Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Colores De Carol - Inner Princess Swatches + Skittlette with BPS Silver Square Studs

Hello Love Muffins!

How are y'all doing this pretty day?
On the blog is another Colores De Carol Polish that I later on paired with some silver square studs from born Pretty Store. This post is packed and I love both of these items that were provided for my review. 

First up are swatches of Colores De Carol - Inner princess. This is a White Milky based polish with glitters in many shapes and colors in it. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that there were even star shaped glitters in this. 

Colores De Carol - Inner Princess

What you see in my swatches are three thin coats of Inner Princess.  I wanted to layer it over white like I did Carnation, but I just Loved the embedded glitter sandwich look this gave, that I couldn't bring myself to layer just one coat over white. This is beautiful with three thin coats.

Oh, and I hope you see the Star shaped glitters I mentioned? Two came out to play and I was very pleased, especially since I didn't even think there were any in the bottle. Now I want more star shaped glitters. lol

Next up, I decided to wear this polish in a more funky way!
So I whipped out Zoya - Yana and some Silver square studs from Born Pretty Store, and Got to work!

Here are the studs from BPS, quite a lot of them in a bag. 

Do You like my finished result? I am so in love with skittlettes lately! I still like two nails looking alike though..

The studs were very easy to apply and I actually used topcoat to seal them in. First I applied a topcoat and did the first line of studs, then I applied topcoat to the side of that first line, and added more studs. After all that, I sealed it all in with two generous coat of Topcoat.
To pick up my studs, I used a dotting tool dipped in topcoat. Repeating the topcoat dipping whenever necessary.

And This Inner princess might actually be A rock star. Lol...
Confession: The slanted look of the Studs was definitely NOT intentional. I certainly don't have a good idea of what a straight line is. Lol.. I wanted these to run straight down the middle of my nails, but uhmmm, that didn't happen. LOL.. We'll call this an intentional design for the purpose of this post though. Lol..

Alright darlings,
If you're interested in Inner Princess By Colores De Carol, Please CLICK HERE to Purchase and check out other polishes by her.Follow Colores De Carol on Facebook, and Her Blog for more updates.

The Silver Square Studs can be purchased From Born Pretty Store - It's an Online Nail Art Store and shipping is always free, including international shipping.
BPS was kind to give my readers a coupon code, so use the code below FA7J61 to get 10% off your Order. :-)
Click Here or the Image below to go purchase.

That's it for now sugars.
Have a lovely rest of the day.
Till Later, God Bless.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Zoya - Liberty For Autism Awareness

Hello Sugars,

I hope everyone is doing great today.
On the blog today, I have a blue polish by Zoya - called Liberty in honor of this month of April - which is Autism awareness month.
Last Year, I created This Autism Awareness mani, also using two zoya nail polishes, and for this year, I couldn't even think of another blue to choose aside from Liberty!

Liberty is from Zoya's Summer 2013 PixieDust Collection, and it was love at first application on my nails!
I'll have full swatches of the Pixie Dust Summer collection on the blog soon ...

In case you don't know, the color Blue is associated with Autism and that's why I chose this polish.

Liberty is a blue polish with Silver sparkles in it. The formula is amazing and what you see here is two coats.

I Love this so much on me and I can't wait to show y'all the rest of the polishes in the Pixie Dust Summer 2013 collection.

Well, that's it for my Autism Awareness mani darlings. Do you know any kids/person with autism?
Here are two links to help you get started on learning more about autism today.
Light It Up Blue
Autism Speaks

Want to try Zoya Polishes?
You can get these zoya Polishes at $8 each on Zoya's Website or at your local ULTA stores.
When you make a new account by clicking the link above, you'll automatically get a coupon in your account that can be redeemed for a free Zoya nail polish of your choice. Just pay shipping. Or add two more polishes to your cart and get shipping free for all.

Zoya's facebook page is always booming with fun and lots of swatches by Zoya fans. So be sure to "like" them.

Till Later, God Bless.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Swatches and Review: Hard Candy - Tinsel Town and Black Tie Optional

Hello Darlings!
Hope your day is going well so far...

