Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review: Hot Tools 1" Marcel Iron - 24K Gold From Beauty Stop Online

Hello Y'all!
Hope your day is going well so far!
Been away for a bit but I'm back today with an amazing hair look that is lovely for the summer days ahead! Whoo Hoo!

On  the blog now is my review and look I created with Hot Tools 1" Marcel Iron -24K Gold, which was gotten from Beauty Stop Online
Beauty Stop is a website that carries lots of beauty products ranging from hair products, nail polishes, Cosmetics products and so on. 
When I was contacted to give my honest review of a product they carry on their website, I chose the Hot Tools 1" Marcel Iron. 

Here's a quick collage that tells the story of how I used this iron, but please keep reading for lots more!

I don't usually apply heat on my natural hair, but whenever I sew in weave (human hair), I love to curl, straighten and do all sorts of stuff to the weave!
I never actually found a curling iron I have falling in love with, so I had been looking for something affordable (Yes, I mean Cheap), that will do the work perfectly!
I did a research on this curling iron before I decided to settle for it and I must say, I am a happy camper. 

Here it is below. 

I've had this curling iron for over a month because I believe in true honest and detailed reviews if it's an investment such as this one. I have put it to TheDIY Test, and I am glad to report it passed. lol. 
The Marcel Iron definitely takes some getting used to if you've always used the spring type of curling iron. But I must let you know, the Marcel makes your job faster, and you will be able to curl a full head in a shorter period of time, while having control on exactly how you want the curls you create to turn out. 

This 1" Iron allow for big bouncy curls that are perfect for summer. 
I started with straight hair.. and brought out my CHI Heat protector. Even though the majority of hair on my head is weave, I still wanted to protect it from heat. 

Then I pinned up my hair and curled in small sections from the bottom to the top.

I held for about 30 seconds in each section.  Result below. 

 When I got done curling, here was the result before doing anything else to it

Since I wanted the curls a bit loose, I used my fingers to separate them a bit and Voila. No combing, just my fingers.

The result made me very very happy! Loose and soft curls!! I didn't use any other hair product aside from the CHI heat protector. 

Confession time: 
I got frustrated when I first used this curling iron. So frustrated that I sighed and almost wrote a bad review and contemplated sending the product back. Everything about it was very new to me, and I couldn't hold the iron properly.  See, the only kinds of curling iron I've used are the spring type. 

Welp, I calmed down and whipped out the manual. I read what it said about letting the iron stay on for a bit before using, and then I read all the other stuffs We ladies usually ignore! And Boom, like magic, the iron worked perfectly. I also watched THIS AMAZING VIDEO on youtube that helped me so very much, even though I eventually figured out how to hold the iron my own way. 

As you can see in the image above, the heat can be turned all the way up to 430 degree F.
After the first 2 uses, it heats up really really FAST! I mean about 10 seconds!
The curls this 1" iron creates are big and come out bouncy. For the curls in the pictures above, I had the iron on 380 degrees.

I am pleased with this curling iron and I'm glad it's affordable through Beauty Stop Online. They carry some lovely products at amazing-can't-beat-it prices! *whispers* China Glaze polishes at $3.99 each on there! 

If you're interested in this Curling iron, or other beauty products at great prices, Check out Beauty Stop on their Website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Other details:
Hair (weave): Milky Way Que in Yaky Weave. 18 and 16 inches. Just two packs.
Powder: Bella Terra Cosmetics.
Lip color: Nicka K (NK) Lipstick in Brilliant Fuchsia

That's it for now my loves. Summer is officially here and I hope you all are enjoying yourselves!

Till Later, God Bless. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

OOTD: Casual - DIY Torn Jeans with Heart Shapes

Hey there loves. 
This DIY Lady has a real DIY result on the blog today! Yay!

As most of you know, I wear maternity jeans because they are the most comfortable while on the wheelchair. No buttons, no hassle. Welp, I didn't really find that many maternity jeans that had the worn /torn/shredded look.. and the ones I found just uhmm.. were always above the price I wanted to spend. 

Anyhoo, fast forward to a couple of months ago, I bought  a jeans, and when I got home, I found out I had the same exact jeans already... in fact, I had two of the same kind ALREADY! So the one I brought home made it 3 of the same kind AND color of jeans! Interesting uhn? They were purchased from different stores too. I have no idea how I didn't know they were the same. 
I chose not to return the jeans because I told myself I'd transform them. 
Transformation never did happen till a couple of weeks ago. 

I chose to experiment with one of the 3 jeans, and I liked the result enough that I styled it simply and wore it out this past Saturday. 

