Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy 1 Year Blogiversary To ME!!!!

Hello Darlings...

I know I'm late in writing this post, and despite how happy I am for this milestone, I must mention, a happy mood isn't exactly what I am in right now. Been too busy and occupied this past week that I don't even know where to begin with blogging.. BUT I guess since it's my blogiversary TODAY the 31st of October, I HAVE to write a post.

So, Here we Go...... HAPPY ONE YEAR BLOGIVERSARY TO ME (The Do It Yourself Lady)

This time last year, on October 31, 2011... I wrote MY FIRST POST on this blog and introduced myself to you lovely people in the blogosphere.
You all welcomed me with open arms and made me feel at home. For that I AM VERY GRATEFUL!!!
I have made amazing friends through blogging and I've found awesome deals and learned so much by blogging.
SO many companies have smiled on me and have given me the opportunity to review their products.
So many people I didn't know but now call friends have sent me care packages, and shown me that I am indeed a welcomed part of this society.

I visit your blogs and learn from you all as well. I try my best to comment on your blogs whenever I can, and I always always TELL you when I find a Deal worth sharing... ;-)
This past year has been nothing short of AWESOME. There have been days where I don't feel like doing anything, but the minute I get on my facebook page, or blog about a polish, and see y'all respond to it, my spirit just gets lifted.

I can go on and on about how blogging is one of the best decisions I've made, but I'll spare you all the melodrama. lol...
I started blogging for me when I got into nails/nail polishes/searching for deals/couponing and such as a hobby, and so far, I AM STILL LOVING IT!!!
Some people thought it was just a phase, but *sticks out tongue at you all*, Look at me now... IN YOUR FACE!! I'm still here. Hahahaha.... (this part is mainly for my friends that thought I'd quit). Lol..

Anyhoo... I blog at MY pace, whenever I can, and share whatever I have with you all, AND YOU all STILL stick with me and never complain. I AM SO GRATEFUL To you all soooo sooo much and Here's to many more anniversaries to come.

THANKS AGAIN for being with me. Thanks also to those of you on my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. Blogloving, and whatever else kind of pages I have. Lol...

That's it for now darlings.
Till Later, God Bless you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dupe Alert: Zoya - Jem & OPI - Every Month Is Oktoberfest

Hello Sugars!

This is a first of its kind post on my blog.
I didn't ever have a reason to do a "Dupe Alert" post because I PRIDE myself in not having dupes, or close to dupes in my stash. Lol...

I love being able to tell everyone that in my over 4?? polishes, I do NOT have One dupe! It makes me so happy, I tell you.. that I don't have two polishes that look alike. LOL..

But that happiness was uhmm... kind of shattered when I bought OPI - Every Month is Oktoberfest (EMIO). 
It looked an awful lot like my previously owned Zoya - Jem, and no matter how hard I tried to convince myself they were nothing alike, the truth still bit me in the bum, so I chose to do a comparison post. Maybe someone out there might benefit from it.

First up, Bottle shots.
(With lots of light)

(Under regular, low light)

Under regular light. Both are on my nails... Can you tell which is which??

Under lots of light and flash.
Here I see some slight differences.

And Here another picture that shows me there might be no difference...

And then there's this picture that kind of shows there might be more purple in Jem (Ring and Pinky).

So, you be the verdict....
Are these two close enough, or can you justify having both??

I'm keeping both of course, because EMIO leans to a near brown color in some lights, and JEM is purely purple in some lights.

What do you think? Do you own both of one of these?

That's it for now.
Till Later, God Bless.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Jelly Sandwich with Zoya - Gilty

Hello Y'all!

How's everyone doing on this fine Monday??
Today's post is all about Gilty, the Limited Edition 18K Gold topcoat by Zoya. 
When I got my box in the mail, I was all sorts of excited.  

So, I chose to Have some fun with it by layering two Zoya Jellies over it.

I used One coat of Zoya - Raven, Two coats of Gilty. 
For the jelly Sandwich, I used:
Zoya - Frida on my Pointer and Pinky.
Zoya - Paloma on Ring and Middle

I loved this look so much and thought I had to share it with you guys.
How amazing is it that the gold topcoat can be layered with jellies to create an entirely different look?

I still want to show you Gilty in all its glory however, so here's two coats of Gilty over Zoya - Raven. 

This gold topcoat is perfection to me. I love everything about it!

I saw some flecks of shimmer in this when I blurred the picture, You see it too?

