Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter + My Mani

Hello darlings!
A quick blog post from my phone on this wonderful Sunday.
I want to wish you all a happy Easter and show you the mani I have on my nails today.
Easter means so much to me and I am glad to show y'all what I came up with for my nails.

This was taken with my phone but you get the idea.
For this I used Color Club - Over the Moon (Blue), China Glaze - Glistening Snow. And The stamp was done with Kleancolor Black.
Stamping Plate: Konad S3.

Church was amazing today and I hope you all are having an  amazing day wherever you are. :-)
Till Later sugars.
God Bless.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Swatches, Review & Nail Art: Colour Gossip Nails - Love Child and Shallow

Hello Darlings.. 
Hope your days is going well!

Today I have the softest shades of polishes to show you. These two polishes made me feel girly, cute, and yesss.. completely feminine.
If you've been on the blog these past couple of days, you must have figured out I'm on a "Spring Mani" Fest!
These two lovely and soft shades by Colour Gossip are no exception darlings. When I received the package Colour Gossip sent me for review, I smiled and my heart swelled. Their packaging reminded me of Bridal Shower favors. Pictures below. 

Here are both Polishes. Left is Shallow and right is Love Child. 

Look at the packaging!! I told you! So cute! Even my mom was like "Are these for someone's bridal shower?"

Well, let's get to the swatches!
First up is Love Child
This is pink, but so close to a light lavender purple! Soft Soft beauty. 
 Application was Ahhh-freaking-mazing! Yes, A pastel Polish that isn't streaky! 2 coats and Topcoat was used!

Next up is Shallow.
Let's face it, some people are Shallow. Lol.. BUT I don't think a Milky White based polish is what I think of when I think of Shallow People. Lol.. I think, Dark, black, with like Brown and dirty... Ok .. Ok.. I feel I'm being shallow describing shallow people. Lol.. They're humans too, and we love them.. right?

WOW.. I better get back to THIS polish!
Shallow is a soft white, near gray polish.

This one was a bit streaky on first two coats. But a careful third coat and Topcoat fixed all the streak.
The result was a beautiful grayed-out white.

Welp, Next up is the part I Loved most about these two polishes!!
When I saw both of them, THEY BEGGED TO BE BLENDED TOGETHER!!! Yes, Polishes speak to me my loves.. We have a relationship like that. ;-)
I couldn't think of another way to blend them together other than a gradient mani!
So Voila!

Do you see this? This is quite possibly the first Gradient I am COMPLETELY in love with! It's so soft and soo - Yes, I'll say the word I have used almost everyday this week - SPRING!!!

Ohhh and... Another look because I couldn't stop taking pictures!!!

But WAIT! I am not done!
I couldn't Leave the dang mani alone!
You see, On Colour Gossip's Instagram page, they always show amazing fashion and nail arts, and I wanted to do something Extra Fancy with my gradients...
So I whipped out my New Pueen Stamping plates (which I will review as soon as they are available for purchase) and chose an amazing image from Pueen11!
I used the image on my Index and Ring finger....
 But I Loved the gradients so much that I didn't want to cover each nail with the art, so I settled for rhinestones on two fingers.

 *sighs*... I feel like a kid high on Candy and Soda!!!
It's been a while I did Nail Art I'm entirely proud of.
Do you like this?
Rhinestones, stamping and Skittlette ALL In One mani?!?

*Calms down*...
Anyhoo, If you love these two polishes, Check out Colour Gossip on their Website and Instagram @ColourGossipNails
That's it for now.
Till Later, God Bless.

**Polishes sent for review. Opinions are 100% mine**

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Swatch Spam and Review: Not Too Polished

Hello blessed ones!

Today's post is all about some pretty polishes that totally makes Spring and Easter Colors PROUD! 
Elizabeth from Not Too Polished created these with Easter in mind, but I certainly feel they can be worn year round. 
Let's get to my review of the polishes she sent me darlings. 

First up is Kitten Eggs. 
For my swatches, I layered this over Sinful Colors - Candy Coated. 