The jeans were blue and I DID try to bleach them, but THEY DID NOT BLEACH and stayed the same COLOR. I'll have to bleach one of the other two.. or maybe this same one with a stronger bleach. Lol..
But anyhoo, for this DIY torn jeans, I just brought out a razor blade and used it to cut a small line on  the spot of the jeans where i wanted the torn effect...
Once I cut the small line, I used my hands to rip the line into a bigger line and then pull out some of the threads with my fingers.
It was the easiest thing I'd ever done to transform an outfit.
Cut a line, use your hands, rip rip!
For the lines closer to each other, you want to be gentle not to rip into each other, but then again, THAT also might even be a cool effect.

I'm very thankful for the lovely people at my church who take pictures of me when I want after Choir Practice on Saturdays. LOL. I turned on my best poses and Voila!

 And Below is a BIG KISS for you all. Seriously straining to make sure the kiss gets to YOU!!!!

To get the hearts on the Jeans, I used a white nail Art Pen. Seriously NO LIE! One of those pens that have the brush on one end and the tip on the other end. The Nail Art Pens were purchased from ebay and you can see how they look in THIS POST. I also folded  the bottom of the jeans on my own. These were ankle length jeans.

Cool story: After I tore and drew a couple of hearts on one side of the jeans (the right leg), I didn't really like the hearts being random, so I threw the jeans in the washing machine to see if that would wash off the hearts but it turned out that the hearts STAYED put! I also realized that washing the jeans made the tearing look really TORN.. WORN... SHREDDED.. and not forcefully torn, which is amazing, and the LOOK I was going for. 
I tore the left leg and didn't wash the jeans before wearing it for this pictures. 
And looking at these pictures, I see that I certainly should have washed the jeans again because the lines on the left leg look a bit forced as opposed to the right leg that was washed after cutting. It wasn't that noticeable in person, but pictures can be brutal ya know. lol

Just a hint for anyone out there who wants to DIY. WASH the jeans after tearing them. And use your hand to tear after starting with a scissors or razor blade. 

That's it for now sugars.  

If you want an up close look at my Face of the Day and for a detailed review on the amazing All in One Mineral Foundation by Bella Terra Cosmetics I used to get this near flawless face of mine, please check out yesterday's post by clicking HERE.

Shirt: Burlington
Shoes: DDs Discount

Have you ever done this before? A DIY Torn Jeans? Share with me. It's so easy and fun I have to control myself not to make more. Hahaha. 
Till Later, God Bless.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Review: Bella Terra Cosmetics - Mineral Foundation in Chestnut (Before and After Face Pics Included)

Hello Dearies. 
Happy new week. 
Today I have a makeup review for you. 
It's a Mineral Foundation/Powder by Bella Terra Cosmetics and the shade I'm reviewing is Chestnut because that's my skin color. 

When I got this, I was pretty excited to try it out. I have used mineral powder before, but the one I used had a chalky finish to it and I just couldn't find my skin tone without mixing almost 2 shades together. It was a hassle so I just gave up on them.
On Bella Terra's Website, This is what they said about their Mineral Foundation:
Bella Terra's Mineral Foundation provides sheer, micro-fine finish that allows true skin tone to shine through while providing flawless, even coverage.
Our mineral foundation is available in 11 luxurious, long-wearing shades that are unique multi-taskers because their composition allows for 5 applications in 1:
Mineral Foundation
Liquid Foundation
Finishing Veil
UVA/UVB Protection
Well, when I saw that they said this one foundation could do all those things, I was certainly very happy and eager to try it out.
I used just my Real Technique Expert face brush for application and here's the result below.

To show you the true transformation, I debated looooonnng before posting this before and after face picture. Lol.. But I love real reviews, so I went ahead to take pictures of my face before using the foundation and after.
Look below: On the left, my face after using the foundation. On The right, My Face after just defining my eyebrows with a Eyeshadow Primer.

Transformation NO?
I have some dark spots on my face and I was pretty amazed by how well this foundation covered them up without me having to use a separate concealer.
This Bella Terra Cosmetics Mineral Foundation really proved to be all in One.
Again, It's ALL I have on my face. No Concealer, no additional loose powder on top. Just the Mineral Foundation in Chestnut.
It felt light on my skin, and blended well on me without looking cakey or like a mask. I love that!

I have mentioned times without number on my blog that I use MAC powder in NW45. I love my MAC powder, but sometimes I have to use a concealer for my dark spots before using the powder.

This Bella Terra Mineral Foundation gives me a lovely glow and again, it covered up all my dark spots and evened out my skin!!! That alone makes this a WIN for me!!!

