Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bella Terra Cosmetics Review: Makeup Brushes + Blue Lips

Hello Y'all!

Today we are talking BRUSHES!!! Yep! Those wonderful makeup tools that I couldn't believe I used to live without. I was a die hard FOAM PAD girl! I wouldn't use my powder without the foam pads that come with the powder! Ha! Little did I know what I was missing!
My first time trying brushes, I was like "WHAT IS THIS MESS"? I tried a very terrible brush you see... So I swore off brushes until I discovered that quality matters when it comes to facial makeup brushes. 

On the blog right now are makeup brushes by Bella Terra Cosmetics, and boy oh boy, these certainly pass the quality test!
Yes hunnies, I am on a Bella Terra Kick! I keep waiting to be disappointed, but so far, impressed is all I've been! 

Picture below: Posing with the Bella Terra Foundation brush. My makeup was completely done with Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics.  Pigments as my lippy and eyeshadow and Mineral Foundation (as my powder). I've reviewed these already on here, and you guys can check those posts out by clicking HERE and HERE

P.S: This lip look was for picture and blogging purpose only. I wanted to show HOW AMAZING the Bella Terra Pigments really are! I am not bold enough to wear blue lips out. Lol... 

And now to the brushes and review. Here are all the three brushes I was sent for review.

Below, Left to right: Blush brush, Foundation brush, Bronzer Brush.

The brushes have really nice sturdy handle that enables a person to hold them well while using. The handle is not too long or too short and I like that. They also each came with the plastic covers you see on them below.

And now, detailed view of each brush. First up is the Bronzer Brush.

Everything is even on the brush, and the whatchamacallit (brush hairs?) are pretty well secured into the silver thing holding them.

Next up is the foundation brush. This one was the one I used for my Bella Terra Mineral Foundation. Application was lovely! This brush is really soft, but not too soft that you have no control of application.

Again, this too has very even brush hairs.

And last but not the least, the Blush Brush by Bella Terra Cosmetics.
I actually used this one as an eyeshadow blending brush. Yes, I use my brushes for things they aren't meant for. If it works, I USE IT. lol...

All three together!

The brushes certainly don't look or feel cheap. They look quality and they work well.

Look below.. I squished one together and all the brush hairs bounced back to position... Again, the hairs are soft but NOT too soft.

I was eyeing some brushes by another company before I tried these, but I am currently saving up to buy the remaining of the Bella Terra Brushes because I love these three so much.

As a bonus, I added some pictures of my FOTD. As stated in the beginning, everything on my face is by Bella Terra.
My blue lips crack me up.. but I look Vogue, No? LOL.. Hahaha..
Just the pigments on my lips here.. I used lip balm before applying so the pigment stick to my lips better.

Eyes, Bella Terra Pigment without Shadow Primer. The colors still pop.

And below I added Bella Terra Lip Gloss to my blue lips while posing with the Bella Terra Foundation Brush I used to apply my bella Terra Mineral Foundation.

Kiss Kiss Darlings!!!

That's it for now.
The brushes really work well with the Mineral products. Especially the loose powder/foundation. I recommend these if you can afford them, they are a great investment in my opinion.

If you're interested in these brushes or want to check out more products by Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics, please visit their Website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Thanks for reading.
Till Later, God Bless.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

KOR Professional - 19mm Curling Wand Review + Bella Terra Cosmetics FOTD

Hello Love Muffins!
Hope everyone is doing well today... 

A couple of days ago, I posted on the blog about my adventure in DIY Hair coloring/ombre and I want to thank you all for your kind comments under the post. It made all the work I did so much more worth it and I actually realized I didn't do so bad with my hair. :-D
Well, I was so happy that I decided to curl my hair with a wand by KOR Professional. 
Their 19mm Curling Wand, specifically, this 19MM TOURMALINE CERAMIC ZEBRA CURLER that was sent to me for review by Kor's representative. 

Next picture is me and my curling wand. Would you believe the wand was HOT when I took this picture? Lol... Yet, I'm smiling.. hehe! The color in my hair also shows a bit more here! Yay!

Here's the package the Curling Wand came in. 
Everything had Zebra Prints on them, and THAT was my first thing of joy! I love designs and details, so a zebra print Hair tool was exciting to me. 

The Back of the Box. As you can see from this, My box is a Styling KIT with three essential hair tools. I am only reviewing the Curling Wand in THIS POST, but I will have my review of the straightener and the mini straightener coming soon after this.

This is a Ceramic Curling wand. KOR boasts of having Styling tools that produces heat that doesn't damage your hair, and as you can see, this hair curler is clip-free (which is why it's called a wand). 
It has one power button, and it's a switch on, switch off style button. Very easy and not complicated. 

