Wednesday, February 29, 2012

O.P.I - Pedal Faster Suzi

Good day awesome people!
Hope you're having a fab day today? 
It's Wednesday, and even though I registered to be part of "we wear Pink on Wednesday" ladies, I really have never made a "Pink Wednesday post". 
I didn't plan to post a Pink Polish today, but since I am posting, I guess it's safe to say this is my First 'Pink Wednesday" Post? 

Anyhoo, doesn't matter much. Lol... I Have a pretty polish to show you today! This is Pedal Faster Suzi from O.P.I's Holland Collection! I've been looking for a pretty 'baby pink' polish for a while, and this just jumped out at me when I saw swatches of the whole Holland Collection! I'm so glad I picked this up, because it has such a feminine look to it!

Application was lovely on this, and It got opaque in 3 thin coats. I could have gotten away with two thick coats, but I "presumed" that the polish would be sheer and difficult to work with. Interestingly and surprisingly, it wasn't.

I Love the subtle shimmer that you can see in this too.

Beautiful as my polish was, I decided to do something else to it. I used this mani for my "we stamp on Sundays" challenge on a facebook group I'm in.
The challenge for this last Sunday was to "Use three different colors/polishes".
I had the greatest Idea in my head, but when I got done, it looked nothing like I thought it would. Lol.. I'm still gonna show you anyway! I thought this stamping was an #EpicFail, but the lovely ladies in the facebook group convinced me that it wasn't as horrible as I thought it was. :-)

To get "this look", I used O.P.I - Pedal Faster Suzi as baseUsed an an art brush to dab on Zoya - Alegra
Then Stamped with Kleancolor - Neon purple and BM 203

That's it for Today's Mani My Loves!

P.S: If you haven't already entered my current giveaway, Now would be a Great time to enter because it ends Tonight!!!
Till Later, God Bless. :-)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Bloom Box Is Here!!!

Hello ladies. 
Just a quick post to show y'all that the Bloom's deal I posted a while back wasn't fake. Lol.. I must admit, while I was purchasing, I felt like I won the lottery, and seeing my box in person:-D

Here's a picture of everything I got. Remember the deal was $5 for $40 worth of product on Bloom? Well I went overboard by an additional $1.50, so everything you see here is $6.50!!!! OMG! I'm happy!

And a break down of the bloom box. Look at the pretty Pink wrapping the goodies came wrapped in, inside  the box. 

And I got a personalized welcome card from them. :-D

Polishes were wrapped in bubble wrappers for protection!

I Got Nicki Minaj Collection Minis, and boy do I regret this. Lol.. The Minis are SOOOOOOOO Tiny!!! I didn't know they would be that tiny! Now I have to get a full sized bottle of Fly and Pink Friday because they are so pretty in person.

Here's a Mini O.P.I beside a regular sized bottle. See how small the mini is? SMH. lol

And Of course I picked up some Zoya polishes! And a Pretty Duochrome Sally Hensen polish - Grape Going.
Zoya - Phoebe, Lolly, Kristen. Sally Hensen - Grape Going

 Up Close look at my Zoyas.

Alright my loves. That's it for my Bloom Box products!
There's nothing as amazing as getting a good deal! It makes my love for polishes very very affordable. :-D

Did any of you guys get your Bloom box? Got any Picture(s)? Share the link to your picture or blog post about your bloom box. I'd love to see what you got!
I Know a lot of people used my link, so don't be shy, share with me. :-)

That's it for now darlings. Till Later, God Bless.

Monday, February 27, 2012

"Cinderella" says "Today was a Fairytale"

Hello Darlings... 
How are you all doing today? Did anyone watch the Oscars last night? Fun show right? So happy for all the winners!
Something exciting happened to me last night. I also won an Oscar!!!! Yeah, you read that right, I won an Oscar! LOL... Granted my Oscar is not the real Oscar but, hey.. I'll take what I can get. 
Long story short: Love For Lacquer page on  facebook had a giveaway in honor of the Oscar awards for a lucky fan to win Julep nail polish - Oscar. I entered the giveaway and won! Hence my .. I won an Oscar comment. Lol... I gave a funny speech on my facebook page and   on Love For Lacquer page after winning my Oscar, and here it is: I would like to thank God, My parents, and everyone that supports my nail polish addiction, including my amazing boyfriend. I would also like to thank My love for nail polish that made me find a lovely page like Love For Lacquer and the amazing lady called Jess. I am grateful for this *OSCAR* and can't wait to put her on my nails...
*music cues in to stop my speech*..
Ohh Oh.. I also want to thank every of my fans over at The Do It Yourself Lady for their support.. and Oh My Gosh...
Thanks Jess.I pray you have a lovely week today! 
Lol.. I can be a comedian sometimes, but I Love me!

