Friday, June 29, 2012

Swatches and Review: Rockstar Nails - Punk Rock Barbie

Hello Darlings, 
It's Friday, and I've got an Indie to show y'all!!

Black and White glitter seems to be getting around quite a lot lately, so I'm really happy to show y'all this one. 
When Rockstar Nail on Etsy said she would send me a polish to review, I wasn't expecting this one, but when I got it and saw that it was black and white with a little bit of pink in it, I was like YES, Mama Likes!
Here's a bottle shot. 

I Know this is not your traditional polish bottle shape, but fear not, there's a brush in it. Lol.

I was excited how I could see from the outside of the bottle that the glitters were all over the place. I can't say it enough, I'm tired of sinking glitters  in Indie polishes. So this was a pleasant surprise. :-)

For my swatches, I layered it over Sinful Color - Ocean. I wanted something that will show all of the colors in Punk Rock Barbie. 

Application was nice with this, But I can't tell you how many coats this is, as I had to apply this using the "dabbing" method. I didn't have to fish for glitters, but I found that dabbing worked best.

I then decided to use the same dabbing method to apply the polish on my nails without a base color.

This polish wasn't meant to be worn alone, as all others that might look like it. It's a glitter topcoat that can be worn over so many colors! I LOVE THAT! BUT As you can see, if you want to wear this alone, you'll have to use quite a number of your polish. Lol... The dabbing method works to cover all spots so you don't leave naked nails visible underneath, like on my ring finger in the picture above.

Overall thoughts? 
I Love the Extra pink in the Black and White glitter we happen to see so much lately.
Everything appears fine with the polish and the smell is just like regular polish. Not offensive.
TOPCOAT is necessary as glitters like this tend to dry gritty.
If you have gelous, I say use one coat before your favorite fast dry topcoat. :-)
I wish though that it had a bit more base/liquid in it, so I didn't need to "dab" to apply.
But again, the dabbing method is actually kind of a blessing. Less dry time, and more precise application.

Late Night Update: I discussed this with Erika - The creative mind behind Rockstar Nails, and she assured me that she's fixing that issue. I LOVE when businesses take the recommendation of reviewers. Yet another seller quality I Love!

If you're interested in this or other polishes by Rockstar Nails, Please Click Here to check out her Etsy Store.
Please Note, this particular polish is new and is not yet in her store, but she has others available for purchase.
This will be in her store, so stay in touch via facebook.

Anyone who buys from her will get a Toe Separator in their orders while supplies last.
Here's the one I got. :-)

These come in Various colors and can be viewed on Rockstar Nails Facebook Page.

That's it for now sugars.
Are you loving the black and white glitter polishes around lately too?
I think I am! :-)

Till Later, God bless.

**This sent to me for review. Opinions are 100% mine. Please read my disclosure policy here**

Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm Back... and I Connected the Dots...

Sup Sugars!!!

As you must have noticed by now, I was MIA last week. I announced that I'd be gone in this post, but now, I'm BACK!!! I have a lot of talking to do, so buckle up and don't complain. Lol... ;-)

It appears A LOT Happened While I was away, but I spent a good amount of time Connecting the Dots and I think I'm all caught up on News/events that happened in the Polish World.

Speaking of Connecting the dots, I have a story from my trip for you guys!
I already shared this on my facebook page, but ehh, In case you missed it, I'll share again. :-D

I'm sure as a Polishaholic, the words Connect the Dots, have a Different meaning to us. Lol...

So here's my story. 
My CtD from Llarowe's last sale came in. This was the only polish I got during the sale, as it was a BIG lemming of mine.

After all the drama from the "artist", a lady who shall remain nameless, I was seriously contemplating swapping/ gifting/ giveaway, or even selling it on eBay. 

Since I picked up mail as I was traveling last week, the Polish went on my trip with me.
While in the hotel room with my friends, I opened the bubble wrap that kept the polish safe, and everyone of my friends went "Ooooohhhh ..... ahhhh, Lizzy, What is THIS"???

I am always so happy when my friends ask me about polishes! SO I switched on my "Polishaholic mode", and went into details on what the polish IS. Told them the drama behind the polish, and showed them how much ONE was sold on eBay! Lol...

Everyone was like "Say It Ain't SO?!!!" And I giggled and said "It's so My loves, IT IS SO". Lol. 