On the Blog today are two polishes by Hard Candy. 
Called Tinsel Town and Black Tie Optional. 

First up is Hard Candy - Tinsel Town
Here I layered two coats over Zoya - Hazel

Tinsel Town  is a light blue based polish with bar glitters in it. Application was lovely and the bar glitters didn't curl up or refuse to lay down.

Next Up is Hard Candy - Black Tie Optional. 
This is a black and white glitter bomb in clear base!
For my swatches, I wanted to layer this over a color we haven't really seen B&W polishes layered on! I've seen the B&W polishes layered on so many colors, but not really Gold.

So I chose Zoya - Kerry as my base color. I must say, I LOVE the result and this look so Wonderful in real life. It's like a splattered nail art on amazing Gold canvas! LOVE!

Overall thoughts? 
Hard Candy continues to WOW me. Bar glitters like Tinsel Town aren't usually my cup of tea, but since the formula was lovely, I am actually not complaining. 
And of course, This DIYLady loves any Black and White Glitter Topcoat she can get her hands on!

If you're interested in this polish or want to check out other polishes by Hard Candy, Please Check your local Walmart Stores or Shop Walmart Online.
Stay in Touch with Hard Candy via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

That's it for now my loves. 
Till later, God Bless.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Review & Nail Arts: Pueen Cosmetics - 2013 Stamping Plates

Hello World...

How is it going darlings? I hope y'all are doing mighty fine!!!
It's a Review and Nail Art kind of day over here. Y'all know by now that when I say Nail Art, some sort of stamping has to be involved!!!
Well, Cue in the Pueen Stamping Plates  that were generously provided to me for review. 
These came in a set of 25 Stamping Plates. 
Before I continue on with this review, I must mention, one of my favorite things about this set of stamping plates is that each plate has FOUR Full Images!!! I don't think there has been a set of plates that came with full images on every plate in the collection. 

And now, here's a look at how the plates came to me. Each plate came in the Pueen plastic bag. 

As with most stamping plates, the plates also come with a Blue plastic cover one must remove before attempting to use the plate.

Behind each image plate is the Image of Pueen, and their Website. <--- Website in Italics because it's not really active right now.


Do You see what I mean when I stated that Each Plate has FOUR FULL Images?? I am really impressed by that! The little images didn't need their own plates, which sort of gives you more images for your buck!

The Curved bottoms makes each image perfect for a french tip design.

I Love this last plate so very much. 

Here's a comparison of the Pueen Plate with some other common stamping plates.

If you look at the above picture, you'll see that The Pueen Plates have images that are long and wide. They also have the curve at the bottom that makes each image appropriate for a french mani - Just like with Gals Plate, and Cheeky plates.
I felt the images in the Pueen plates were slightly longer than the gals plate images. Just a wee bit.

And the images on the Pueen plate are clearly wider and longer than the Red Angel (RA) plates.
And as much as I love my MASH Plates, I really wish they had the curve at the bottom that makes each image French Tip appropriate. 
Again, I'll mention that I love that each plate has Four Full Images, and then some small images on the corners.
Here are some manis I created with some  plates in this collection. 

First up is a recent one. With Pueen07

I Used China Glaze - Hang-Ten Toes as my base color and stamped with Pueen07. 

My Middle finger has OPI - Pirouette my whistle. And my Pointer I just added some rhinestones.  

Next is a mani with an image from Pueen21

Blue Polish is Sinful Colors - Sweet Nothing, Pink is Sinful colors - Sugar N Spice. 
Then I stamped with

And Lastly is a mani I created and have shown on the blog before... Check out the Post with this mani HERE
Image is From Pueen11

And That's it honeys!
My Overall Thoughts: I Love the Plates. The Images are pretty unique.Images are etched in well and my stamper picked them up well.
Remember you can use any of your opaque polishes as "stamping polishes". Basically, if a nail polish gets opaque in one coat, it should work for stamping!

