Friday, August 31, 2012

My Nail Polish Storage Got an Upgrade...

Hello darlings...

In the spirit of all things "my birthday", I'm trying to knock out birthday related posts before I get back to schedule on the blog.

Today's post is brought to you by the awesome gift my boyfriend gave me for my birthday!

Now, you see, the bf speaks his mind when it comes to how many polishes I have, and how they all look like the same colors, so this gift was the LAST thing I expected from him. Lol...

It was a very pleasant surprise, and it made my WHOLE day, so much so that now that I think about it, I still have a smile on my face. He Bought me a nail polish rack!
I kept on asking him, who are you again? Lol...

Anyhoo, this mighty gift made me do some house cleaning in the polish department.

I put out some polishes for sale, gifting and frankening and I arranged the rest of the polishes I want to keep in my new rack and in the old storage box I had.
That storage box was shown in this post I made in January about my stash.

Oh how things have changed from that time to now. LOL... OMG!!! :-P

Well, Here's a Collage of my storage devices.

For detailed views... Click Read More below.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Birthday Outfit...

Hello Darlings...

If you saw the title of this post and wondered: Since when did she start posting Outfit of the day, or making outfit posts?? 

Well, I can understand where you're coming from. Lol...
This is a first for me. It's something I thought about for a LONG time, and I finally decided... WHY NOT!?!

A couple of months ago, I explained who I was to you guys In THIS POST via my facebook page. Most of you now know that I use a wheelchair for mobility and it's something I've been using since March 2008 when I had a car accident that resulted in what the Doctors call a Spinal Cord Injury.

I can't walk for now, but I believe I will someday soon, because God is Able, and there's nothing impossible through him.

I enjoy my life and one of the reasons I do is because I know that life is so worth living. We all only have one life to live, and we should always live it to the fullest doing the RIGHT things, and cherishing our loved ones.

When I left the hospital and rehab, I was thankful for all that I was taught, and how strong I had gotten. I was most importantly thankful for my LIFE.

But a major concern of mine was "appearance".
At the beginning of it all, I would only wear long flowing dresses because they were so much easier to get on by myself since I didn't have hand strength. In the hospital and rehab, the nurses were always there to help me get dressed, and when I first got home, my mom would also help me with somethings.

I was thankful for all the help, but The Do It Yourself Lady deep inside of me wanted to be able to get dressed on my own and look as fancy as I did before the accident.

After a while, I ditched the baggy dresses and I graduated to wearing baggy sweat pants and big T-shirts.
This still wasn't enough, so I started wearing Fancy tops, with sweat pants.

Gradually, I gained more strength, and realized I could still stay fashionable despite the fact that I was on a wheelchair.

This realization came after I got enough strength to pull up jeans, and after I had enough hand strength to hold my makeup brush.
Yes, there was a point where all those things were hard for me to do.

If you're not on a wheelchair or know someone close that lives their daily lives on a wheelchair, you might not understand what I'm saying. Lol...

Anyhoo... From now on, I'll have some posts on the blog about outfits, makeup and basically some tips I have learned over the years on how to remain fashionable even though you're on a wheelchair, or should I say, disabled.
Speaking of disability, that's a word I don't really like using. I don't address myself as disabled but since the point of making a post like this one is to reach anyone out there who might be "googling" - Staying fashionable as a disabled person, I have to use the term "disabled".

I am not an expert on fashion, and I don't always buy brand name stuffs, but if there's anyone out there who thinks that they can no longer look "cute" because of a disability/being on a wheelchair, I hope you can see through me, that, that is a lie. You can still wear just about anything you like (even though you might have to get creative sometimes), and you can look as good as you want in any state.

I must now mention that, I don't think people's outward appearance matter as much as their inner beauty.
This post or others that will come like it, are in NO way to make anyone feel as though outward beauty is more important than inner beauty.

I just want to be able to share this part of my life with anyone out there who is interested. That is all.

Enough of the blabs. Lol...
For my birthday, I chose to wear a dress in my favorite color ever - Purple!
Once again, I thought "red" was my favorite color, but it's obvious purple has won the race. Lol.. Check out my blog, isn't it obvious?