 The kit I was sent came with a Glove (just one), that I must mention IS VERY NECESSARY when using the Curling wand, especially if you're a newbie to curling wands - You don't want to burn the tips of your fingers that is holding the end of your hair while being curled.

And now that we've gotten the details out of the way, it's time for some fun hair curling... 
I started with my hair exactly as you see it below.. 

Then I started curling from the back in small sections. I wore my glove on the hand that wasn't holding the curling wand. The way a wand works is that you wrap your hair all over the wand and hold it for about 3-6 seconds, then release for sweet curls like you see below. The tighter you want your curls, the smaller the sections you should curl. The longer your hold your hair to the wand, the tighter your curls are. 

Picture taken while I was still styling... 

If you section your hair big, and hold the curls for about 3 seconds, you'll get big wavy curls.
I wanted slightly tight curls, so I wrapped my hair around the wand, and held for about 5 seconds. Yes 5 seconds for each curl you see below. The wand gets hot quickly and it stays hot till you switch off the power button. 

I didn't put any heat protectant  on my hair.. (By my hair, I mean Weave), I usually protect weaves with heat protectants too, but since KOR said this Curling wand produces Good Heat, I was like, well, let's try it out. Lol.. (I was more confident trying it out since this is weave and not my real hair) -  but I figured out that the heat is good because it doesn't need to come in contact with your hair for a long period of time for you to get a good curling result.

I used this wand for my hair a couple of times and the result was good curls each time... 
Also, the curls in this post remained this way for 2 days (because I sleep HOWEVER I want). If I was careful and took better care of the curls, I have a feeling it would have lasted longer. 
The curls fell into loose waves after day 2 and I combed them into a sort of beach curl. 

I styled my hair by pulling everything to one side as shown below.. so I had curls on just one side.
And that brings me to the FOTD part of this post.. 

Everything on my face is by Bella Terra Cosmetics, which is actually a subsidiary - sort of sister company of KOR Professional. 
KOR and Bella Terra Cosmetics are owned by the same company, and I am impressed by how they strive to make beauty products that aren't damaging to females' face/hair. Mineral Cosmetics and Ceramic styling tools are good for you, and I can only hope that this becomes the norm in all aspect of beauty industry. 

P.S: The natural part of my hair was straightened with the KOR Professional Straightener! My hair was soo straight, I couldn't believe it! Look below.. you guys know I have natural (no relaxer) black hair, and it looks so straight here you'd think I used the creamy crack (relaxer). lol.. 

For my face - Bella Terra Mineral Foundation (It's an all in one foundation plus concealer, plus loose powder). I reviewed it in THIS POST.
For my eyes - Bella Terra Mineral Pigments (the 9 Stack Shimmer - Turquoise). I reviewed these in THIS POST.
Lips: Also the mineral pigment in a nude/pink plus bella terra Lip gloss.
My mascara and eye liner + eyebrow products are the only thing not by Bella Terra.

And Viola.. hair plus Makeup! Plus a BIG SMILE for you all!

I ran my fingers through the curls to get a bit more volume. I didn't use a shadow primer for my eyes, and the color pop so much!
Remember to read my review of the Pigments and Mineral Foundation by Bella Terra Cosmetics.

Overall thoughts on the Curling Wand:
I see nothing wrong with it, except that one should never use it without a glove. lol... I got burnt, so you know I speak from experience. The Glove really helps and makes holding your hair while it curls easier. You don't want curls that are half way done because you're being too careful and didn't wrap your whole hair around the wand. Don't say I never told you.

I advice using heat protectant for your hair whenever you put heat to it. Don't say because I didn't do it, you'll never do it again.

OH OH, and Last minute, I forgot to mention I didn't use ANY sort of hair product from my before to after pictures. Can you see how shiny the wand makes my hair after it curled it? I didn't use ANY PRODUCT.
The KOR Professional Curling Wand adds shine to one's hair after use and that's something I really love about it.

If you're interested in this or want to check out other products by KOR Professional, please visit their website. They have different styling tools and some of them have variety of designs from zebra print to Pink Cheetah.

That's it for now darlings.
Till Later, God Bless.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Colorful Leopard Print Nails: My Guest Post at Refined and Polished

Hello Darlings
Hope Y'all are doing mighty fine today!
I had the honor of blogging for one of my dear internet/polish friend Lakeisha and I'd love for you all to please go read the post and show me some love on the post. 

Also check out Lakeisha's Blog - Refined and Polished, I'm sure you'll love it! She has one of the most amazing nail beds ever!! 

Please CLICK HERE to be directed to my guest post on Refined and Polished. 

Thanks Sugars. 
Till Later, God Bless. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DIY Adventure: Color/Ombre Hair - Lesson learned and What Not To do When Bleaching/Coloring Weave...

Sup Cuties!

How are you guys doing today? 
This DIYLady has a DIY to show you all today. 
This DIY was a sort of fail, but thanks to my tenacity, I was able to make it look a bit decent. 

