Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review and Nail Art: Cheeky Single Stamping Plates (Set B)

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Hello Beautiful Peoples!!!!

As the title states, I'm glad to be able to review the New Cheeky Stamping Plates!!! These are the second sets of Round Single Plates Cheeky has released and I know a lot of people are looking forward to them.

 This review will be a detailed one, so If you're interested, Please click Read More Below.

Swatches, Review and Nail Art: Essence - Glamorous Life and Luxury Secret

Howdy Howdy Y'all!!!!

Today, I've got swatches, review and Nail Art of two polishes by Essence. They're called Glamorous Life and   Luxury Secret.  

Fancy Names eh?? :-D They are both from Essence's Spring Collection.

Glamorous Life is a red polish that shimmers. This is sheer, and what you see below is 3-4 coats, and I can still my nail line underneath. But the polish shines so much that I forgive it. Smooth, no streak application.

Luxury Secret is a gunmetal color. What you see below is one coat!  I can't wait to stamp with this polish. You know most one coat polishes are great for stamping, so this excites me. It has brush strokes, but not enough to bother me.

Then I decided to do some nail art with both of them. Brought out my striping tapes again for this one. :-D

My Two favorite nails.

I was trying to do some "argyle" Style with the striping tape, but idk if I succeeded. Lol...
I should have googled a picture before I did this. Here's what "argyle" style looks like below... Ehh Well.. Still love my mani.

Love what you see?
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That's it for now.
Till Later, God Bless.

**These were sent to me for review. Opinions are 100% mine. Please read my disclosure policy here**

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Swatches, Review and Nail Art: Entity - Spring/Summer Collection

What it do sugars!?!?!

Today, I've got swatches, review and some nail art I did with Entity Nail Enamel's Spring/Summer Collection!

Before I get to that though, I must say, My Opening Lines crack me up!! "What it do Sugars?"! Do y'all love me calling you sweet names?! Lol..
I think it's because of all the colorful polishes I've been swatching lately! I love color and that's truly one of the things that make my polish hobby enjoyable to me.

The Polishes I got from Entity's Spring/Summer collection Came in a beautiful box! I couldn't help but to take a picture of it. Here's what the box looks like.

The Design on the top is so gorgeous!!

I get Fascinated by beautiful presentations, so forgive me if you don't care about the box the polishes came in. Lol...

To view swatches, read reviews, and see the nail art I did with this collection, Please click Read More below.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Surprise Giveaway WINNERS

Hello All...

Wondering what the heck this post is about? Love surprises??

I Love having giveaways, and I am always glad to share giveaways with you all.
I have gained new followers with some of my giveaways, and I LOVE how you all stay here even after my giveaways end. :-D

Today, I chose to have a surprise giveaway in appreciation of some of my followers who contribute to the blog.
I appreciate each and everyone of you guys, Truly I do! Even those of you who don't comment. :-)

But a While back, I added a widget to my blog. The "Top Commenters" widget you see on the left hand side.

Well, since the month of May is basically over, I chose to select "Top Commenters over the last month", and decided to give a surprise package to my  Top Two Commenters.

According to the Widget, My  Top  Commenters are: Polish and Charms and Never Naked Nails.

You will both be contacted to send me your mailing address so I can mail your surprise gifts to you. If you don't get my message, please leave a comment on here stating you didn't get my message, and I'll send it again.

The rest of the people on my Top Commenters of the month list, THANK YOU ALL SO very much for your contributions this past month. I will be sharing your blog links on my facebook page at random times over the next month, to show my appreciation!

Again, This is just my little way of saying I appreciate everyone of you.
I'll say it again, I appreciate EVERYONE of you guys, honestly, commenter or not, you all are a part of this blog and I am thankful for you!!!!

EDIT (4:32pm). This was a scheduled post. And as at the time I scheduled the post, Never Naked Nails was #2 (as seen in the picture). Miss L commented on a post before this post was published, and they are currently tied right now.
I Just wanted to clarify this in case anyone was confused. :-)

That's it for now sugars.
Till Later, God Bless.

Swatches and Review: Starry Earth Indie Polishes

Hello Sugars.
Today I've got swatches and reviews of 4 polishes by Starry Earth!

