Saturday, October 6, 2012

When in doubt, Wear Purple... Zoya - Carly

Hello Darlings...

How are y'all doing today! I hope fine. :-)

Last weekend, I couldn't decide on what color to polish my nails with. And when I can't decide, I usually end up wearing purple. Lol... Hence the title of my post - When in doubt, wear purple. .

The purple polish I chose was Zoya - Carly from Zoya's Summer 2012 Surf Collection.

This polish was a ONE coater. It would be perfect for stamping for you stampers out there.
I did use two coats for good measure though.
Here's how it looks under lots of lights - a.k.a extreme flash.

Here's how it looks under regular light... such a deep gorgeous purple.

The subtle shimmer is not to be left out... the polish truly shines and this is without topcoat.

I swatched this polish as part of the Zoya Surf Collection when I got it, but revisiting it again surely made me realize why it was one of my top picks from the Surf Collection. Such a beautiful purple polish.

Love what you see?
You can get these Zoya Polishes at $8 each on Zoya's Website or at your local ULTA stores.
When you make a new account on Zoya's website by clicking the link above, you'll automatically get a coupon in your account that can be redeemed for a free Zoya nail polish of your choice. Just pay shipping. Or add two more polishes to your cart and get shipping free for all.

Zoya's facebook page is always booming with fun and lots of swatches by Zoya fans. So be sure to "like" them.

Thanks for viewing.
Till Later, God Bless.


  1. This is gorgeous on you, Lizzy. <3 I bought Carly kind of as an afterthought, upon realizing purples were lacking in my stash. It surprised me by becoming my favorite (tied with Kimber, lol) from that collection.

  2. Whoa, that's an amazing polish for sure! :)

  3. aaaahhh it's so beautiful!!! love your motto too haha =)))

  4. Wow this is beautiful! Love it hun xx

  5. I LOVE one coaters and this is such an interesting color!! <3

  6. When I don't know what to wear, I always wear pink (or purple)

  7. Thanks Ladies... Your comments are very well appreciated.

  8. I just love Zoya polish and this is a beautiful color! I am a purple lover. :)

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