I already shared this on my facebook page, and I was greatly amazed at how you all responded. Thanks again guys. Y'all are awesome!!!
I know some people don't check the facebook page, so I chose to make a blog post.

In the tradition of "outfit posts" as I've seen on other fashion blogs, I'll now list what I'm wearing and where I got them.
I know it's not necessary to list the prices, but I will, just so ya know I shop for discounts in just about every aspect of my life and not just while purchasing nail polishes. Lol...

Dress: Ross ($12.99)
Panty Hose: Silkies (it turned out to be $2 since it was during a sales) - I wore this because I don't like leaving my legs all naked underneath short dresses like this. It's an added bonus that it makes the short dress look chic.
Earrings: Regular beauty shop around me (.99 cents)
Shoes: Dds Discount ($12.99)
Belt: Given to me by mom (but I'm sure it's somewhere around $5)

My hair is Senegalese twists. It was done by my beautician and I styled it this way to show off my earrings and put focus on my face.

My makeup was minimal.
For eyes: I used a purple eyeshadow from e.l.f palette I bought at $3.99, a Loreal Mascara I got free during a promo, and a black Kajal for my inner eyes.

Lips: Ruby Kisses  Color design lip color in fuchsia ($.99 cents), and lip gloss.

Face: MAC Pressed powder.

A close picture of my nails and shoes can be found in this post.

Most Importantly, My smile was given to me by God, and it's priceless. hahahaha... Lol...

Anyhoo darlings, that's it for my first post of this kind.
Don't expect too much of them. :-P
But I'll try my best to post them.. maybe I'll go through some of my older pictures and post those up... hmm...

Oh and please feel free to tell me if you like this kind of posts... Honestly, I'm interested in what you think.

That's it for now dearies...
Till Later, God bless.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me...

Hello sugars!!!!

Over the past couple of days, I've been hinting that my birthday is on the way...
Well, the day is finally here and I'm ONE YEAR OLDER TODAY!!!

Yipeeee Deee Doo!!!
I'm over the moon, excited, and THANKFUL for my Life.
I've definitely been blessed and I am glad to be alive today. God is awesome.
I Thank God for Life and for blessings, and for all the wonderful people in my life (Including you, reading this).
I'm growing y'all!!! And All thanks to the one who made me.

This post isn't just to say it's my birthday.. oh no sugars, I've got a mani to share!!!

I had sooooooooo many mani ideas in my head for today, and I couldn't decide exactly what to do. 

Anyhoo, A couple of days ago, I received a custom made polish in the mail, from one of the girls in my "birthday group" , and the custom made polish had everything I love in it. 
The sweet lady that sent it (Amanda M), really really studied me, and knows what I would LOVE!!! Check it out sugars. 

The Polish was made by "Sassy Lacquer" and it's called Purple People Eater Goes Holo. 

I love it! But don't get me wrong now, I Love all my gifts from the birthday group ladies, and they all picked out AMAZING polishes that screams LIZZY, but I chose to use this polish because it fits the outfit I'd be wearing today, which is duhhh... the Color Purple. :-D

I also wanted something "birthday-ish", so I chose to accent my nails with a cupcake nail art. :-)

I used the glitters in PPEGH to make the sprinkles on my cupcake, and added a rhinestone to the top of it.
The lighter purple is Kleancolor - Pastel Purple, and the cupcake stripes were made with Zoya - Suri.
Topcoat is Seche vite!

The ring finger nail on my left hand broke some days ago, but I didn't let that bug me, (Even though it almost did).... So I used my middle finger as the accent nail...
I love the cupcake on this one a LOT more than my left hand. lol...

I love this gorgeous custom made polish!!!

It has an amazing formula and it really has all of my favorite things. Holo, shimmer, glitter, and PURPLE! 
It matches my purple dress perfectly. I would show a picture of the dress, but I was in a hurry and couldn't take a picture of that. 

What I did take a picture of earlier is however, MY SHOES!!! 

I Picked this up at Dd's discount for $12.99. I'm in love with them!!!
They are so comfortable, and since they are wedges, they will sit pretty on the wheelchair's footplate without causing discomfort. 

Speaking of wheelchair, I have decided to share more about my life, fashion on a wheelchair and staying pretty despite being on a wheelchair with you guys... but more on that later. :-D

Today, I shall celebrate and enjoy my life, because WE ALL ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE TO LIVE!!