Y'all know by now that I declared this month of May as my Indie Polish Month! So, one night, while on Etsy, I found Starry Earth and I messaged Elizabeth, who's the genius behind these Indie polishes, and now, I'm glad to show you four of her beauties!

Here are some Bottle Shots!!! :-D
Starry Earth: 1937, Witty Wisdom, Pink! Blue! Pink! Blue!, Clock Strikes Twelve

Starry Earth: 1937, Witty Wisdom, Pink! Blue! Pink! Blue!, Clock Strikes Twelve

When I got these bottles in the mail, I had to hold my self from screaming. There are really so many talented ladies out there making their own polishes! The Varieties are endless, and I am truly in love with Indie polishes now.

To begin, I started with the red one called 1937.
I just Loved how it look in the bottle.
What you see below is 3 coats of 1937 alone.

Since it wasn't as opaque as I'd like it, I chose to Layer 2 coats of it over Zoya - Delilah. 

I love the holographic goodness!

To show you more of the Holo, I took a blurry picture. Lookie here!

 Next up, We have Pink Blue, Pink Blue (From her Princess Collection)
This one is obviously pink and blue micro holographic glitters packed in a milky base.

It was opaque in 2 thick coats, and I used 2 coats of my Color Club topcoat over it.
I love how milky this is. :-)

Next we have Clock Strikes Twelve (Also From her Princess collection)
It's a baby blue polish with white hexagonal and long bar glitters in it.
I Love the name of this one.. Obviously, we all know this is based off of Cinderellas dress, and story.
My camera freaked out on the baby blue and didn't want to capture this right, so I have only one decent picture of it. It's such a pretty polish IRL (In Real life) Though.
What you see here is 3 coats.

And last but not the least, we have Witty Wisdom (From her Wizard Collection).
Blue polishes are "my thing" lately, so I definitely loved this one as well. It has silver near-holographic microglitters  in it.

I was glad I swatched it last because I got to wear it for sometime before I took it off.

Please note that Witty Wisdom was meant to have large blue hexagonal glitters in it, but I think Elizabeth forgot to add some to my bottle. Lol... It wasn't a matter of them not coming out to play so, I can't fault her for that. The ones you'll be getting from her if you choose to buy would have the larger glitters in it.

My Overall Thoughts?
I love the blues!
I wished 1937 became opaque on its own, but it's OK because its sheerness makes it a versatile polish that can be layered over any color to transform it.
As it is with most Indie Polishes I've gotten so far, you have to make sure to shake each bottle very well before application.

Topcoat is necessary for all polishes because they are packed with glitters and could dry a bit rough.

I'm impressed with Starry Night Polishes and I'm looking forward to more from her.

If you're interested in these or any other polishes by Starry Night:
Click Here to go to her shop on Etsy.
Click Here to "Like" Starry Earth on Facebook, to stay updated.
Click Here to check out Starry Earth On Tumblr

That's it for now my loves.
Please share your thoughts with me.. Have you also been bitten by the Indie Polish bug? Lol...

Till Later, God Bless.
**These were sent to me for review. Opinions are 100% mine. Please read my disclosure policy here**

Monday, May 28, 2012

Review: Cheeky Nail Wraps/Nail Foils - Pink Bundle

Hello Darlings!!!

Happy Memorial Day.
I was so busy this past weekend that I didn't do a Memorial Day Mani... Boo Hoo!

But, this gives me the chance to share this review with you.
They are Nail Wraps by Cheeky! The Bundle I got for review was the Pink Bundle.

These were "Valentine's day" themed to me, but of course, You can wear them whenever you want.

At the back of each pack, there are "Instructions".

I Love Number 6. You can really stretch them to avoid creating an uneven surface! Just Pull and it stretches enough.
And YES, When filing these, ALWAYS file in a downward motion.

The result?

These nail foils freaked my camera out. lol... They were sooo shiny that my camera could not comprehend it. I took a boat load of pictures just to have these two decent pictures. In Person, these are so shiny.

Since these foils are really the best price I've seen for Nail Wraps foils, I MADE sure to put it to test for this review. 5 packs, Different designs, for $14.99?? I was like, Hmmm!!! Gotta see how long this one lasts. Lol...