And in case you're wondering what the Foundation looks like on the face in direct sunlight, look below.. Total flawless skin! (I'll be blogging about this OOTD below soon, so stay tuned). 
This picture was taken about 4 hours after I applied my mineral foundation. It was still intact and I did NOT touch up for the pictures (just used a different lip color). 

P.S:  I also have Bella Terra Products on my lips and eyes in the Indoor Pictures. I'll be blogging about their pigments that can be used as eyeshadow, lip color, nail polish and lots more soon.

If you're interested in this Mineral Foundation by Bella Terra, please CLICK HERE. There is shade for just about every skin color and I guarantee you will love what you get especially if you have spots on your face you'll like to cover.

Overall Thoughts:
Mineral products are good for your skin. Aside from the fact that this is a mineral product, I love that it covers dark spots! Certainly a WIN! It's not heavy on the face! Another WIN.
I must mention, when I first applied the foundation, I felt like it was lighter than my skin color, and a little "creamy" even though it's in powder form. But I kept my cool and blended it all over my face with my makeup brush. And I kid you not, after about 3 minutes, all I was left with was near flawless skin.

The pictures above are true and all on the same day. If that doesn't speak well enough about this Mineral Foundation, I don't know what else will my loves.

Stay in touch with Bella Terra Via their Website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Anyhoo, that's it for now.
Till later, God Bless. :-)

Friday, June 14, 2013

My Guest Post at Cattails & Cardigans + Giveaway Alert ($30 Amazon Gift Card And More)

Hello Darlings!!

As the topic said, Today I wrote a blog post for Sabrina over at Cattails and Cardigans. Sabrina is a lovely lady whose faith and strength inspires me on the daily. You should totally read my post on her blog to learn more and such. 

For my blog post I used zoya - Dahlia and added some born pretty store studs to it! 
Here's a Screen capture below. CLICK HERE to be directed to my guest post and Please leave a comment for me darlings. :-) 

Next up, I'm sure you saw "GIVEAWAY ALERT" In the title of this post... 
Soooo... Sabrina is also having a giveaway on her blog. 
CLICK HERE TO go to that post... and read all about what the giveaway is for and enter using the rafflecopter widget. 

I am very proud of Sabrina and how far she has come. I don't want to say to much so Go go and read her post to see what the giveaway is for. :-) 

$30 amazon gift card is one of the gift!! 

Again, HERE'S THE LINK to my guest post. 
And HERE's THE LINK to the giveaway. 

Alrightyyy, that's it for now sugars. 
Till Later, God Bless. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review: Pure™ Nail and Cuticle Oil

Hello Darlings.. 
How are you fine peoples doing today? 
Welp.. This DIY Lady is pretty excited about today's post. Yep Yep!

I have a review of a product I am very pleased with for you all today. 
Since you are on my blog, I'm sure you know my hand is kind of like the center of this blog, and bad looking hands aren't exactly what you come on my blog to see... right? 

I have been doing well with my hand care for a while now, but there are days when my hand look so mehh that I just don't even bother blogging about the polish on my nails. Seriously!
I used vaseline as my hand moisturizer for a while and although it worked well, my jar of vaseline wasn't something I could easily throw in my purse. :-/ 

Fast forward to when I discovered Pure Crisp Nail and Cuticle Oil by Nail Care HQ.
It comes in a pen like device that makes it easy for you to carry it around and apply on your cuticle whenever you choose to. 

Here's a before and after Collage I've made of my result with this Cuticle Oil. 
On the bottom left is my hand after washing. 
On the bottom left, my hand also immediately after washing but after having used this cuticle oil for 2 week.  
Do you now understand why I am excited to share this with you? 
I don't cut around my cuticles or trim them, so NO, I didn't do any trick you might be thinking of. 

Keep reading for moreeeeee....

Here's an up close of the cuticle oil in its pen like device.

Remove the cap and there is brush that makes for easy application.

  Here are my nails/cuticles right after washing them before I ever used this cuticle oil.

To apply the cuticle oil, you scroll up the bottom of device to dispense a small amount of oil that you can then use to brush over your cuticles and nails.

Here are my nails after application for the first time. So much oily goodness.

And ... I sat down, allowing the oil to seep deep in my skin instead of just rubbing it in. I quickly whipped out my camera for another picture after about 10 minutes. I realized my skin was absorbing the oils and my skin actually started looking better than it did just a few minutes before.

At this point, I wanted to see how long it would take my skin to fully absorb the oil and if there would be any change.. so after about 35 minutes of watching some TV shows, I look at my hand and this was the result!
Same HAND I showed you in the before picture, and on the same day... No more dry skin, and my cuticles look happy.