 Kitten eggs is a sheer purple based glitter topcoat. As you can see below, it has pink, white and purple glitters in it. I chose to layer it over a light purple to show all the colors of the glitters.

 Next up is Cottonail.. 
This is a sheer milky base polish with light pink, white and dark sprinkles of glitter in it.
For my swatches, I layered it over Kleancolor - White. 

I wished a lot of the glitters in this came out to play, but no matter how hard I tried, I only got a few to come out of the bottle.

Next up is Shy Little Violet. 
I layered this over Colour Gossip - Love Child (a soft pink). 
Interestingly this one was my least favorite of the bunch. Shocking because purples are usually a win win situation for me. I wanted the large white hex glitters to come out of the bottle, but they just wouldn't, except for on my index finger. Also, this wouldn't photograph well. *sighs*

But, Please help me make some noise for this next Polish!
It's my absolute favorite of these and I am so happy with it.

This is Bunny Snax. 
It was opaque in two easy coats and I love the mix of green, and orange glitters. This is so gorgeous to me and compliments my skin tone like no other.

This is definitely Spring Polish DONE right!! I Love it!!

And as a reminder, I blogged about another one of Not Too Polished goody some days ago In this POST.
Here's a reminder of what it looked like below. Called April Showers. 

 Well Darlings, That's it for my Not Too Polishes Swatch Spam.
Do you like any of these or want to check out more goodies by Not Too Polished?
Check her out on Etsy HERE.

Act fast if you're interested because some of these are only available till the end of April. :-)
Till Later Y'all. God Bless.

**Not Too Polished Polishes sent for review. Opinions are 100% mine**

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Soft Purple for Spring - Sinful Colors: Candy Coated

What it do peoples??! 

I bought the Sugar Rush Collection from Sinful Colors a while back, and today I'll be showing you Candy Coated from that collection.

This is a soft, Pastel, Lavender/purple polish. 
What you see below is two coats with top coat. 
Application was a bit streaky, but topcoat fixed that. 

Purples are my weakness and this soft one certainly appeals to me.

The Sugar Rush Collection has some lovely colors, and at the price I got these (.99cents each), I am pleased.

Is it weird that I look forward to new collections by Sinful Colors? They are such a good brand, and they are mostly on sale at Walgreens and CVS for .99 cents. 
Totally love their polishes!

Anyhoo, are you guys in Spring Mood yet? I hear it's still snowing in some places... *shivers*... Texas isn't all Spring yet, but I'm soo glad it's not snow. 

Stay warm if you're in the snow areas darlings.
Till Later, God Bless. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Swatches and Review: Hard Candy - Pink Taffy

Howdy Darlings!!!

Today, I have my swatches and review of Pink Taffy. This is from Hard Candy's Sprinkles collection and it was provided by Hard Candy for my honest review. 
Pink Taffy is certainly season appropriate. So Spring and bright!

When these polishes began to show up at Walmarts around the nation, I was excited!

Here's Pink Taffy  in all it's Pinkness!

What you see in my swatches are three thin coats with top coat. Two coats was definitely enough but I wanted the glitters to have sort of an "embedded" look, so I did three coats. The glitters in this are what makes this polish an instant favorite of mine.

One of the things I love about nail polishes with glitter in them is a flawless application. I don't want to have to dab or strategically place the glitters, and this one rocked my world in that aspect. Perfect application!

This polish jumped to one of my faves after application, and it was my weekend mani this past weekend.

After wearing it for the weekend, I came to the conclusion that beauty is pain. Application was flawless and amazing, but removal is a bit of a pain. Lol.. So I recommend using the foil method of polish removal,  or saturating bits and pieces of cotton ball with polish remover and placing it on each nail for about a minute, then apply force to remove the polish.

I think I had a harder time with removal because I used three coats though. Lol.. I wanted embedded glitter, and BOY, that was exactly what I got. Lots and Lots of glitter on my fingers while I was scrubbing for removal.

That little fact aside, I am completely in love this! And I see me wearing it all year round should I choose to.
I'm actually debating wearing this again as my Easter mani... It's so colorful and I wouldn't have to choose colors since this has lots of pretty colors in it.