Anyhoo, Today I have a two new polishes to show you lovely people! Yesterday, I showed you a polish I got from my first swap, and today I have another polish I got from another swap! The polish I got in my swap is the most coveted Cinderella by Sinful colors!  I Layered a coat of Deborah Lippmann - Today was a Fairytale over her. 


And Here's Me Holding the Bottle off Deborah Lippmann's - Today was a Fairytale
Today was a Fairytale is a silver polish with small microglitters and large hexagonal glitters. I didn't have to "fish for" the big glitters, but the small glitters came out way too much and almost covered up Cinderella, so what I did was, I dabbed a q-tip in polish remover, and used it to clean off some of the small microglitters on my nails. Lol.. I was really careful not to smudge Cinderella. I used Color Club's Topcoat to seal the whole mani. 
Deborah Lippmann - Cinderella over Sinful Colors - Cinderella

And of course, here are some pictures of Cinderella  in all her glory. Such a pretty polish, but my oh my is she sheer and hard to work with! Here I used two thin coats and one thick coat. I love the glistening you see in this polish. Such a pretty shine and it's a baby blue I'm glad to own! 

Next time I'll layer her over another baby blue polish. Instead of building up opacity with just Cinderella.

Cinderella was such a lovely base for Today was a Fairytale!  And I also love how the names seem to work well together. Lol.. The real Cinderella's story is the epitome of a Fairytale... So coming up with a Title for this post was just easy! :-D

Thanks for viewing ladies. I'm glad to share this with you all my lovelies. 
Till Later, God Bless. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

My First Polish Swap: Nfu Oh - #62

Hello darlings!!!
Happy Weekend!!!

It appears it's a week of Firsts for me. Earlier today I shared My First Guest Post I did for another blogger with you guys, and right now, I'm sharing my first polish swap with you!

I had something else scheduled to post for today, but after finishing this manicure last night, I KNEW I just had to post this right now!!!! I mean, How could I NOT share this with you? I can't stop staring at my nails!

I'm so excited about this one!!! I mean, sooo very excited. In fact, to explain how excited I am, I have to share a little story with you! Lol...
At the beginning of the week, in my swapping group on facebook, I found a lovely lady who wanted to swap with me! Our swapping was so very smooth, and she's so nice! I got Nfu Oh - #62 and she decided to add the Nfu Oh Aquamix base coat to it because she said it makes application of the Nfu Oh Holos on the nail a whole lot smoother.

#62 is a really gorgeous linear holographic polish!!! Best of all, it has a base color that looks divine against my skin tone!!! *Imagine me screaming and giggling at the same time*!

Should I stop talking now? Beware, this post is a picture spam!
Here's a Picture of my finished manicure.

And Now let me show you Nfu Oh - #62 alone! Yes, I did a full mani with this! How could I not?

Here's a picture I "darkened" just to show you the mightiness of the Holo-gravity in this polish. Yes, I just made up the word Holo-Gravity. Lol.

Beautiful as #62 is, I had a gut feeling that she'd be even more beautiful with a stamp on her! Boy was I right? I chose another one of my favorite polishes, Zoya - Jem. I then chose a design from my Cheeky XL plate A.

 And Here's a Picture I want to leave you with! Ohh Dear, How much I love this polish can't be said with words!!!!

Oh, Oh, Before I'm done.. Here's a picture of my lovely swap items.
Nfu Oh 62 and Nfu Oh Aquamix base coat.

Aren't the bottles so cute though? Like a lady in a corset!

Alright Ladies.. sorry for the picture spam. I hope I didn't slow down your computer.. lol....
What do you think about this polish and mani in general?

I love it!
That's it for now my loves. Till Later, God Bless.

My Guest Post at "Embellished Nails"

Hello darlings!

Today I have my First Guest Post to share with you guys.
A while back, Emily over at Embellished Nails said she needed some bloggers to make guest posts on her blog because she would be going on a vacation.
When I saw it, I immediately was interested, so I decided to challenge myself and make something really pretty for her blog. A tutorial I watched on Youtube, and Valentine's day inspired my post for her blog.

Please head on over to Emily's Blog to read my post and leave a comment if you like what you see.
Also, feel free to follow Emily's Blog because she's a great blogger who also enjoys sharing her love for nail polishes.