After moments of staring at the bottle, and watching the glitter float in it, we made the mistake of opening it.
We made another mistake when one coat was put on a pink base. And then, at that moment, everyone bowed down to the polish. They called it all sorts of wonderful names, and it was basically OVER!
The stupid polish WON over everyone's heart.

Everybody in the room basically wanted it on their nails. And YES, that included me. :-/

I promise you honesty sugars, so I must say, I really like the polish, and I wish I didn't. Lol
I hate to support a business that has so much negativity and wahhh wahh wahh going on around it.
This of course now brings me to say, until The woman who shall remain nameless changes her ways, this will be my one and only polish from her. Pride is bad, and being unapologetic is a BIG turn off. It's true what the Bible said: "Pride comes before a fall".

I hate to bring her up again when it seems like all that surrounds this issue is dying down. But You must know, I was away while the sheeznit went down and I'm just now saying my piece.

In Other news, I Hope y'all are doing mighty fine? You must know, I MISSED YOU!!! :-)
I Truly missed you all, and had you on my mind. 

My trip was WONDERFUL and I really enjoyed the church event I went for. 

For My Trip, I packed some polishes with me, and thought I should share since that's a question I see people ask often. The question, "Which polishes do you take on a trip when you're going"? 

My trip was a 4 day trip, and here are the things I took with me. 
Kleancolor Calcium, as basecoat
Color Club Topcoat (The one from ross set. Magic fast dry)
Zoya Mini Pinterest Trio (Zuza, Kimber and Myrta)
Sinful Colors - Ocean
365 Days of Polish - Explosion (Major glitter bomb)
China Glaze - Fairy Dust (Holographic Goodness)
Finger Paints - Twisted (I talked myself into taking this flakie)
Wet n Wild - Black Creme
Kleancolor - White
Lynnderella - CtD (Not intentionally, but as I stated earlier, I picked up mail as I was leaving and it ended up being with me).

Then I threw a dotting tool, a brush, my polish remover, cotton balls, nail file, nail cutter, cuticle cutter, scissors, and duct tape in my bag. Lol..

Before I left, I did this mani.
It was done with Zoya - Lara  as my base color. The dots was done with Kleancolor - White and Lara using a dotting tool. And I applied China Glaze - Fairy Dust for extra shine. 

On the Second day of my trip, I added CtD to my mani.

I think the Fairy Dust and nail art I had on my base altered CtD a little bit, so I'll have to swatch it on just a colored base soon.

As I said earlier, the polish is pretty and I really like it, but it's definitely not worth all the drama surrounding it. 
It also appears I have a lot of shimmers and little dots in mine. Compared to pictures I've seen. That doesn't make it any less pretty though. 
Lynnderella - Connect the Dots 

I had some down time on day three, so I peeled off my CtD mani, cleaned my nails and did another one. Lol... *Smh @ You Lizzy* Lol...

I Used duct tape to a create french tip line and used Zoya - Zuza for the french tip. 
I then added Finger paints - Twisted, and China Glaze - Fairy dust as a top coat for extra shine. Sealed it all with Color Club Topcoat. 

This next picture shows the true color of Zuza and the flakies more... :-)

I Loved seeing my friends "Ooooohhhh, Ahhhhhhhh.... WOW" At My nails during this trip!!! They used my polishes, wondered why they needed a base coat, were amazed at how FAST the topcoat dried their nails, and they were so intrigued by how the duct tape created a perfect french tip line! Lol... The flakies shifting in different lights mesmerized them. Holographic topcoat in the sun was a beauty to behold. Lol..

Most of All, Connect the Dots was a winner with almost everyone that saw my nails. I got comments galore!! Someone thought I splattered the dots on, someone thought it was nail art, and I got so many "you're talented" remarks, even though I stated many times that I didn't do anything but "paint it on like regular polish". Lol...I truly enjoyed sharing my polish-side with my friends and some new friends during this trip. 
They loved it all, and YES, they still called me Crazy, Obsessed, and Addicted. All of which I couldn't deny and proudly embraced. LOL...

Oh and surely I didn't use all the polishes I took with me, but I loved having options. :-D 
And the rest of the polishes were useful for my friends. 