If you're interested in this polish or want to check out other polishes by Hard Candy, Please Check your local Walmart Stores or Shop Walmart Online.
Stay in Touch with Hard Candy via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

That's it for now sugars.
Till Later.

**Provided for review. Opinions are 100% mine** 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Natural Hair Update + LOTD

Hello Lovely Ones! 
It's been a while I blogged about my Natural Hair, so I'd like to do that today!

I usually have my hair in a protective hairstyle but once in a while, I like to enjoy it in all its beauty! :-D
I took some pictures the last time I had it out and in a fro but didn't get around to blog about it till now. 

Here's my baby in its glory!

I get asked which products I use a lot, so I'll just say it right now, I don't really use much. Aside from all the Parnevu Products I reviewed a while back, I only use whichever shampoo my hand grabs, and coconut oil hair sheen. 

 I'm impressed with my Hair so far and I no longer feel the urge to go back to the creamy crack a.k.a Relaxer. Lol

As a camera Lover, I started taking some random pictures of myself, so enjoy them.
I'll list everything I'm wearing at the end of the post. Lippy e.t.c

After some pictures, I cleaned off the lipstick and used my regular lip gloss because I wanted a more natural look to compliment my natural hair and outfit.

The Boyfriend managed to take some pictures of me to show y'all my full outfit.
Almost every picture he took was a bit blurry so bear with me here. Lol..

I'm so crazy about Lace lately!! I want everything that has lace on it!!

I love this very Candid shot of me. The BF Made me laugh!

And of course, A Kissy Face for you all my Loves!!!

- Top and pants from ROSS. I'd like to say These PANTS ARE EVERYTHING!!! I've made it known several times that I am always on the lookout for comfortable yet fashionable pants because I sit for long periods on the wheelchair. This one is an amazing combination of comfort and sexy! 
- Shoes from Forever 21. 

Powder - MAC NW 45
Lipstick - Kleancolor Cranberry Mix
Lip Gloss - Ruby Kisses Crystal Gloss in Dashing Diva
Eye Shadow - KISS Nude Seduction palette 
Mascara - Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express

Alright sugars, That's it for now. 
Got any question? Ask away and I'll do my best to answer!

Have a fabulous rest of the day!
Till Later, God Bless. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

First Official Lipsticks Review/Swatches: Wet N Wild - Black Orchid, Blushing Bali & Hot Paris Pink

Hello Darlings. 
Today I have a first of its kind review on the blog. 
I'm flat out making a post for some lipsticks!

See, I'm on a lipstick kick lately! I want all the lipsticks. I have told y'all over and over again, I wasn't really into lippies, but NOW, I want them all!!! Lol...

Since I'm just getting into the Lippy world, I have a lot to learn, although I'm starting to realize that Lipsticks are sort of like Nail Polishes, SO many colors, finishes, brands and dupes!
Also, there are long lasting ones, and uhmm, "Chew a gum and it's all off your lips" ones. Lol.. 

Right now, I don't know which colors look best on me so I am purchasing more of the drugstore brands. They are cheap, so if they don't look good on me, I don't feel like I wasted too much money. Also, I'm trying out different finishes to figure out what looks best on me. 

Anyhoo, while at walmart, I was in the Lippy aisle and I saw these wet n wild Lippies!
I Picked three different colors! 

Lookie here!

Since this is my first review of lippies, I didn't want to just bust my lips out on y'all like that. Lol.. So I did some arm swatches. 
Ok, truthfully, I just couldn't get the Lip pictures done right. I Gotta practice more before I dare show y'all some awkward lip poses. Lol. 

First up are the three polishes swatched without flash. 
Black Orchid: This is a deep red, vampy color. Very soft on the lip and has a lip balm feel to it. It's also a bit glossy (not matte), which I really liked and it was very rich in one coat on the lip. If you want a deeper look, I suggest more coats. 

Blushing Bali: This one surprised me, the finish is frosty! Certainly not a favorite of mine and it has taught me to stay clear off the frosty finishes as I did not like this very much on my lip. I love the color however! Such a soft baby pink! I'll have to look out for this color in a more creamy or matte finish. 