Based on that one day result, I was certainly motivated to continue using this cuticle oil... After about a week, I saw that my hands and cuticles don't actually LOOK dry after washing them like they used to.
So I continues using the oil and about 2 weeks into using it, I took a picture of my hand right after washing it.
Look below....
Quick, scroll back up to my BEFORE picture... Can you believe this?
I don't fawn over many products, but this cuticle oil is amazeballs!!
Again, this picture below is my hand with no product after washing.. It appears my skin has natural oils of its own now that I've used the oil many times??? I can't explain it.. lol

And then, I applied the oils show you what my hand looks like with oils

A little bit of oil goes a long way, so no need to roll up a huge amount of oil to cover your whole hand. Just use the brush for application and watch the oils seep in your skin for a lovely result. Some of the ingredients in this include: jojoba oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, essential oil blend, vitamin A, vitamin E, and tea tree oil.

I am happy with this and YES, I'll have to buy another when my current one finishes.
When it comes to products like this, I wish I bought it my money so that people don't think I'm reviewing it positively because it was provided for review.
But believe me, if you have bad cuticles, flaky hands, and skin.. this product will work for you.

I didn't really follow the steps on the Pure Nail Care Website, but my result is fabulous. I applied the oil whenever I felt like it, which totals about 2-4 times a day. I also love that it's small and fits in my makeup purse perfectly, so I can carry it around with me.

So darlings, if you're interested in this cuticle oil, please CLICK HERE to go to their website to make your purchase. Ana also has lots of helpful Nail Care tips on her website so look through them sugars.

That's it for now.
Till Later, God Bless.

Press Sample, Opinions are 100% mine. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

OOTD: Burlington Find - B&W Tribal Print Top + Pink Pants

Hello darlings... 
How y'all doing? 
Today's post is an OOTD I wore two days ago while in Atlanta. I'm now back in Texas. 
I wore this to go out and took these pictures inside Forever 21 at cumberland mall. Their forever 21 is HUGE!! The biggest I've ever seen actually. 

Anyhoo, my ootd made me all sorts of happy because I'd been wanting to get a tribal print outfit for a while and never found one that appealed to me.
One beautiful day while inside my favorite store - burlington, I found this peplum top and had to get it. I also picked up a pink skinny pants and I couldn't be happier. :-D

 I accented the black, white and pink with yellow necklace and belt.

 My hair is in a bun and I LOVE it so much. :-)

 Makeup was minimal.. a hint of yellow eyeshadow and neutral colors on the eyes. Then a light pink on my lips.

Close ups.. 
This peplum top is seriously everything. Lol..

And just a couple more pictures. 

 I usually never mix and match more than 3 colors, but I love that I went bold and did four colors in one outfit here. yellow, white, black and pink together!

Top and Pants: Burlington Coat Factory
Belt, shoes and Necklace: American Beauty Supply.

That's it for now my loves.
I enjoyed my stay in ATL and I thank God for safe journey back.

Till Later, God Bless.

Monday, June 3, 2013

My Friend's Wedding OOTD and NOTD

Hello Sugars!

Today I have a quick post with the Outfit I wore to my friend's wedding this past weekend.
Of course, I did my nails and makeup to match the outfit. :-)
The wedding is in Atlanta, and I'm still here for the moment. Been in atl before so it's nothing new, but I must say I love being here in the summer, every other time I've been here was in freezing cold weather! Ughh..

Anyhoo.. here weee goo!
First up, my nails..
My friend who got married LOVES Pink, and so the colors for her big day were pink and gold.
I brought a variety of pink polishes with me to ATL and chose China Glaze - Hang-ten toes for my mani of the day.
China Glaze: Hang-ten toes
 This polish is sooo bright!!! So so so bright and I LOVE IT!My camera also captured it well and didn't freak out, Now that's a very wonderful thing. lol..

I added sinful Colors - Shine on me for an accent nail.

Next up, my makeup... And outfit. 
My Friend is a Nigerian, and she chose what is called "Aso-ebi'. Her close friends wore the same kind of fabrics and sewed whatever style they wanted with their fabrics. My Tailor sewed mine to perfection and I LOVE the style so much. 
The fabric is called Ankara. 

Makeup: I blended gold and pink for my eyeshadow.

My hair was a quick fix, an high bun.

Next up, my Outfit.

And I was caught dancing.. lol

And more pictures of my face and hair..

I took this picture AFTER the party and my eyeshadow was still on point. 

 I had an amazing time at my friend's wedding and I wish her and her husband a happy married life. :-)

Eyeshadow: BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette 
Other details, feel free to ask me in the comment box as I'm being lazy to list them all. Lol.. 

Do you love wedding? Share with me. 
That's it for now darlings.
Till Later, God Bless.