**Pictures weren't taken with the camera I usually use for my blog cos I took my small camera with me on the trip since I still can't find the battery charger of my good camera.

Anyhoo, I think that's it for now my loves... 
Now that you're all caught up on my life (sorta), I need to go check out y'alls blogs and get caught up on your lives. Lol... 

I'd love to read whatever comments you have concerning any/everything I've said in this post. 
How many Polishes do you take with you on trips? Do You own any polishes by the woman who shall remain nameless? 

Till later Sweeties
God Bless. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blog Sale Update and Blabs...

Hello Fancy people!!!

Just a quick post today.
MY BLOG SALE PAGE has now been updated with some more items. :-)
Interested in anything? Read the rules on the page, and send me an email soon.

Next, is BLABBING Time!!! :-D
I'll be M.I.A (Missing in Action) for the rest of the week.

I have a church event coming up that won't leave any time for blogging.
So, sugars, No new posts will be coming from me, except I am able to schedule some posts before I get REALLY busy.

If you find any deals, freebies, giveaways, please SHARE ON MY FACEBOOK Page with everyone else. :-)
Since Facebook is really mobile friendly, I am sure I'll pop on there once in a while to share somethings with you beautiful people. :-)

If you need me urgently, I'll be checking my email -

P.S: Orders from my blog sale that aren't received by the end of the day TODAY (June 19, 2012), will be shipped/mailed Next Monday (June 25, 2012).

I'll miss you all and your blogs, but I'm gonna definitely have some catching up to do when I return. Hopefully, no one gives away a Car, an house or a boat in my absence. Lol... Oh and No one better give away a gazillion number of polishes either. :-)

Till I return sugars,
Stay Blessed.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Swatches: Zoya Blues - Tallulah and Phoebe

Hello Lovelies.

Today I've got two beautiful Blue Polishes by Zoya to Show y'all. :-)

These were used as "underwear" for some mani I posted on here before.

First Up is Zoya - Tallulah.
This was sent to me by a lovely lady on my facebook page. She had some Copious credits to use, but since she wasn't in the U.S, she chose to buy me some this polish and two beautiful earrings. Thanks again Laura. I appreciate your kindness.

I used Tallulah as a base for Night Sky 2.0.
I had to take a picture of her alone though. Such a pretty Blue Polish!!

What you see here is two coats with no topcoat.

Next up is Phoebe.
I used this also as a base for this mani.

Phoebe is a matte polish. So application is a bit tricky. But as I did with Lolly
Application was a bit streaky when I tried to apply it in thin strokes. I discovered that to have no streaks, You have to literally GLOB on the Polish. Lol... But fear not, it's matte and dries in good timing.
To have no streaks, apply the polish in two thick/heavy coats, and use the brush to gently spread it on the nail. But since it's Matte, It dried quickly.

Then I decided to add a topcoat to Phoebe to see how it looks. I LOVE IT!!!
I Love it Matte too but glossy is so fancy. No?

Well, that's it for now sugars.
I am liking a lot of blue polishes nowadays. But I think they make my skin a washed out/dry looking. :-(

Anyway, I still love blue polishes. :-)

Till Later Y'all, God Bless.

P.S: I Still have some polishes left in my BLOG SALE

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hello Sugars!!!

This post is to tell y'all that I Now have a BLOG SALE PAGE.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to be Redirected to the page.

It'll be on a First Come, First Serve Basis.
Please Read the rules before Committing to Purchase.
Here's an example of the goody you can expect on the Blog sale Page.

That's it for now Y'all. :-)
Till Later, God Bless.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Swatches and Review: Spooky Bones - Night Sky 2.0 & Kroovy

Hey Sweeties!

Moreeee Indie Polishes!!!

The Indies have taken over, and I'm glad I am now a full blown member of the Indie Club. Lol...

Today, I have two polishes by Spooky Bones.
Here are both Polishes sent to me for review.
Spooky Bones: Kroovy and Night Sky 2.0

First up is called Kroovy.

Almost every red polish gets a pass mark in my book because I'm biased. Lol.
But This one actually has something extra. It's not Vampire red, and it has shimmer in it and the shimmer seems to move around with every movement of the hand.

Love the shimmer/microglitter in this. I tried to capture it, but you've gotta see it in person to get what I mean.