Happy Birthday To Me!!!
Till Later Sugars.
God bless. :-)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Swatches and Review: Naild'it Unique Nail Polish - Rainbow's End & Summer Lovin melon

Haaaaallllllooooo Sweeties!

Today's post is a happy post. And No, It's not just because Tomorrow's my birthday, it's because these polishes I'm about to show are just so darn happy looking!

Naild'it Unique Nail Polishes creates some beautiful polishes, so when I got these in the mail, I wasn't surprised at how happy they made me. 

Check out the bottle shots... 

Time for swatches and review: 

First up is Rainbow's End
Gold, multicolored glitters in a clear base. 
For my swatches, I layered ONE coat of Rainbow's End over Sinful Colors - Neon Melon. 

If carefully layered, you could wear this on its own because the glitters are dense and would be opaque with about 3 coats. But I Love this as a layering polish!

Check out those glitters... 

Lastly, we have Summer Lovin Melon.
Yet another glittery goodness. 
For my swatches, I Layered ONE coat of Summer Lovin Melon over the most beautiful orange polish I own, Sinful Colors - Summer Peach
How cool eh? Both polishes have "summer" in their name. Lol... 

It looks like a watermelon splattered on my orange nails. Yumm.. lol...

Lookie... close up pictures are the best.

Both of these polishes are gorgeous! But I'd like to say, I can't get enough of summer Lovin melon!!!
I like that One coat packs enough glitter and I didn't have to "fish for glitter". 
The polishes don't have an offensive smell, and the glitters did not require vigorous shaking because they don't sink. 

Check out nAil'Dit Unique Polishes on Etsy If you're interested in these polishes or want to check out other polishes by her. 
She's also On Facebook, so be sure to "Like" her page because she sometimes have giveaways running. ;-)

That's it for now dearies... 
Till Later, God Bless. 

**These were sent to me for review. Opinions are 100% mine. Please read my disclosure policy here**

Freebies and Deal Alerts: Zoya, Sally's Beauty Supply & E.L.F

Hello Sugars!

I announced that Zoya stated they have a surprise for people registered on their website as at 12pm Yesterday (August 22). Well, Good news, The surprise has been revealed, and if I do say so myself, It's a good one.

Zoya called it a Back To School BOGO sale. Buy One Get One Free (Limit: Up to 4 Polishes purchased, and 4 Free).

How do you find this code in your account??
Gotten from Zoya's Blog:

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Click My Promotions and Coupons on the left hand side of the screen under My Account
  3. Apply your unique, personalized code
  4. Add polishes of choice to your shopping cart.
  5. Include any additional items you would like to purchase.
  6. Continue with the check-out process, Review & Submit your order. 
  7. *Please double check all information is CORRECT and ALL FIELDS have been completely filled out PRIOR to submitting the order. There is NO WAY to issue a new code after the order has been processed.
BONUS OFFER! You will receive FREE Standard Shipping with 6 or more bottles (buy 3 get 3 free)!
This Deal is Valid from August 23, 2012 - August 29, 2012 11:59pm EST.

Yaaaaaahhhh.... SO many colors to choose from! 

In other News, Sally's Beauty Supply also has an additional 50% off  Sale on all Clearance items. AUGUST 23- 26, 2012

You don't need to take this coupon with you because the store sales people should know about the sale. 
BUT, if you take the August $10 off $20 purchase coupon with you, IMAGINE how much more you'll save on the already reduced prices?! 

A sally's trip is definitely in order for me!

Lastly, E.L.F also has a Sale for Buy any $20 worth of product and Get 8 FREE POLISHES OF your choice!!

How it works: 

Go to, Pick 8 Free Nail Polishes! On orders $20 or more, add 8 nail polishes to your shopping bag creating a minimum value of $36. Then use code 8NAILS to get the 8 nail polishes free. Cannot be combined with other offers or applied to previous purchases. Ends 8/27!

Okie dokie darlings... 

That's it for now.. 
Till later, God bless. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Feeling blue: Kleancolor - Neon Aqua & Zoya - Maisie

What it do peoples!!!