And Lastly, Here are all the polishes used for my Jelly Sandwich... I Love this look so much!!

 I can't wait to layer gilty over other colors.
I honestly wish I got two bottle of this baby. Lol... So I could save one for my future babies.
It adds an amazing depth to the base its layered on. I LOVE IT!!!

Did any of you guys manage to snag this?

This was Limited Edition, so If you didn't get one, I don't know what to say... :-(

Anyhoo, That's it for now sugars.
Till Later, God Bless.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Random Swatch Spam and a Letter of Appreciation...

Hello Darlings...
Happy Thursday Y'all...

Before I start, I'd like to thank each and everyone of you that has taken the time to come on over here to read this.
Over the past couple of days, the blogs' viewer count has improved and I can only THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for all the love.
I am very grateful to you all and I Just had to Say that before I continue with today's post. You guys have been so very receptive even with my slight transition from just a nail/freebie blog, to a semi fashion blog

I have gotten so many lovely comments from some of you about how you're able to relate with me being on the wheelchair. You guys even went as far as calling me an inspiration. Oh my! Your messages and kind words absolutely leave me with smiles.
Even though I have replied personally to some comments, I have to say a GENERAL THANK YOU to you all.
I must now mention that I can't take credit for being strong because I have days when I'm just like "meh". Through it all though, God, my family and everyone around me has made life good.
I'm glad to be able to inspire someone out there and I hope you guys continue to be the amazing people you all are.
I'm happy y'all like seeing the face behind the blog. I'll try  to make more of those kind of posts, but no promises. Lol... 

Alright enough of the mushy stuff eh?
Today I've got some random swatches that have been sitting pretty on my computer for a while.
Some of these were weekend manis, or Quick manis I did before going out, or underwear of some previously posted manis.  

Since there are quite a number of pictures, Please click "Read More" below to continue.
Enjoy them. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Deal Alert/Review: Firmoo Sunglasses

Hello Loves. 

Hope y'all are having a wonderful day so far. 
Today I will be reviewing a first of its kind product on my blog.

The review is for a fabulous Sun Glasses by Firmoo.

When I got the glasses, I was just going to take pictures of the glasses alone, and say my feelings about the quality, BUT that plan changed because I fell in love, so I knew it deserved more than just some random Glasses alone pictures. 

Y'all have seen my face by now, and there's nothing to hide anymore. You know I use a wheelchair for mobility, but I don't let it stop me from Living because I know my God is capable of healing in his own time. 

SO, Instead of just a "product review" with some pictures of just the glasses, I decided to do the real kind of "Tested and Trialed" Do It Yourself Lady Review I usually have for you guys.

I got dressed for Choir Practice this past Saturday, and I wore my new glasses out!
The weirdest thing happened. I generally always feel good, BUT the glasses made me feel EXTRA GOOD. Lol... Ya know, being on a wheelchair doesn't stop fashion. 

I took my camera with me to church and put the BFF to work. Lol.. She took some pictures of me after practice, and Here's one of them.

More pictures of ME, and the glasses when you click Read More below.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Double French Tip Mani with Zoya - Farah, Alegra and Charla

Hello Lovelies,
Happy New Week.

Today's mani was inspired by the Fairies at Zoya! Here's the finished look...
I was inspired to do this mani while I was looking through Zoya's account on Instagram @Zoyanailpolish, and I saw a picture they posted testing out a double french tip mani look with Zoya - Avery, Cynthia and Frida.

Welp, The Do It Yourself Lady in me immediately fell in love with the double french tip idea, and I whipped out my tools and some zoya polishes I love!

For my mani, I chose to use Zoya - Farah, Alegra, and Charla.

I started with a base of Farah. When Farah got dry, I used a tape as a guide and created my first french tip with Alegra.

Used a fast dry top coat, and when that got dry, I used a tape as a guide again, and created another french tip with Charla. 
P.S: The Key to crisp french tips/lines, is removing your tape while your polish is still wet.. i.e, right after you paint the tip. 

Fast drying top coat really helped me cut down the "dry/wait" time.
I loved the double french tip idea so much, that I stared at my hands for a couple of minutes. Lol...
While staring at my nails, I realized I wanted something a bit "more".
So I looked through my nail art supplies, and found some nail art stickers that have flowers that complimented my double french tip mani!

After placing the stickers on, I used topcoat, and realized that this mani totally makes me ready for Christmas!!!

I took so many pictures and started singing: "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....."... hahahahaha...