Next is called Night Sky 2.0. I was so curious and wondered if it has a brush in it because of the bottle shape.
Good News: It does have a brush in it. lol.. Neat!

Althought the base in this looks a bit opaque in the bottle, the opacity doesn't transfer on the nail. After 4 coats of Night Sky alone and no opacity was derived, I decided to Layer two coats of it over Zoya - Tallulah. 

Of all the beautiful stars I see in the bottle, one came out to play. I wasn't in a digging mood, so I didn't bother to dig for more star glitters and just left the one as an accent nail stuff. :-)

Overall thoughts?

I Love Kroovy!! Not just because it's red and compliments my skin, but also because of the shimmer in it! Love it!!!
I'm not so keen with Night Sky 2.0 because it was way too sheer for me. After Layering it, it was bearable though. :-)

If you're interested in these polishes or want to check out other polishes By Spooky Bones, Please CLICK HERE to go to her etsy store.

Till Later sugars.
God Bless. :-)

**These were sent to me for review. Opinions are 100% mine. Please read my disclosure policy here**

Swatches and Review: Two Birds Indie Nail Polishes

Sup Beauties!!!

The Indie Craze Continues!!!! :-D

Sometime last month, I made a status on my facebook page about how I was discouraged that most of the Indie Polishes I want are always "out of stock". Then a fan on our page stated that she's an Indie maker and she had some polishes for sale. I was like, "Oh, for realssss? Send me a link for pictures of your polishes". I got the link, One thing led to another, and I purchased Seven of Her Polishes. Ohh Miii Gahh!!

Here are the Seven Polishes.
Paint the Roses Red, Cupcake Stand, Haven't the Foggiest, Sand and magaritas, Fit for a prince, Princess tears, Denim Starfish
Please Click "Read More" below to see swatches and read my review. :-)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Swatches and Review: nAil'Dit - Violet B Wild & Disqo Cruisin

Hello Peoples...

I've got two Indie Polishes for you today.
They are called Violet B Wild and Disqo Cruisin By nAil'Dit on Etsy.

Some Bottle Shots for your enjoyment. :-D
nAil'Dit - Violet B Wild & Disqo Crusin

First up is Violet B Wild. 
It has so many glitters in it. I don't know how to describe it so I'll let the pictures speak. :-D
As you can see below, this is sheer and I didn't even bother trying to layer it to get opaque on its own.

I Chose to layer One Coat over Kleancolor - Pastel Blue. 
And did I mention I love the name? I usually say "People Be Crazy" Yo!!! Lol.. SO Seeing a polish called Violet B Wild just cracks me up. Lol...

And next up is Disqo Cruisin
This one is also sheer, and obviously these polishes are meant as layering polishes.

This is Between One - Two Coats, Layered over Kleancolor - Pastel Purple
Oh my Y'all!! Shredded!!! Shredded Glittery goodness! Yeah! mama Like!!!!
I Have only one other Shredded Glitter polish, so This is a welcomed addition to my polish collection.
It kinda looks like broken black glass too. No?

Overall Thoughts??
I have nothing but good things to say about these two polishes.
I didn't have to shake these polishes before using them. This brings me joy because I'm discovering that most Indie Polishes with glitters in them tend to have the glitters settling at the bottom of the bottle.
That wasn't the case with these two polishes, the glitters in them floated. Lol...
I also Didn't have to force any of the glitters out to go on my nail. Application was nice on both of them.

Check out nAil'Dit on Etsy If you're interested in these polishes of want to check out other polishes By this seller.

**These were sent to me for review. Opinions are 100% mine. Please read my disclosure policy here**

Monday, June 11, 2012

Freebie Alert: Additional $10 in Copious Moolah

Sup Sugars.. Ya read the title Right.

No long English necessary. You know the drill by now... right?

CLICK HERE to get this new $10 added to your accounts.

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THEN, Click the first link for an additional $10. Making $20!

Use your credits before they expire. Enjoy the freebie!

That's it for now sugars. 
Till Later, God Bless

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Freebie Alert: ZOYA Pinterest Mini Trio

Hello Sugars...

Sunday Posts Only come once in a while.
Today's post is a freebie that'll happen tonight/tomorrow depending on where you are on the surface of the earth. Lol
JUNE 11, 2012 Beginning at 12:01 AM EST or
JUNE 10, 2012 11:01 PM CST

THIS FREEBIE IS A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS ONLY! There will be 2000 of the ZOYA Pinterest Mini Trio given out to the first 2000 people that check out with the Trio containing MINI bottles of Zuza, Myrta and Kimber.