I hope you enjoyed my First Guest post.
You can also leave me a comment here to let me know what you thought about it. :-)

That's it for now my loves. Till Later, God Bless.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Icing Magnetix - Blue/Purple

Hello Darlings!

Today I have my first Magnetix polish to show you. A while back, I went to Icing and got two magnetix polishes. I got the Blue/Purple one, and a red crimson one.

What I'm showing you today is the Blue/Purple one, It looked so good, I was so eager to wear it. :-)

On My Left hand (my nubbins are growing.. guess I can't even call them nubbins
Here you can see the other way the lines can be. I don't know which I like best.. Both are so gorgeous.

And the most lovely thing about this polish? If you don't like the way the lines appear, or want to try a different pattern, you don't have to clean off your nails. just apply one layer of polish, and use your magnet again.
After I did the horizontal style above, I wanted to make both my hands equal, so I just applied another layer of the polish, and used the magnet in a vertical manner to get what you see below.

Excuse my messy clean-up.

I didn't think my pictures did the mani/polish justice, so I made a short video. You'll love this!

See how gorgeous the polish really is?
I couldn't get the magnetic cap to come off the polish cap, so if anyone has a trick to take it off, please share with me. Lol.. It was interesting painting and immediately using the magnetic before the polish got a bit dry. The wavy lines show better when polish is wet

Do you have Icing magnetix polish or any other Magnetix polish? I think this will be a big trend this year. They are so gorgeous, and a easy way to transform your manicure and have a lovely design on it.

I can't wait to show you the second one I picked up!
Thanks for viewing. Till Later, God Bless.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yet Another Zoya Promo

Howdy again today Ladies,

ZOYA announced a new promo code on their facebook page.
Here's the fine print from the Zoya Blog.

Now through Saturday, February 25th 2012 11:59PM EST,  ONLY.

With the purchase of a Zoya Mini Color Lock System,you will receive a duo of Zoya Maisie, Zoya Kristen, Zoya Megan and/or Zoya Chloe FREE (the two you choose is up to you) PLUS... Free Shipping!
  1. Add the Zoya Mini Color Lock System (ZTHOL1101), at least two of the following Zoya Kristen, Zoya Megan, Zoya Chloe or Zoya Maisie to your shopping cart (along with any additional items you wish to purchase).
  2. Enter code: WHITNEY3 into the coupon/promo field in your cart and press "Apply Code".
  3. Complete Check-Out Process, Review and Submit Order.
That's it for now Ladies. Till Later, God Bless. 

Toxic Seaweed Reloaded!

Hello Dearies...
It's Wednesday! Time is flying!!!
I Hope your week has been moving along well?

Yesterday, I showed you my swatch of the beautiful Cult Nails - Toxic Seaweed. I didn't just swatch and clean that one off my nails.. I actually wore it as a full mani because that's how beautiful it is! I got compliments just wearing it yesterday! Having stared at my nails all days and loving what I saw, by the time it was 'night', I was already thinking of what I could possibly do to change the look of it. Not because it didn't look good.. but because I just wanted to do something else to it. Lol...

I present to you... Toxic Seaweed Reloaded!
I decided to stamp on my mani with China Glaze - Passion! I am pretty excited about this one!

The Flash of the camera was messing with me and did not want to work well with the Gold.

 Here's a better view of the stamping. I chose a Design from Cheeky XL Plate C

I Love how the stamping almost completely changes my mani! That's why I titled this post Toxic Seaweed Reloaded!!!
Stamping is such a lovely way to change up a manicure.
What are some thing you do to change up a mani without completely taking it off?

P.S: If you're not on my Facebook Page, you are missing out on some fun. I had a flash giveaway for a $40 Voucher yesterday! My "Facebook giveaways" will be for those who have "Liked" my facebook page, so don't miss out on some goodies! I also post "ending soon" giveaways/freebies on the page because I don't always have time to compose a post for the blog if deals/freebies are "ending soon".
Do Yourself a favor, and LIKE my facebook page if you're on facebook. :-)

That's it for now my loves. Till Later. God Bless.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cult Nails - Toxic Seaweed Swatch

Howdy Pretties!

Today I have a swatch of Cult Nails - Toxic Seaweed for you! 
I'll honestly tell you this, I got this polish because it's limited edition. Lol... I didn't want to experience the loss I felt when I discovered that Cult Nails - Unicorn Puke a.k.a Clairvoyant  was no longer in stock. See, when Unicorn Puke came out, I was aware of how gorgeous it was, but I stalled and stalled on getting it, and when I was ready to get it, It was no where to be found! :-( It's still on my Lemming list till date. 