Yes, Christmas is definitely in the air.. I went to the store and was shocked to see Christmas display when Halloween is not even over. LOL...
I certainly LOVE Christmas more than Halloween, so I'm not complaining. :-)

Bottle SHOTS anyone?

Anyhoo, that's it for my double french tip mani inspired by Zoya Fairies.

As always, I love using Zoya Polishes because they apply flawlessly and look good on me.
Farah is definitely now my favorite Nude polish.

Till later darlings.
God Bless.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Deal/Freebie Alert: $15 Gift Card on

Hello Sugars..

I've got a quick Deal/Freebie Alert for y'all today.

Please read the steps very carefully.

1. Join (for free). Move to Step 2 if you already have a account.
2. Go to the website EMBLY. Register with your facebook account, and Give a gift to a friend. Look for the $15 gift card to
3. Have your friend send you the card too. (This is how you'll get your Gift card code)
4. Go back on and pick out any items you want that totals $15.
5. Pick your free gifts on bloom with your order
6. Use the $15 Coupon Code you got from your friend on Embly.
7. If you have bloom dollars, use it toward shipping, if you don't have bloom dollars, pay the shipping fee of $5.95.

I Just got 3 full sized OPI Polishes for $5.95 on bloom.
The OPI Minnie mouse collection polishes are currently discounted on for $5 each (ful Sized bottles)!!!
I Picked the three that are available and Only Paid for shipping since I don't have bloom dollars saved.

This could be a Freebie if you have bloom dollars you can use for shipping, but no bloom dollars? STILL A GREAT DEAL!!!

Here's my screenshot.

Note: This is where knowing your BFF or BF's facebook password really helps you out. Lol..

I Signed on to embly with my facebook account, gave my BFF a gift, and logged in to her account to claim it.
I didn't even have to use her account to send one back to me. Lol...
But if you don't have your hubby, bf, bffs account, just talk to one of your facebook friends and have them send you a code.

EMBLY offers other Gift card to other online stores, BUT I was more interested in bloom, because they offer POLISHES!!!
You can give the gift of a $5 amazon gift card, $10 gift cards and lots lots more. 

Please let me know if this works for any of you.
Comment below, and HURRY, I don't know how long this will last for.

I hope I explained it well, cos I was in a rush. Don't want y'all missing out on this great deal!!!

Till later, God bless.

Deal Alert and Swatches: EveryBeauty Boutique - Violet Fix

Hello Sugars...

Today, I've a Three in one kind of post for you. Swatches, Review, and a Deal Alert.

The Polish I shall be reviewing and showing you swatches of is called Violet Fix by EveryBeauty Boutique  on Etsy.

This is a Purple Base color Shifting topcoat, meaning that it's kind of duo-chrome-y and changes depending on the base polish you use.

For my swatches, I chose to layer it over my favorite black polish, Kleancolor - Black.

Violet Fix packs a punch of glitters, holo, and the right amount of a purple base that doesn't overpower whatever base color you layer it on. 

I like that it changed my black base but not too much that the black got lost.
The glitters in this polish are just so beautiful, I couldn't stop staring at them.

I've shown you guys some polishes by EveryBeauty Boutique before. The quality was amazing again this time. The smell wasn't offensive, and the glitters didn't have to be fetched.

I swatched Violet Fix as the first in what was supposed to be a Swatch-a-thon, BUT after I saw how beautiful it looked on me, I honestly decided not to swatch the other polishes (oops). I added a topcoat to this, and smiled at myself. This baby will stay on my nails for at least a day or more. Lol.. No swatch and clean for this one. Ohh No mama... Lol..

Alright, now to another fun part of today's post.
You've seen the swatches, you've heard my review, and now it's time for the third part...

DEAL ALERT!!!!!!!!

The Lovely creator of EveryBeauty Boutique Polishes (Adinah) is sooo soo kind.
She sent me a polish for my birthday, which I'll show you swatches of soon. (See, I was supposed to swatch it along with this one, but as I mentioned, I couldn't bare to take Violet Fix off, so you'll have to wait and see which polish I got for my bday).

Anyhoo, not only was Adinah kind to send me a birthday polish, She has also given YOU, my readers, a Whooping 15% OFF Code to order Polishes from her store on Etsy.

I've seen 5,7, and 10% off codes, but 15% OFF blows my mind!!!
Thanks SO much for your generosity darling.

If you're interested in checking out other polishes by EveryBeauty Boutique, Please CLICK HERE to go to her Etsy Shop.
Find something you love? Add to Cart, and during checkout, use the Code: LIZZY15 
It will give you 15% off your order!