Click Here to Register on if you're not yet registered.
During Checkout Use Code: ZPIN3

To Learn more about this, Please Click here to go directly to Zoya's blog to read more. 

I'm setting my alarm clock RIGHT NOW. Even though I already own the entire surf and beach collection, I'll try to get one. It might be a good gift or giveaway price. *wink wink*... :-) 

Good Luck All. 

P.S: If You get one, Please share with me by commenting on this post. 

Till later, God bless. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Review and Nail Art: MASH Stamping Plates (26-50)

Hello Pretty People...

I've got another exciting review for you guys today.
I am very impressed with the number of stamping plates that are being put out by companies.

I love nail art but I'm not the best at free hand nail art. Stamping plates have really helped me do more intricate designs and I've had people ask me if I have "Nail stickers" on my nails. I just smile and say, "Oh No, they are not stickers". Lol... Then of course, if they care to know more, I go into a speech about how stamping plates can help ANYONE get great nail art with even a minimum skill set. :-D
I love the look on people's face when I tell them or show them how stamping plates work. Hehehe...

Anyhooo.... Today, I'll be reviewing the new MASH Plates (Mash 26-50).

Since this will be a somewhat detailed review, Please click "Read More" below to enter the world of picture spam. :-D

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Indie Polish Collection Thus Far

Hello Sugars!!!!

How ya doing!?! It's Wednesday, and As I stated in my last post, I LOVE my mani sooo much that I don't have the power to take it down yet. Lol..
So What happens when a blogger doesn't have something new to show her readers? She shows her HAULS/Collection!!! :-D

As most of you might know by now, the Month of May was my Indie Polish Buying Month!!!

I started with 4 Indies: and Now I have over 40. :-D

Now, Since this is going to be a picture spammy post... Please click "Read More" to feast on all the pictures. :-D

Monday, June 4, 2012

Review: Cheeky Nail Art Brushes & Flower Stamping (CH44)

Hello Party People!!!

Today is a colorful Kind of Day!

Yesterday, When I saw that Cheeky Previewed CH44 on their facebook page, NO ONE was as excited as I was.
This plate is one I'd been planning a mani for, and I'm glad they chose to review it now that I have some free times on my hands to execute the mani I had planned.

I have now added CH44 to the list of plates in the Original Post I made for the new Cheeky Plates.

I Kinda Promised y'all I'd do a mani with at least one Image from any plate they preview, so Here's My mani created with an Image from CH44

 I'll be the first to admit that this Nail Art is not Original. :-D
A while Back, Sammy Over the Nailasarus did This Mani and I loved it. Somehow I never got around to recreating it. Now though, NOW I am glad I finally recreated some like it :-)
P.S: Sam actually recreated LTHP's Mani found Here. Lol...
And Now, I'm also recreating it, except with a different plate/stamping design.

Just about every Image on CH44 Can be used to do a mani like this. Does this Scream SUMMER or WHAT!!?!

What I used For this Mani?
Plate: CH44 (Available for purchase soon). Click Here to read my review of The New Cheeky Plates.
Colors: Zoya Phoebe, Zoya Lola, Kleancolor -Melon Green.
Stamping Polish: Zoya Purity
Pink Rhinestones for the center of the flower.
Dots are done with: Cheeky's Nail Art Dotting Tool
Leaves on the flower: Drawn with a small brush In Cheeky's Nail Art Brush Set.

Speaking of Cheeky Nail Art Brushes, I am going to shamelessly Insert that review in this post. :-D
I don't know how else I would have drawn the green inside of the flower without the smallest brushes.
Here's what the brush I used looks like.

 Here are the brushes that comes in the Nail Art Brush Set

 There are 15 brushes in the set. (One is missing from my picture in case you take time to count.. Lol)

Each of these brushes can be used for different things. So far, I've only used the one shown above. I love that the brushes have long handles. You can hold them at whatever angle you desire. The brushes aren't too soft or too hard. And I believed that made it easy to paint/draw with.
I'm very satisfied with it as you can see. It helped me create a wonderful mani. :-D

Speaking of my mani, Please scroll back up and Look at it again!! Hahahahaha.. Ohh Mii Gahhh... This one is staying on my hand for a while. Lol...