Hot Paris Pink: A mixture of coral, pink and red! My favorite of these three I picked up. Not too shiny but it isn't matte either. 

Below are all three Lipsticks with Flash. 

 Overall Thoughts: 
For .98 cents/lippy, I am certainly impressed with each of these lipsticks. They don't have an horrible smell/taste. Yes, I have to mention this. One of the reasons I disliked lipsticks for the longest time was because some tasted like over-sweetened candies or like chemical.
These are just like regular lip balms. No strong smell or sugary taste. If all wet n wilds are like this, I just might be a new fan!

Black Orchid will be used on those days I want a really vampy red near chocolate color on my lips! It feels like the right lipstick for a pin up look!
I am completely in love with Hot Paris Pink, and I have learned through Blushing Bali that Frost Lippies might not be for me.
Interestingly these also last a bit on the lips. Not 24 hours, but good through drinks and small munching...

So, that's it for now sugars.
I must ask now though, most of you come on here for the nail polishes, but are you an all round beauty lover?? Do you love Lipsticks? Am I the only person late to this lippy party? Lol..
 And How did I do with my first official Lippy review/Swatches?
Am I missing something?
Share with me dearies!

Till later, God Bless.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review: eDiva Princess Beauty Organizer + My MakeUp Stash

Hello Sugar Bananas!
Hope y'all are doing great today! It's officially Spring!!! Whooo Hooo!!!
I love this season! It's one of my favorite seasons and one of the things I love to do this season is to Clean Up/Organize/throw Some things away. 

See, I am not the most organized person, but Occasionally, I get a burst of energy and I feel the need to have everything extremely organized and "at reach". 

Today, I'd like to show you a product that was sent to me for review that has perfectly helped me to stay organized in the Make-Up department. 
This is the eDiva Princess Beauty Organizer! 
Here's a look at the Storage device with all of my make-up and some nail polishes in it. 

For an extensive review and more pictures, please click Read more below because I took a lot of pictures and said a whole bunch about this baby!

Swatches and Review: Not Too Polished - April Showers

Hello Sugars!
Easter is around the corner y'all!
Oh How time flies!! Whoop Dee Doo!

Today I have a review of a polish by Not Too Polished.
There are actually more polishes in this collection, and I have them all for review, but this one I'm about to show you today JUMPED out to me and begged to be worn before I had time to swatch the rest. lol.. 
I am a sucker for blues lately and this one didn't disappoint even on the nails!

I present: Not Too Polished - April Showers

This baby is 3 thin coats of perfection with topcoat!
The different blue action going on in it just is so beautiful to me. A soft blue as base and other blue glitters embedded in it. Also, I think I see some other colored microglitters in this!

I can't wait to show y'all the other polishes Not Too Polished sent to me! 
If you like this polish or want to check out other polishes by this brand, Please visit her Etsy Store HERE.
This is available only through the end of April, so hurry if you're interested. 

P.S: Watch out for my post with the rest of the Easter collection. :-)

Till later Love Muffins
God Bless.

Polish Sent for review. Opinions are 100% mine. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Mani: Pastel Pink and Gold Dots

Hello Lovelies!!!
Hope your day has been going well so far. 

Today I have a combination of two beautiful polishes I've been meaning to pair together ever since I got them for review. But, I just couldn't figure out HOW to pair them together. 
Finally, I had an idea and DID it!
The result is below...

The Pink is Zoya - Gei Gei, and the gold is Zoya - Ziv.
Gei Gei is a soft, pastel pink. A polish fit for Spring!
Ziv compliments her so well and makes the combination chic and fashion forward if I might say so...

This is a very simple mani to do. 

I applied Gei Gei on all of my nails except my ring finger - which I used Ziv for.
Then I used a dotting tool to add four dots on the pink using Ziv. 

If you don't have a dotting tool, a tooth pick or bobby pin will work. :-)
Anyway, That's it for this simple nail art look using two polishes that apply so well and have been on my nails for 2 days now with no chip!