I have to start out by saying, happy Wednesday! The week is flying by so quickly, and yippeee deee dooo, It means my birthday is nearing!!! August 24th baby!!! I am excited!!!

Idk what I'm doing for my bday mani yet, but I'll be sure to show y'all whatever mani I rock on that day. :-)

As you might know, I'm taking an alphabet challenge, and I must say, I haven't been "on time" with each post, but I am doing my best to ensure that I have a post for every alphabet. I almost wanted to give up, but I'll keep trying...

Today, I have Alphabet M, N for you.

I did a layering mani to knock off both alphabets. :-)

M is Zoya - Maisie
N is Kleancolor - Neon Aqua. 

Final result:

Here's what Neon Aqua Looks like on it's own.
Lately I've been in love with Blues. All shades of blues, I just love them and want them on my nails!

I love Kleancolor polishes because they're so affordable and have LOTS of colors/varieties.
I get them so easily around me, and I have so many polishes by this company.
What you see here is  two easy coats of Neon Aqua. 

 Since the first picture of the finished mani didn't really show the gorgeousness I saw IN PERSON, I decided to mess with my camera setting, to get something close to what the mani looked like In real life.

Check this out darlings...
The flakies in maisie look so gorgeous over this blue!!!

I can't believe this is the first time I'm using maisie since I bought it last year december or so.
I love how my nails look!!

This camera setting allows me to show something close to how this looks like IRL.
I always thought flakies were meant to ONLY be layered over 'darker' polishes, but I stand corrected! They can look good over just about every color of polish.

Anyhoo, That's it for now darlings.
I am so excited about my upcoming birthday and I gotta plan out my mani. :-)

Till Later, God bless.

Monday, August 20, 2012

News: Zoya Announces Surprise...

Hello Darlings, happy monday!

Today I bring to you some exciting news.
Any news by Zoya is good news in my book. Lol...

Here's the picture that Zoya posted on their Instagram page. @zoyanailpolish

Now if you're a Zoya fan, You should know something good is coming. Lol...
Here's your warning, make sure you're registered On Zoya's Website.

P.S: When you click THIS LINK to register on Zoya for the first time, You'll automatically get a coupon code under your account for a free nail polish. Add two more polishes and you'll get Free shipping too.

I can't wait to see what the surprise is.
I Love surprises!

That's it for now.
Till Later, God bless

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Swatches and Nail Art: China Glaze - Jungle Queen

Hello Hello Everybody!!!

I have a mani I did a while ago, took pictures of it, but it hasn't been posted on the blog yet... so today, I shall post it since I've seen people doing "throwback Thursday" posts.

I won some polishes from Glam Polish during one of her giveaways. My prize was 6 polishes of my choice from China Glaze On Safari Collection!

The polish I'll show you today is called Jungle Queen and it appealed to me because it has some purple shimmer/duochrome-ness to it. :-)

Look at this beauty. It's gray in most light, but when the right light hits it, or when it's under the sun, the purple in it comes out and it's soo pretty!

I decided to spice this polish up a bit by making use of my striping tape.

My interpretation for this mani is that the "Jungle Queen" needs to be "tamed" by putting her in a cage... Like, putting some wires around her (i.e Striping tape). Lol...
Idk if that shows in this mani, but whatevs.. Lol.. I loved the end result and wore this for about 2 days before the striping tape started coming off.

I have tried several things to keeps striping tapes ON the nail, Lots of topcoat, but it appears the tape just always wants to come off. *sighs*. 
Any ideas to keep striping tapes on?? Please share with me. 

That's it for now darlings. 
Till Later, God Bless. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nail Art: Or Something Like it...

Hello darlings..

So, I couldn't figure out what to title this post, so I titled it exactly what I said when I was done with this mani. Lol...

Anyhoo... Yes, I made something, and I called it "Art".

This is a continuation of the mani I posted yesterday. I say continuation because I used yesterday's mani as a base, dabbed a bunch of polishes on top of it, and the result is what you'll see in this post.

Here it is... My work of Art!
Brush strokes mani!

The base color is 365 days of color - Spencer (white), then I dabbed on brush strokes in no particular order with Kleancolor nail art in red, wet n wild - saved by the blue, sinful colors - mint apple.
I topped this off with Seche Vite.

