one by one. They come in a row and you can pretty much line them up how you want.
Should you need to place them one by one for a particular design, you can cut through the adhesive connecting each stone. 

Oh and did I mention that If I ever get bored of the stones, all I need to do is Forcefully pull them off of the case? With NO damage to my case! - Yes I tried it. 

I did this a couple of days ago, and as I type this, NONE of the stones have fallen off. They stick really well to the case. They also stick well the front cover but I didn't want that bedazzled.

I am very happy with this Born Pretty store phone case.

If you're interested in the phone case or want to check out more products by BPS, please visit their website.

You get discounts on your purchases if you use the code below.

I hope you all enjoyed this post.
That's it for now.
Till Later, God bless.

P.S: Do Y'all like what I've done with the blog? Gave it a makeover all by myself.. DIY for the win.. hahaha!