Sooo..for starters, this "name" DIYLady didn't just happen overnight. It came by as a result of my trying to do EVERYTHING by and for myself. Hair, makeup, and whatever else you can think of. 

Well, I had been wearing my hair black for a while and I wanted CHANGE! As you guys know, I wear weaves sometimes, so I decided that before I take off the weave I had on, I could Change it  by making it a different color, and trying out an Ombre look. 

It didn't go as I wanted it to, and I will share the mistakes I made along the way with you guys in today's post. 
Please keep in mind that the lessons I learned/mistakes you should avoid are MY opinion and the coloring/ombre-ing was done on BEAUTY STORE BRAND WEAVE. NOT Brazillian, Peruvian, Whatever-ian Virgin hair. Lol
The hair on my head in this post is Milky Way - Yaky Weave in color 2. 
This post could also be beneficial to you if you are planning to dye your real hair. 

ANYHOO, here's a collage for you. Coloring happened... Ombre-ing, NOT so much. lol... 

Read on for more.. 

My adventure to DIY Color/Ombre Hair began from the Almighty YouTube. I watched a gazillion (I'm not really exaggerating) Videos before I attempted this.
All the videos sorta kinda had the same basics. For Dying black hair - You have to bleach out the dark color with a Bleach and Developer mixed together. Apply like hair relaxer... and depending on how much color you want, TIME is the factor. 

Sounded simple, so I went to my local Sally Beauty Store and bought A Bleaching powder and Developer.
The developers come in different strengths, the higher the number, the more color is lifted AWAY from the hair. I didn't want to lift too much for my first DIY, so I chose a developer in the number 30 - by Salon Care. 
The lady at Sally's told me this bleach works good, so I went with her choice. 
The Bleach was also by Salon Care. It says PrismLites on it

With everything laid out as seen above.. I got to work. Brushed out my hair. Since it was already sewn on my head, I had to do this on my head. 

I used a clean trash bag as a Cape so that the bleach and whatever I used wouldn't touch my skin/shirt. I still wore something I didn't care about ruining under the trash bag though - So I advice that you should wear a shirt you don't care about for this. The Plastic Bag really helped, so try it out. I just poked holes in it to make a neck and allow my hands to be free so I could do my hair. 

I brought out my phone to be used as a timer, wore my gloves, and I mixed the solution together. I mixed it to the consistency of a relaxer. Not too runny but not too thick. I didn't measure it. I poured the whole sachet of bleach, and added developer to get the consistency I wanted. 

Once I had that step done, I pretty much just used my hands (with gloves on) to apply the mixture to my hair. I started with the bottom, waited for 10 minute, and did the next layer. Then I also wanted some highlights so I applied the mixture to some strands of hair.

I then Wrapped the parts of my hair  that I was coloring with Foil Paper. 
Note: The Mixture smelt awful... Like strong bleach. I should probably have bough a facial mask for this. I had to do my nose like this A LOT while this whole DIY project was going on. 

 As you can see below. I used an old tooth brush for this... to transition between the "ombre", so that I don't have harsh straight lines. A tooth brush worked fine, since I used my hands for most of the work. This plastic spoon and bowl are my "mixing bowl" and NO I don't ever put them in the kitchen.
Timer was on my phone.

Brace yourself for the next picture. After about 45 minutes, I decided it was time to wash my hair since I didn't want it BLONDE... Just transitioning to a light brown from the dark hair it was.

Well, This is Where everything went NORTH.. or is it SOUTH? Basically it went to a place of NO return.
I contemplated just taking out the weave, but the DIY LION in me ROARED and said, MAKE IT WORK!
My mom looked at my hair and was like, OH DEAR, it's over.. This didn't go well.

I was FURIOUS! And I went to bed after the hair got dry.

SO What happened you ask? 
Well, after I decided it was time to wash my hair, I did what everyone on youtube said I should do. Wash off the bleach, shampoo and deep condition your hair. 

I started off by rinsing off the bleach - did this twice. Hair looked fine.
Then I used my shampoo (the regular one I usually use), but for this step, I shampooed about 3 times because I wanted to wash off the chemical I just put on the weave you see...
Well... I probably shouldn't have done that. Because all I had after that step was RASTA hair.. I'm talking Tangled mess almost like unkept dreadlocks!

Look below... Oh don't be fooled by the side hair. The real damage was at the back..

Ha LOOK!!! The Ombre-ing DID happen, But The hair was tangled!!! What a mess you say? I said to myself, Fear not. Deep condition it, It should be fine. Well After conditioning, the hair still wouldn't Untangle, so I just blow drirf it so I could sleep, since I did this late at night.

The next day, I wore the same outfit I didn't care about ruining, looked at the hair again.. tried to brush it, and that didn't happen.