I am a lot more impressed with this result than I thought I would be. Lol... I truthfully didn't know what I was expecting while I was doing this. It's different, and kinda cool.

So, I must now say, this mani is definitely not original even though, as I did it, I thought it was original. Lol..
When I got done, I realized my brain had tapped into one of the MANY manis I view on a daily basis on so many blogs. Lol.. I kept staring at my work of art and told myself, "I think you just copied something you saw online". lol..

Then it HIT me! My brain had remembered THIS MANI by Chalkboard nails. She used darker colors, and I used lighter colors. She does amazing nail art, so it's no surprise to me that my brain remembered her mani subconsciously. :-D

P.S: This post will serve as my IJKL of the Alphabet challenge.

I know the polishes don't match the alphabets, but remember the challenge allows this slight bend of rules.
I did use 4 polishes, so I hope that suffices. :-)
I have to get back on track with the challenge.
Again, since I posted this a bit late, I can't put the link to this post with the others, but please, check out the other ladies post below.

That's it for now sugars, till Later, God Bless

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Swatches: 365 days of color - Heidi and Spencer

Hello gorgeous people!

Today I have swatches of two polishes by 365 days of color.

These are called Heidi and Spencer. Yes, like the ones on that MTV show. lol... I could care less about those people, but these polishes are all that and a bag of chips!
Look at them.

And here are swatches.

First up is Heidi.
This is a gorgeous creamy white base with a bunch of glitters in it. Bar and hex glitters. This has turquoise blue hex glitters in it.

 I thought I disliked polishes that have a white base, but I was wrong, I actually really loved this one on me.

Next up is Spencer. 
This one has purple hex glitters in it, and that's an automatic WIN in my book!

The purple is so pretty embedded in all that white creamy goodness!

What I Love about these two polishes is that they got opaque in two coats! White base getting opaque in two coats? Yes please! Mama Likes!!

The creator of 365 Days of Color is in one of my groups on facebook and she made these polishes for some of us in the group. These are sadly not available for public purchase right now, but she has a bunch of other awesome and beautiful polishes for sale in her Big Cartel Store.

That's it for now darlings.
Till Later, God Bless.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Cheeky Set B Plates Now Available for Purchase

Hello Darlings, This is a quick post to announce that the Cheeky Set B Plates are now available for purchase.

Cheeky took their time with this, and I hope it's worth the wait. I AM EXCITED I tell You!!!

Check out the packaging and the card that can be used as an emergency scraper. Cute ehh?

I reviewed these plates on this post a while back, and I know so many of you were waiting to purchase it.

CLICK HERE now to go directly to the product page on Cheeky's Website if you're interested in purchasing these.

This is a Pre-sale, and Purchasers should expect their products in 10-20 days, depending on the location of the purchaser.

Happy Shopping!!!
Shipping is Free WORLDWIDE and this is reasonably priced in my opinion. :-)

That's it for now.
You can leave a comment to share with me if you purchase one. :-D

Till Later, God bless.

10 Minute Mani: Monday Blues with Bootie Babe - Blue Baboo

Hello sugars...

Last week, I got a very pretty and special polish in the mail from Love for Lacquer's grab bag sale.
This polish was special because the bottle shape is like none I own. And I own LOTS of polishes. Lol... I posted it on my instagram and facebook page, and everyone had a wonderful laugh. lol...

Today, I'll be sharing with you all the kind of mani I do when I'm pressed for time.
This mani was my past weekend's mani.

It was a "quick mani" and this is the kind of mani I do when I don't have more than 10 minutes to spend on both hands.
So yes, picture taking aside, I did this whole mani in about 10 minutes.

Here's the finished product.

Here's Blue Baboo  on it's own. I love how this looks A LOT.
And so many people actually said they loved this color on me.
What you see here is two coats.

And then I used Milani FX jewel in Teal as an accent nail on my thumb and ring finger.

I really love how the Milani looks, and if I had more time, I would have layered it on all my nails. But once again, this was a quick mani, and I had to go go go.. :-)

Do you guys have a specific style of mani you do when you're pressed for time, but still want something pretty on your nails? Share with me!
I'm a layering kind of girl. I Pick a color, and layer with glitter, and I'm good to go. I also usually pick colors that are almost opaque in one coat, or opaque in two coats.
I love these kinds of polishes because they mostly don't require clean up. Since they're opaque, application is almost always easy, and polish doesn't pool around the cuticle, or run around...