If You're Interested:
Click Here to Buy The Brushes

To stay updated on when the plates will be available for purchase:
CLICK HERE to go to Cheeky's Amazon Store.
Click Here to "Like" Cheeky on Facebook.
Click Here to Check out Cheeky's website.

That's it for now my darlings. Share your thoughts with me :-)
Till later, God Bless.

**The plate and brushes were sent to me for review. Opinions are 100% mine. Please read my disclosure policy here**

Sally's Beauty Supply: June Coupon

Hello KokoLettes and Babylettes. Lol...

Don't even try to figure that one out y'all... Basically, What's Up!!!

I've got Sally's Beauty Supply: June Coupon for y'all today.

Once again, WORKS In store.
IDK about online, but it's confirmed it works in store.

This one has been seen on many pages, so Idk who to give credit to. Lol... But whoever shared it.. Thank Ya! Once again, it works and like the others, anyone can use it in store. :-)

Enjoy Shopping.
*Whispers*, The China Glaze: Summer Neon Colors are now currently at most Sally's. Perfect Timing eh??

That's it for now.
Till Later, God Bless.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Freebie Alert: More Bonus

Hello Dearies.

I am making a quick post to inform you that you can get an additional $10 to spend on your copious account right now if you already have an account.

If you have a Copious account, Check your email that you registered with, You should have $10 credit in it from Copious.

Or you can CLICK THIS LINK to get the $10 added to your account.

I posted this on facebook and a lot of people have confirmed that it works. 

If you don't already have a account, CLICK HERE to register now and you should get $10 in your account. 
After you've registered, you can CLICK HERE to get an additional $10, making it $20 that you can spend on Copious.

There are currently so many nil polishes available for purchase on copious. I just picked up a Layla Holographic polish! Happy!!! Not interested in Polishes? There are other thing you can buy on there. It's like ebay... So many Varieties.

Enjoy your credits. :-)

The Money you get will work towards shipping, so yes, this can be a complete freebie. 
To read my Original post on Copious, Please Click Here.

That's it for now. Till Later, God Bless. 

Swatches and Review: 365 Days Of Color - Mint Chip & Explosion

Happy NEW MONTH My Love Muffins!!!!!!

Ohh Wee darlings, DO Y'all See how much time flies?!!
Indeed it's true that "Tick Says the Clock, TICK TICK, What you have to do, DO QUICK"!

I Hope your year has been going great so far.
In the Month of June, Blessings, Love, More Polishes, Freebies, Deals, and Happiness Are my wishes for you!

Last Month was my Indie Polish Month. I went from 2 Indies, to somewhere around 25! I Gotta count, and I might Make a blog post about it or post them on Facebook.

Anyhoo, Today, I've got pictures of two other polishes I purchased from Sanaz - The creator of 365 Days of Color Polishes.
They are called Mint Chip and Explosion!

First up is Mint Chip. I don't think I need to describe this. As you can see in the picture, it's mint colored and has some chocolate chip looking bits in it.

Sanaz makes these polishes that look so edible. Lol.. I think it's time she starts putting a warning on her bottles: DO NOT EAT. lol... Do You remember that Summer Dream also looks edible? Lol...
This got opaque in 2 coats, but I used 3 for good measure. And then Topcoat.

Then We Have Explosion. I had always wanted to layer glitter over a Silver polish so I thought, Why not now!
This is 2 coats of Explosion over Wet n Wild - Metallica. 

I Love how it looks like I'm having a party on my nails. I gotta layer more glitters over silver. Too often I try to go for a colorful base.

I'm definitely Impressed with these polishes, and happy to have them in my Indie collection!

If you're interested in either of these polishes, you can purchase at 365 Days of Color Store on Big Cartel.

To stay updated on 365 Days of Color:
"Like" 365 days of Color on facebook.
Follow 365 days of Color on her blog.

P.S: Since Indie Month is over, I've declared the Month of June HOLO Month!!! 
Layla Holographics, I've got my Eyeessss On you!!! 
Don't worry, I'll still be spending wisely. Sell some to get more!! :-D

Well, That's it for now sugars! 
Till Later, God Bless.