The code should be working but please let me know if you encounter any problems.

That's it for now darlings.
Till Later, God Bless.

This was sent for review. Opinions are 100% mine. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wheelchair Fashion 101 - How I Wear Short Dresses/Skirts

Hello Lovers!!!
Do you notice any CHANGE around here?
Well, I got a new Blog Header!!! Look above this post, the heading of the blog is new and I'm in Love with it!

Alright, Moving on... Lol..

It's another "Fashion Post" today.

I stated in this post that I would do these from time to time on the blog, so here we go.

Today I want to show you all how I wear short dresses and skirts while sitting on a wheelchair.

You see, sitting down and wearing short dresses when you don't have super skinny legs, or complete control of your legs requires some form of skills. Lol... Seriously, it does.

Personally, I don't like showing too much skin (anymore...since I'm grown..*coughs*), so tights are my Go-To for whenever I'm wearing short dresses.

Here's a collage of some of my pictures over the years on how I've worn short dresses/skirt.

- The lone picture on the left is from my birthday last year. I went to dinner and a movie with the BF. At the theater, I transferred unto the chair in the theater because watching movie is just better on the seats designed for movie watching. Lol... Besides, I enjoy sitting on surfaces aside from the wheelchair..:-)

I also have a "cross legging" thing I do when I'm wearing short dresses. If I don't have to push the chair, that is -when I'm just sitting - I tend to cross my legs, By lifting them with my hands and placing them over each other.

I don't keep my legs crossed for long because of blood circulation and because I don't want pressure sores, so I tend to uncross them, and then cross them back.
BTW, This really confuses people, because they are like "OMG, You just crossed your legs, you can move them, you should stand up and walk".
Then I just smile and say "I did it so quickly with my hands that you didn't even notice". Lol... But, Soon, I shall be able to cross them on my own, without using my hands.
Oh Yes sugars, I'm keeping the faith alive.
I wore a sheer solid black tights/panty hose with my dress.
Shoes: My favorite red shoes - From ROSS ($12.99)
Dress: Also from ROSS ($11.99)
Belt: You guessed it... ROSS -($4.99)
Necklace and earrings are just ones I have at home.

- The picture on the upper right hand is from a friends bday party in May this year.
I wore a patterned panty hose with this one.
Skirt: Fave Red Skirt from Dillards - Lots of discounts and the total was $7.99
Shirt: I can't remember where I got it from.. :-(
Also, when I'm wearing short dresses/skirts, I tend to strategically place my hands in between my legs.

- The Picture on the lower right hand is from my Graduation Ceremony (Yeppers, I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing AFTER the car accident. It's true that we are the only ones that can STOP ourselves. Never give up my sweets.. keep pushing)...

But Anyhoos, For my graduation, I wore a lace panty hose because I was extra happy. LOL..
Dress: From ROSS (do you get it yet? I LOVE ROSS)!!! ($14.99)
Shoes: Ughhh... I think.. Shoe Dept...$19.99

In case you haven't noticed, I wear flat shoes because they're comfortable with the wheelchair's footplate. So I'm always on the lookout for cute flat shoes.

So, if there are any of you out there on a wheelchair, and you feel as though short dresses/skirts are out of the question when it comes to "fashion", please know that, that is not true. Panty Hose are a good way to keep your legs covered while sitting and it helps you remain chic at the same time. Win win eh?

I'm not an expert, but this is what has worked for me, and I hope it'll work for someone out there.
Note: When you buy a panty hose, you might want to get a size bigger than your regular size so that it's easy for you to wear it, and doesn't suffocate your legs.
Elastic panty hose tend to stretch and this shouldn't be a big concern, but I'm a "Circulation First" kind of person, so I wanted to point that out.

Anyhoo, That's it for now darlings.
Till later, God Bless.

Feel free to ask me WHATSOEVER kind of questions you have. I'll try my best to answer. BUT, you must remember to subscribe to this post so that you'll see my response when I reply you. 

IF Your question is extra personal, and you would rather email me, My e-mail address is

Monday, October 8, 2012

Deal Alert: Cheeky Mega and Jumbo Stamping Plates

Hello Sugars!!

Just a Quick Post to announce that Cheeky Beauty is having an Amazing Sale on their Mega and Jumbo Stamping Plates.

I've reviewed their plates and lots of you showed interest.
Well, now is a great time for you to buy if you're really really really interested, because the prices are as low as 30-50% off.  ;-)

These can be found on Cheeky's U.S, U.K, FR Amazon pages.