And on those "quick mani" days, I go with Seche Vite top coat. Remember the key word here is, "QUICK" mani. :-)

That's it for now sugars.
Till Later, God Bless.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Swatches and Review: Bam Nail Lacquer - Twilight Rendezvous & Summer Soulmates

Happy Friday Y'all...

Today I have a review of two nail polishes by Bam Nail Lacquer.

Here are some bottle shots for your en-look-ment.. :-)

First up is Twilight Rendezvous
This one is a light purple polish. A bit sheer for my liking, but purples sadly, do no wrong in my eyes. Lol

What you see here is 2 thick coats.
I made this 3 coats after this picture was taken, but I didn't like that look at all. It might do well to layer this on a purple base if you don't like sheer polishes.

Next is Summer Soulmates
This has some holographic particles in it and I love the bronze/coppery color.

I was tempted to use a base color with this one, But I'm so glad I didn't.
This is three thick coats on its own. And this is definitely my favorite of these two polishes. Check out the gorgeous sparkle!!

It appears that Copper/Bronze nails make my skin appear extra healthy. Lol..
Bronze Polishes are like my "nude" polishes.

If you're interested in either of these polishes, or want to check out others by Bam Nail Lacquers, please check out their Etsy store by CLICKING HERE.

Something I found really Interesting about Bam Nail Lacquers:
These polishes Came with a paper that had all the ingredients in them on it! I have never seen an Indie maker actually include a list of what goes in their polish WITH the polishes! How amazing is that?!

Anyhoo, Just thought I should share that with you all. These polishes are 3 free and they don't have an offensive smell to them.
That's it for now darlings.
Till Later, God Bless. :-)

These were sent for review. Opinions are 100% mine. Please read my disclosure  policy here

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Present: MORE and MORE Copious Credit!!!

Hello My people!!!!

You know I get excited about Copious Credits.

If you already have a Copious account, An Additional $10 to your account is Yours if you CLICK HERE.

Don't already have a Copious Account? CLICK HERE to create one now, and you'll get $10 to spend.

Then come back and CLICK HERE to get this fresh $10 added to that account, giving you $20 to spend on Copious.

Yes, You can call me your fairy copious moolah godmother. Lol...

That's it for now sugars.
Enjoy shopping
God Bless.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Getting My Groove On! TheDIYLady is Now a Domain...

Hello Sugars!!!!

Heeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy, I've got exciting news today darlings!

So this morning, I was toying around with the idea of making my blog a domain!
One thing led to another, and the "idea" became a reality!

The Do It Yourself Lady is now a .COM and I own the domain!!!!

So, now, you can put in less words when trying to get to my blog.
How much easier is ??? So much easier, right??? Lol...

Also, My email is also now
Totally amazing! You can still send emails to if you wanna type that many characters. Lol...

Yeppers, I feel so legit with the .com move!
I thank you all for being a part of this blog and for reading and giving me the drive I need to make this blog all that it is today.

So here's a recap of all of my social networking links
Instagram: @thediylady

Yipeeee deee dooo Darlings!!! I'm definitely sooo very excited about all of these.
And What better way to show my excitement that with a mani?? Lol...

Today I have Layla Cosmetics - Jade Groove for you all.

Since I'm obviously getting my groove on with the whole social networking/domain name thing, Jade Groove is the appropriate mani to express my excitement.

Layla Cosmetics - Jade Groove

Why it took me so long to use it is beyond me! 

These pictures were taken indoors with flash. Imagine how crazy this baby would look under sunlight. 

 Then I decided to stamp on it with two plates (CH45, CH46) from the soon-to-be-released Cheeky Set B plates. These images were so lovely! I wore this mani for a date with the bf on his birthday. He's an aerospace engineer and he thought it was cool.

Now that I look at this, this stamping combo fits this new milestone. Having a domain is like I'm going higher and higher, to the sky... into space.. flying and skyrocketing. lol.... The Holo polish means I'm shining so bright ... Ok.. too cheesy? lol...

Anyhoo, That's it for today my darlings!
Till later, God Bless.