If you're interested in this set of stamping plates by Pueen Cosmetics, they are currently AVAILABLE for purchase, so Please check them out on Amazon, Facebook, and their Website.
Based on the description of these plates on amazon, if you buy from them now, You'll be getting a plate storage case!!!

Feel free to share your thoughts with me.
Till Later, God Bless.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mint Green: Nails and OOTD

Hello World...
Have you ever falling so hard in love with a color that you just want everything in that color?

Well, for me, currently, that color is Mint Green. I am like obsessed with it! 
Mix that with my also current love for lace, and we have today's OOTD and NOTD!

Still loving my new hairstyle. :-D

First up is the Nails!
Completely done with Zoyas!
Zoya Neely with an accent nail of Vespa.
 Neely  is the perfect mint green color!

And my OOTD.

My Hair totally makes me just wanna keep making "vogue" faces. Lol

An Up close look at my necklace which I love so much. 

And look at this extra flashy picture!! A smile for you!

I just love how versatile my hair is.
I can change the side I want the bangs to swoop to. :-D

I can wear it without the curls layering...

And with the swoop of a brush, the tiny curls become layers again! LOVE!

Shirt: Walmart. (Yes, I was shocked to find this at walmart. I was passing through the clothing aisle to go to the diary section and this mint green shirt caught my eyes, and I HAD to buy it.. especially at just $9.99)!
Skirt: Rue 21.
Necklace: Burlington
Earrings/Bracelets: Beauty store.
Eyeshadow: Kleancolor
Lipstick: NK Lipstick - Honey Buff (nude).
Powder: MAC NW 45.

And that's it for now y'all!
Again, I will make a post about this hair. Details and everything.. soon!
Till Later darlings.
God Bless.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Colores De Carol - Carnation Swatches & BPS 3D Nail Art Bow

Hello Darlings!
On the Blog today is a super girly mani!
I am extremely happy with my result and I hope you guys enjoy what I did here. 

I'll start off with showing you swatches of Colores De Carol - Carnation.
This is from her Blooming Garden Collection and it's a white based polish with square and round red glitters with some hex glitters in black/deep red.
I  absolutely loved this just looking at it through the bottle it was in. But I certainly loved it more on my nails!

For my swatches, I layered Carnation over a white polish because I didn't want to build opacity with the jelly base.
I used 2 coats of Carnation and dabbed a few glitters where I wanted more.

The combination of glitter is lovely and I am just in LOVE with this!

Since Carnation was giving me such a Girly Vibe, I whipped out my Born Pretty Store 3D Nail Art Bows! 
I didn't know if I wanted the bow on each nail, so I started with One accent nail. 

I challenged myself, and went for two bows!!! Then I thought, This is good enough, stop now. 

Here are the 3D Bows From Born Pretty. This is how it was sent to me for review. 

For application, I whipped out my super glue! I knew regular clear nail polish wouldn't hold these babies in place for long (I experimented - the bow stayed in place with the clear polish, but it looked ready to fall off in a bit). But with Super glue, the bows are still on my nails INTACT - hours after, as I type this).

 The Result once again?.. Lookie below!

 Completely stable bows on my nails. The bows compliment Carnation so well.

3D Nail art pieces weren't usually my cup of tea, but I am quite liking this bow, it's not too big, nor is it too little that it frustrates you picking it up. I was able to pick it up with just my fingers and place it on the spot I dotted the glue. I must mention though, I can only see myself using this when I want to create these kind of cutesy girly manis

If you're interested in Carnation By Colores De Carol, Please CLICK HERE to Purchase and check out other polishes by her.
Follow Colores De Carol on Facebook, and Her Blog for more updates.

The 3D nail Art Bows Can be purchased From Born Pretty Store - It's an Online Nail Art Store and shipping is always free, including international shipping. 
BPS was kind to give my readers a coupon code, so use the code below FA7J61 to get 10% off your Order. :-)
Click Here or the Image below to go purchase. 

Alrighty sugars, I Hope you enjoyed today's Girly mani!
That's it for now.
Till Later, God Bless.