Well, After wearing it for 3 and half days, I'm glad to announce that this is the result....
I had already started peeling off my other nails before I remembered I wanted to take a picture. Smh.. So you only get two fingers.
I was interesting that it looked like "tip wear" as you get with nail polish.

As instructed on the back of the pack, I ran my hand under warm water, and then peeled it.. But this is what happened. Lol... Not everything came off.
I dipped cotton wool in nail polish remover, and that took these right off.

Overall thoughts?
Truthfully, I love the price.
Application was fast and easy once I picked out which nail foil fitted which nail.
They are shiny!! This could either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your taste. But keep in mind, Cheeky has other variety of Nail Wraps, and these aren't the only Bundle they carry.
Personally, it was a Love and Hate relationship for me with this foils because of the shine. One minute, I LOVE how shiny my nails were, the next minute, I felt like I would make someone blind if I flash my nails in their face. Lol..

Love what you see?

CLICK HERE to go directly to This Pink Bundle.
CLICK HERE to go to Cheeky's Amazon Store for Variety of other Nail Wraps they sell.
Click Here to "Like" Cheeky on Facebook.
Click Here to Check out Cheeky's website.
That's it for now darlings.
Till Later, God Bless.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Deal Alerts: Memorial Day Weekend Deals

Hello Sugars!!! I Am here again.. Piled up some sweet deals I've found for you all...

Check out the Sally's Deal I posted earlier.

Target Has some Sweet Deals as their daily deals right now.
- Liz Lange Maternity Flare Jeans are only $20 Shipped (May 25th Only)
- Argyle style socks for men (lovely father's day gift) - (May 25th Only)

Payless Deal. 5 day Sale. Ends Monday, May 28, 2012
Payless is offering 50% off on select items.
**Use coupon code 65945 to get an extra 15% off your purchase**
Get Free Shipping if you select to ship your items to store. 

- Lots of kiddy items are already cheap. Use code:  MEMORIAL   for additional 30% off. (Code valid through May 28, 2012)
** Free shipping on items over $20**

Love Coffee? Blending?

That's it for now. I might edit this post later on if I find something more to add.
Till Later, God Bless. 

Sally's Beauty Supply Coupon and Online Code

Hello Sugars!!!

I've got a coupon to share with you all.

SallyBeauty.Com has this hot coupon that I'm sure every beauty shopper will appreciate. This is a clearance Sale. HURRY BEFORE IT'S ALL GONE.

Use this in store and combine it with the $10 off $20 May Coupon for an even sweeter deal.
If you're shopping online, please not that you can't use the $10 off $20 May Coupon.

Enjoy Shopping sugars!

Till Later, God Bless.

Swatches: Dollish Polish - Putting on the Ritzzz


It's Friday!!!!

Got anything planned for this weekend??
Today's mani is 2 coats of Dollish Polish - Putting on the Ritzzz over a Red Jelly Polish from the Runway Set by The New Black!

I love saying the name of this polish! Putting on the Ritzzz! It's one of the polishes that Nat from No Holo Blog sent me, and I'm in love with it!!!

This is Black and White glitter done right! Again, I chose to layer this over this red because I like doing something different. lol.. I've seen this over light colors (baby blues, light pinks e.t.c). But I love it over this red jelly!

You can get Dollish Polish HERE when her shop opens up again.
Like Dollish Polish's facebook page HERE.

Thanks so much for this Polish Nat! You rock!!!
That's it for now sugars. 

Till Later, God Bless. 

Freebie/Deal alert:

Hello sugars!
Woke up this morning and went to to buy some glycerin because I am looking into making my own nail polish remover. Here's the recipe I plan to use. I'll make a post when I get my products and when I make it. :-)

While I was on Vitacost, I found out I had $10 credit in my account and I was so happy because I had forgotten all about it. Lol. I clicked a link from some page, signed up on the website a while back and ignored my sign up bonus! Good thing though, it came in handy today. So yay!

I also found out while I was on there that YOU too could get $10 in your account if you click on THIS LINK to register.

Vitacost carries a lot of natural products, and there's something for just about everyone on there. One of my favorite section on there is The Burt Bees Section. Have you tried Burt Bees cuticle cream?? That thing is the business y'all!!! They also Barielle Nail Polishes, these interesting Nail Polishes. Their Cosmetics section is pretty lovely as well.