Anyhoo, back to Toxic Seaweed. This is part of the "Let's Get Nekkid" Collection that just came out. It's the "odd one" out of the bunch, and when I saw swatches, I wasn't blown away, but I was still interested and I knew I had to get it before it was all gone. 

Toxic Seaweed is my first polish by Cult nails, and this makes me feel like I am now an official member of "The cult". lol... 
Interesting story here: When I applied this polish on my nails... I was blown away! I knew I got it because it was limited edition, but I was really glad I got it after it got on my nails. It's beautiful and it's unlike anything in my collection, and I must say application was a breeze! What you see here is 3 coats, but I could have gotten away with 2 Thick coats. 

Take a look at the famous Cult nails "Polish Burrito". Lol.. Kept my polish safe!
Add caption

And here's Toxic Seaweed in the Bottle
Cult Nails - Toxic Seaweed

 And a Final Look at this gorgeous polish on my nails... This is one of those polishes that just looks better in person/real life. Jelly base with micro glitters,  and little flecks of orange/copper that is just oh-so-beautiful!

 Toxic Seaweed  is still available for sale on Cult Nails Website, so do yourself a favor and grab a bottle if you can afford it. You don't want to miss this one Ladies. :-)

Since today's post is about cult nails, I have to ask you all, Are you part of The cult? lol... Do you Own a Cult Nails Polish?
Also, if you've not already "Liked" Cult Nails on facebook, Please go ahead and do that right now, because When Cult Nails reaches 5,000 "Likes", they will have a one day sale for all polishes at $5!!!

That's it for now my loves. Thanks for reading!
Till Later, God Bless. :-)

Monday, February 20, 2012

A-England - Tristam

Hello Darlings...

Today, I have A-England's Tristam to show you guys.
It's one of the polishes I had been lemming for a while and I'm so happy I finally own this.

Tristam did not disappoint because it's everything I had heard/read about and then some!
It's Opaque in ONE coat, and it shines amazingly well without topcoat! Me excited!

A-England - Tristam

I definitely will be getting more A-Englands. Hopefully I snag another sale soon! :-D

That's it for today my ladies. Do you own any A-Englands or are you lemming some?
Till Later, God Bless.

Sale - Elixir Lacquers

Hey Darlings!

Yesterday I showed y'all my first Elixir Lacquer polish - With a K. Well as luck will have it, Nicole announced that she's having a $2 off sale today Only! So all of you lemming some of the polishes, or those of you who want to try it out should hurry now and go grab yours!!!

Nicole has a post with some layering combos she did with the polishes, so you can check that out HERE. The post should help you narrow down your choices. :-)

Enjoy Shopping my loves. And let me know which polish you get if you do get any. :-)
Till Later, God Bless.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Elixir Lacquer - With a K

Hello blessed ones.

Minute of Silence for Late Miss Whitney Houston. May her soul rest in Peace.

Today's post is one of the Polishes I got from Nicole at Elixir Lacquers.
This one was the first one I literally fell in love with, and must I say, the polish did not disappoint, and I know our love with last forever!
I tried to give you a description of this polish, but everything I said fell short of awesome, so I resorted to using Nicole's descriptions.

"With a K is a Silver and violet holographic micro glitter with violet prismatic hexagon glitter, suspended in a violet jelly base".

The only thing about this polish that took me by slight surprise is  that it's pink, while I thought it was purple. It's not a pink leaning purple, but mine is actually a pink pink. A gorgeous pink that I love though! Delicate, yet it packs a punch. Okay.. enough talking.
Now, Behold this holographic goodness suspended in jelly and mix and matched with glitters! Yum!!!

And you know I love blurry pictures to show you extreme holoness in action! This is beautiful! 

Although With A K is beautiful on its own, I had to do a litle something extra to it, especially because my nails are short right now. I found a trick  to make short nails look long! Add French Tip to your mani! Honestly, I don't know if it's just me, but my nubbins look longer when I do a french tip design. Look at this. 

 I Used A-England Lady of the Lake for the french Tip design. and Topped the whole mani off with Color Club's Topcoat. 

Excuse my picture spam... But it just goes to show how much I absolutely love this polish and my mani!! With a K has a special place in my heart now. :-)

That's it for Today Ladies. Remember if you like With a K or want to see other polishes by Nicole, you can visit Elixir Lacquers website
Till Later, God Bless. :-)