You can get these zoya Polishes on Zoya's Website or at your local ULTA stores.

Deal Alert: Zoya Currently has a deal on some Mini Bottles for Easter. CLICK HERE To read about it. 
Zoya also now has their Summer PixieDust Collection available for Pre-Order. 

Zoya's facebook page is always booming with fun and lots of swatches by Zoya fans. So be sure to "like" them and check out all their other social networking pages.

That's it for now...
Till Later, God Bless. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Swatches and Review: Julie G - Frosted Gum Drops Collection

Hello Darlings, 
Today's post is all about more textured Nail Polishes. 
These are the rave right now in the Polish World, and I must mention I like that different companies are coming out with different colors and textures. 

Today I have swatches of the Gum Drop Collection by Julie G. 
When these were available for purchase I quickly jumped on them, since they were at a discounted price. The whole collection was $20.01 plus some freebies and free shipping. 

The freebies that came with my collection were a toe separator and some eye pigment samples. 
Here's a collage for ya. 

Please Click Read More  below to view the individual swatches and read my thoughts. 

All swatches are Two coats without Topcoat except where specified.
I also thought the formula was almost opaque in one coat. But I used two for good measure.

First up is Rock Candy
This is a Teal Colored textured polish with Silver sparkles.
Certainly one of my favorite in this collection. I remember someone mentioning that a teal textured polish would be amazing, and I hope this satisfies that thirst because I love. :-)

You can see more of the silver sparkles in this picture below. I am completely in love with this.

What do you think?

 And with Topcoat:
Do you see the difference??

Next up is Blueberry Fizz.
True to name, this is blue. With Silver sparkles too.

 Look at my index finger.. the blurriness show the amazingness of the textured look. :-)

And with Topcoat:

Next up is Hot Cinnamon
This is Hot red and it has glittery finish. I didn't feel so much chunky texture in this one compared to the two above. 

 It's a beauty and one of my faves because my skin agrees with colors like this. LOVE it!!

And with Topcoat. 
(camera freaked on the redness) But this one shines extra hard and glimmers with topcoat. 

Next up is Crushed Candy
Hello Purple!!! Yes, It looks a wee bit pink but it's a true purple in person. 

This is also one with a more silver sparkle glitter effect.

And with Topcoat:

And This here is Tangerine dream. 
Orange, Summer, Give me some juice or something because this polish makes me thirsty!!!
 Seriously, I think Juice with this one!!!

 With Topcoat below:

And finally we have Sugar Rush.
In case you're thinking you've seen this, I must say, No, No You've not. That was Hot Cinnamon.
Sugar Rush  is red but it has some orange in it too.

SO bright but the finish is also very much like Hot Cinnamon and Tangerine Dream. The Texture and glitters aren't as prominent with Rock Candy, Blueberry Fizz, or Crushed Candy. 

With Topcoat below: 

And this brings me to the end of the swatches. 
What are my overall thoughts?
I honestly LOVE the textures! I thought all of them would be the same kind of finish but its a pleasant surprise to find that the extremely bright colors finish a little bit smoother - should I say. 
As you can see, the Glitters/texture in  Rock Candy, Blueberry Fizz, or Crushed Candy are a bit different just looking at the polishes. 
I Love that they all aren't gritty to touch, and I must say, if you love the Zoya Pixies, you will love these too.
I wish Sugar Rush was a different color entirely because of how close it is to Hot Cinnamon but I am not complaining. The Polish Hoarder in me can clearly see the difference. Lol.. 

If you're interested in these polishes, you might want to act fast after seeing this post because the deal to get the whole collection for $20.01 plus free shipping and free gift is only available while supplies last.
They weren't supposed to ship before March 13th (Today), But I got mine Two days ago and just had to swatch them so that those of you trying to make your decision will make it quick. :-)

Here are my goodies.
The Polishes and freebies.

Alright sugars.
Once again, CLICK HERE to make your order if you're interested.
That's it for now darlings.

Thoughts? Comments?
Write down below.
Till Later, God Bless.