After clicking this Link to Register to get your $10, Click "Reward Statement" under "My Rewards" and it'll take you to your rewards page.
Right under Description, You should see $10 off coupon. Click that, and it'll take you to a page where you can copy your coupon code to be used on

Note: Coupons don't work towards shipping, so make sure you get your coupon's worth ($10).
Shipping isn't bad though. Here's a screen shot of my purchase this morning. (You can click to enlarge).

I consider this a freebie/deal alert and I'm happy to be able to share my good find this morning with you. 

Well, Love what you see? Register now to get your $10 bonus. 

Till Later, God bless. :-)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nail Art and Review: Cheeky Nail Art Dotting Tools

Hello Darlings...

Have you ever seen lovely nail art designs that you want to recreate but end up saying, "I tried it with toothpick as they said, and it didn't turn out well"? Well, I have too.
That's why I truly love dotting tools.
Today, I'll be reviewing these Cheeky Nail Art Dotting tools.

As a Do It Yourself Lady, Honestly, I STALLED before making the commitment to buy dotting tools. I used bobby pins, toothpicks, needles, and everything possible for my dots instead of just investing in a dotting tool.
After a while, I realized it was necessary to own a dotting tool. I was really happy when I finally bought some, but the ones I got were all one size

These cheeky dotting set however, has five dotting tools in the pack, and each tool has two ends with different sizes of pins for dotting. I also love how colorful these tools are!
Upon receiving these, I was glad that all of the pins on the dotting tools had different sizes at the end of them.

To show you exactly how happy this tools make me, I chose to do a real review, with the purple dotting tool. I initially wanted to do random designs, I went instead for this.

I will be recreating the french tip dots again on all my nails later. I love how it turned out.

For this mani, I used O.P.I - Skull and Glossbones as base. And Dotted with Zoya - Lola and Jem. 

Dotting Tools really do help take a plain mani to another level. You can even draw with them if you're careful, and they are very useful when picking up rhinestones to place on your nails.
To use the dotting tool to pick up a rhinestone on your nail, Prep your nails with one coat of a non-fast drying topcoat, dip the dotting tool in a clear nail polish, then Immediately use it to pick up the rhinestone, and place on your nail.

Love what you see here?
Click Here to buy these dotting tools by Cheeky on Amazon.
Click Here to "Like" Cheeky on Facebook.
Click Here to Check out Cheeky's website.

Do you like dotting tools? Have you used one before?
That's it for now my loves.

Till Later, God Bless. 

**This was sent to me for review. Opinions are 100% mine. Please read my disclosure policy here**

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Swatches and Review: All That Glitters - Hole Hearted

Hello there lovely peoples!

Some of you know that this month of May is my Indie Polish buying month. I was late to jump on the Indie Bandwagon, so I had to declare a month to purchasing them. lol..

So far, I have been able to snag some polishes, and I still can't get some because of the Shortage and out-of-stock-ness of them. *sigh*. No ranting here, because I understand that the Indie Polish makers aren't like big companies that can produce in masses.

Anyhoo, When I had the opportunity to buy some polishes from All That Glitters, One of the ones I got was one that was really appealing to me based on the swatches I saw online.

This is called Hole Hearted. I has white heart-shaped glitters, small and medium black hexagonal glitters suspended in a clear base.
I layered One coat over an Orange Polish from the Runway Set by The New Black.

Once again, this orange polish is one of my favorite From The New Black's Runway Set. I Just love the Orange so much.

Now, for my Review of Hole Hearted. Truthfully, I'm NOT in Love with this polish. :-(
I like the concept of the polish, but I don't love the polish.
The heart glitters definitely had to be "fished" out of the bottle. The black glitters weren't so nice either. As you can see on my nails, the glitters aren't "even" on each nail.

I tried to make this look nice, I really tried to rationalize WHY I needed to love the polish. Thought of How many want it, and how I'm so lucky to have "snagged" it. BUT all of my effort proved futile and I had to take down the mani after only about 2 hours.

Looking at these pictures, I'm like, well it's not "bad". But I just couldn't get into it. I have heart shaped glitters in nail art wheels that I could have placed on my nails, and used like a different (dollar store) black glitter or something to achieve this same look for less.