For the Mega Plate (Seen below), CLICK HERE

For the Jumbo Plates (Seen below), CLICK HERE

Alright sugars. That's it for now..
Enjoy Shopping.
Till Later, God Bless.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

When in doubt, Wear Purple... Zoya - Carly

Hello Darlings...

How are y'all doing today! I hope fine. :-)

Last weekend, I couldn't decide on what color to polish my nails with. And when I can't decide, I usually end up wearing purple. Lol... Hence the title of my post - When in doubt, wear purple. .

The purple polish I chose was Zoya - Carly from Zoya's Summer 2012 Surf Collection.

This polish was a ONE coater. It would be perfect for stamping for you stampers out there.
I did use two coats for good measure though.
Here's how it looks under lots of lights - a.k.a extreme flash.

Here's how it looks under regular light... such a deep gorgeous purple.

The subtle shimmer is not to be left out... the polish truly shines and this is without topcoat.

I swatched this polish as part of the Zoya Surf Collection when I got it, but revisiting it again surely made me realize why it was one of my top picks from the Surf Collection. Such a beautiful purple polish.

Love what you see?
You can get these Zoya Polishes at $8 each on Zoya's Website or at your local ULTA stores.
When you make a new account on Zoya's website by clicking the link above, you'll automatically get a coupon in your account that can be redeemed for a free Zoya nail polish of your choice. Just pay shipping. Or add two more polishes to your cart and get shipping free for all.

Zoya's facebook page is always booming with fun and lots of swatches by Zoya fans. So be sure to "like" them.

Thanks for viewing.
Till Later, God Bless.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sally's Beauty Supply: October Coupon

Hello Darlings.

It's Sally's beauty Supply Coupon for the month of October.

Not much English needed here.
You should know the drill by now.
It doesn't have to be your birthday, they usually don't check your card.

That's it for now.
Enjoy shopping darlings.
Till Later, God Bless.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Naija Independence Day Mani

Hello Peoples!!!

How are y'all doing today!

Wondering what Independence day I'm talking about? Lol...
I shall explain my loves.

In case you didn't know, I am originally Nigerian, and I was born in Nigeria.
Every October 1st Nigeria Celebrates the day we gained Independence from the United Kingdom.

And of course I had to create a mani to wish Nigeria and Nigerians a Happy Independence Day.

P.S: Most young people call Nigeria, Naija, hence the title of my post today. I guess you can say Naija is slang name for Nigeria. :-D

Alright, School's over.. let's get to the fun part of Today's post!
My manicure!!!

The decision on which polishes to use was pretty much made for me. lol...
Nigeria's Flag is GREEN, WHITE, GREEN, so I just had to figure out EXACTLY what I wanted to do with those colors. Here is my result!!!
Nigeria Nails, Naija manicure, Naija Mani
I went all out on my left hand and did a water marble with the two colors.
Then on my Right hand, I did a regular Tape mani that resembles the Flag of Nigeria.

On My thumbs, I wrote out "I Rep" and "Naija". Meaning, I Represent Nigeria!!!
I Love America and Represent her too by the way. :-P

Individual Pictures of both hands.
Right Hand: Nigerian Flag. Simple Tape Mani. Love the result, and I must mention the Polishes I used. The green is Finger Paint - Go Van Gogh. The white is Kleancolor - White.

Left Hand: I used the same colors for my left hand, and Water Marbled.

Wait, I screamed already (all caps).. But you guys... My water marble came out decent!! I actually sort of intentionally made sure each nail doesn't look like the next... Ok, full truth time.. I tried to make them look the same, and it just wasn't working, so I gave up and DECIDED I WANTED A DIFFERENT LOOK for each nail Anyway! LOL...

But But... Yes, I did a fairly decent water marbling. I'm beyond excited.

That's it for my Naija Independence Day Mani guys.

Are any of you out there Nigerians?
Is anyone a Dual Citizen?
Were you born in one country and now a Citizen of another?
Share with me if you want.... I Love reading these things.

I was born in Nigeria, I Live, Breathe, Speak, Eat Nigeria.. lol.. and I'm a Citizen of America... Love Both Countries so dearly, so don't even ask me to choose. LOL... (That's why I made sure to do a 4th of July Mani).

Happy Independence Day to Nigeria Once Again.
May you Live Long and I pray all shall be well with you.

Till Later darlings, God Bless.