NOTE: I also went to the beauty store to buy some Detangler, and yada yada yada... NOTHING WORKED.
At this point, I told myself, I'll try and save this hair, and if the result is horrible, I'll just take the hair down and uhmm still have a post on the blog telling people NOT TO OVER SHAMPOO When they bleach, color their hair.

Alright, I brought out my razor, and just started cutting through the dreadlocks. A major advantage of using weave for DIY trials. Lol.. I would have CRIED if this was my real hair.
I was still furious though.. (Those following me on instagram might remember my sad face video after getting done with this very hectic process of reviving this hair).

After all was done, Cutting through the dreads, combing, and brushing, and yanking and pulling,. I was left with What you see below.

THIN hair, and Colored/slightly ombre hair.  My hair was left thin and No longer 18 inches.
The color shows more in plenty lighting.

Just in case you think I'm joking about losing so much hair.. LOOK BELOW!!! 

*sighs*.. Not every DIY goes as planned as you can see.

The Biggest Lesson I learned while bleaching/coloring my weave was that I shouldn't have shampooed it as much as I did. Or maybe I should have used a shampoo that was specifically for coloring hair.
I was told by a hair stylist that when one bleaches/colors hair, they shouldn't shampoo for a week because the bleach strips the hair of it's moisture and leaves it DRY. She said that next time I Bleach my hair, I should just rinse out the bleach and deep condition it. LESSON LEARNED!!!

As I stated before, the hair I used for this is beauty store hair. It says 100% human hair on it, but IS IT REALLY? lol...
I'm happy it colored, and I'm glad it was redeemable, but MY GOODNESS the process was NOT FUN!!
After shampooing, I nearly started crying with the tangled mess I was left with.

But looking on the bright side, I still had enough hair left on my head as you can see below.

Well, That's it for my adventures in DIY Color/Ombre Land. :-)

I hope you've learned a thing or two from me, and I say, GO FORTH AND COLOR!
Till Later, God Bless.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hard Candy - So So Sequin: Swatches and Review

Hello Darlings...
How are you all doing today? 
I've got some bling bling nails on he blog today... and this is called So so Sequin by Hard Candy. 
For my swatches, I used Precision Lacquer - Sahara Deserted Me as my base polish and use 1-2 coats of So So Sequin  over it. 

This polish is a glitter and shimmer bomb and I like it. 

P.S: This should get opaque on its own in about 3 coats. 

If you're interested in this polish or want to check out other polishes by Hard Candy, Please Check your local Walmart Stores or Shop Walmart Online.
Stay in Touch with Hard Candy via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

That's it for now loves. 
Till Later, God Bless. 

Friday, July 19, 2013


Hello sugars...
Today's post is one I write with a heavy heart. 
As some of you might have heard, a beautiful young girl named Talia Joy Castellano passed away a couple of days ago due to cancer.

Although I didn't know her in real life, I was following her everywhere I could follow her on the internet because she was a very inspiring and smart for her age girl. Despite her medical diagnosis/prognosis, Talia had a very very evident and fun filled spirit. She loved all things pretty and even had a youtube channel where she showcased her makeup/beauty skills. At a very young age of 13, this disease with no cure called cancer took her life after a very brave and long fight Talia went through. This beautiful girl kept on swimming  as she always famously said, and I am sure that she is now resting her pretty self from swimming and flying with the heavenly bodies. 
My prayer is that she rests in perfect peace and I hope she knows that she was loved by people who hadn't even met her before. 

In honor of Talia, the nail community has dedicated today, Friday, the 19th of July 2013, as a day where everyone should wear Mint Manis in honor of Talia. 
My understanding is  that Nicole of Nail Polish Wars put this together, and I'm sure Talia is smiling down because it's clear - via her instagram posts- that she loved nail polishes/nail art. 

For my #MintManisForTaliaJoy, here is what I came up with. 

I started with two coats of China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint.
 Application was nice, but I just couldn't leave the mani plain like this. Talia Loved blings on her nails, so I did just that to my nails. :-)
China Glaze - Re-fresh Mint

I brought out my rhinestones and just went with  the flow.

I stopped at what you see below.

That's it for my mani in honor of a wonderful, beautiful, and inspiring girl that has certainly left a mark on this world. She made waves in her short years on this earth, and I'm sure God knows best as to why she had to leave us so young.

If you're interested in doing a mint mani, go ahead and join us.
For those on instagram and facebook, Tag #MintManisForTaliaJoy, and also include #TaliasLegacy (as requested by her family).
If you write a blog post, add your link to the widget below. Lots of bloggers are adding their link.

I'm Looking forward to going through the hashtags/blog posts later on tonight,.
Till later Sugars.
Always remember to hug your loved ones and let them know you love them, for tomorrow is not guaranteed.
God Bless.