I hate to sound this way about a polish that most people want... but not everything is for everybody, so this baby will most likely be in a swap soon. So it's in a home where someone can show and give it some Whole Hearted love. LOL..

Anyhoo, that's it for now.
Till later, God Bless.

Swatches: OPI - Pirouette My Whistle

Hello darlings!

Happy Wednesday!!! Whomp Whomp.. the week is moving quickly again.

Today I've got a polish by OPI. It's from their recent "Ballet Collection". This was the only polish that TRULY appealed to me when I saw swatches of the collection online. But, I still got a couple of the others in the collection (SMH). Lol...

Anyhoo, without further ado, I present O.P.I - Pirouette My Whistle. 
I layered two coats of PMW over an orange/coral shimmer polish by The New Black.

I Have seen people swatch PMW over colors in the ballet collection, I've even seen swatches on baby blues. But I Love this over this BRIGHT polish. I really love the soft white hexagonal glitters in it. But the subtle shimmers make it even more pretty to me.

Here's what one coat looks like. I like it too, but I prefer two coats. :-)

Thoughts? Do you have any of the polishes from OPI ballet collection?

Till Late sugars. God Bless.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Swatches and Review: The New Black - Runway Set

Hello Lovely peoples...

Today, I've got the review of The New Black - Runway Set for you today.
There are 8 polishes in this set.
I Love the Bold and bright colors. And there's something for everybody in this set. :-)

Here's the Pack it came in. Pretty pretty!!! 
To view Individual swatches and review, Please Click Read More Below. (Picture Spam ahead). 

Freebies and Deal Alerts

Hello Lovelies...

I have a quick post with some freebies and deals I've seen since morning. I posted some on the facebook page, but with so many of them, It's time for a post... :-)

First up, after you read this first one, Immediately rush there to get it if you're interested.

FREE Target Goody Bag: CLICK HERE. Page might load slowly, so be patient.

FREE Father's Day Card  - CLICK HERE. During Checkout, use code FREETREAT. Limit one card per household and valid for new customer only.

30 FREE NOOK eBook From Barnes and Noble - CLICK HERE


Walgreens Deal: 
Save $1 off of Sally Hansen Diamond Nail Color

Save $3 off of Revlon Pedi-Expert Pedicure Kit

Save $2 off of Sally Hansen Salon Effects, complete salon treatment and beauty tools

CVS Deals: CLICK HERE for Sales ad.

Sally's Beauty Supply Deal: Get a Free China Glaze polish when you buy 2 Ardell Lashes.
- Buy 3 Finger Paints Polishes and get a FREE Spring Tote.
- Other Sally Deals: CLICK HERE

Ulta Deals: 20% off any one Item - CLICK HERE
-  Buy 2 get 1 FREE Revlon Polishes, Sally Hansen Polishes and Elegant Touch.

Remember, The Julep Giveaway is still going on if you haven't already entered. 

That's it for now. 
I Might just start editing this post daily for the Freebies and Deals Alert. That way, I can revert to draft and publish it daily.. hmm, We'll see how that works. 

Anyhoo... Go forth and Enjoy y'all!
Till Later, God bless.

Swatches: 365 Days of Color - Summer Dream

Hello Sweeties...

Today, I've got another 365 days of color polish to show you.
I picked this up recently during Sanaz's sale, and got it in record timing. It looked so yummy and almost edible in the bottle, so technically, I had to have it on my nails since eating Nail Polish is prohibited. Lol... (except you're that girl who drinks polish)... Ughhhh!!! Let's not even get into that!

Anyhoo... This is called Summer's Dream by 365 Days of Color.
It's a baby blue Cream Polish with Lots of different shapes of glitters in it. There are bar glitters, large hexagonal glitters, and all are multi-colored.

I used 3 coats for this mani even though this was opaque in 2 coats.

I just love how the glitters are embedded in the polish, not ON the Polish.. Ya know what I mean? It makes it complex and once again, I'll say... Yummy Looking! :-D

Do You Like Summer Dream?
If you're interested in it, you can purchase at 365 Days of Color Store on Big Cartel
*whispers*, IT'S IN STOCK!!!

To stay updated on 365 Days of Color:
"Like" 365 days of Color on facebook.
Follow 365 days of Color on her blog.

That's it for now my dearies... 
Till Later, God bless.