Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nail Tutorial (Polka Dots Nails/French Tip)


How are you doing today? Does anyone notice a difference around here? No? Yes?
Anyhoo, I made some changes to my blog and I must say, I am proud of myself. I had been thinking of changing my layout and things, but finally getting to do it makes me happy. What do you think about it?

Also, I am running my first GIVEAWAY! I have some interesting prizes so be sure to enter for a chance to win.

In the spirit of "firsts", I'm pleased to announce that, today, I have my very first official tutorial for you. :-D
This tutorial happened because of a contest on facebook that Kleancolor is having.
I made a youtube Video of the tutorial and here it is.

Here's a Picture and writing tutorial as well.

1. Polishes. Left to Right: Kleancolor - Silver Star, Neon Pink, Teal Envy.
2. what I used to make polka dots (explained in #7)
3: Cut small pieces of tape and place at the tip of your finger to create french tip on fingers you want to be french tipped.
4. Apply polish to areas that are not covered by the tape.
5. When nail polish is dry, gently remove tape.
6. Clean up nail edges with a concealer brush dipped in nail polish remover. Beauty Tip: Using brushes for nail clean up is more precise and better than using q-tips. The brush allows for accurate cleanup and the brush can be maneuvered better around your cuticles.
Then allow polish to dry.
7: Let's go back to picture #2.
To create Polka Dots: Place a small amount of nail polish on a piece of paper. Dip a dotting tool, tooth pick, or one of the ends of a bobby pin into the nail polish.
Place dots on nails randomly or in a pattern to create the polka dots.

8. When Polka dots are dry, apply a Kleancolor top coat, or use a glitter topcooat like I did. I made sure none of the stars in "silver star" was transferred on my nails.
I also didn't use too much of the glitter so as not to distract from the beauty of my polka dots.

And here's the finished look. 

Hope you like my tips and design. :-)

Remember to enter my giveaway for your chance to win some lovely polishes.
Thanks for reading and watching. Till later. God Bless.


Hello Ladies!!!!

Happy Holidays! I am loving the Holiday spirit all around me, and I've been randomly bursting into Christmas songs. lol ... 'Tis the season to be jolly, tra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!!!!!!!!!

It's also the season for my FIRST giveaway!!!
I started my blog on the 31st of October, and Yesterday was my 4 weeks anniversary. :-)  I know it's not that big of a deal, but I'm excited about it, because I almost didn't want to start this blog. Now though, I am so glad I did because I have met some amazing people through blogger and have learned some interesting things by visiting so many blogs.

In the spirit of the holiday, and because I am feeling generous, I have decided to do this giveaway. If you're already a follower of my blog, you'll know that I love Kleancolor Polishes and I have quite a number of polishes by them. Their colors are so nice, glitters are pretty, and most of all, they aren't "bank breaking" (price wise).


  1. For my giveaway, 1 person will win a set of Kleancolor polishes. The set contains 6 different polishes by Kleancolor.
  2. At the end of the giveaway, the winner will be randomly selected. 
  3. I will contact the winner by email after she's been selected. 
  4. Winner MUST reply my message with her mailing address no later than 48 hours after I send the message.  Failure to reply my message within 48 hours of receiving my message means that a new winner will be selected to get the gift. 
  5. Giveaway begins 12:00am EST on NOVEMBER 30, and ends DECEMBER 21at 12:01am.

I want to say a big sorry to my international readers because this giveaway is open to residents of the United States only.  
All products will be NEWLY bought (with MY money), they will be unused and shipped straight to the winner from
I don't have "real-life" pictures because I don't have the products with me right now, so I am posting the pictures that the seller on amazon has.

Here's the default gifts for the Winner. 
Left to right: Aurora, Pinky Moon, Starry Night, Peaceful Heart, Puppy Love, Carat.
I bet glitter lovers will love this. :-)
Since it's the season to be Jolly, I would like my winner to be happy with her gifts. I want to be lenient, so I have decided that my winner will get the option to pick which gift option she wants in case she already has the polishes that are in my default option.

Alternate options. 
Left to right: Clear, Fuchsia Glitter, Red Sparkle, Starry Blue, Holo Chrome, Vegas Nights.


Left to right: Pearl Pink, Melon Green, Gold Bright, Vegas Nights, Sparkle Purple, Red Sparkle.
Unfortunately, you can't pick and choose colors.You get all the colors in whichever set you pick. If you don't pick a set when I contact you, you get the "default gift" which is SET 1. 

Phew! Hope I explained the instructions well enough. Please ask me any questions you have about this giveaway in the comment box. 
Good Luck to everyone participating. 

EDIT (12/4/2011):
1.  A couple of people are wondering what a GFC name is, so I just want to clarify that it is your Google Friend Connect name. Basically the username that you are following my blog with. It's just so that I can verify that you are indeed following my blog. SO Write down the name you're following my blog with. 
2. Please make sure you insert the links to your blog posts about the giveaway. Saying you "did this" alone won't cut it. I would hate for someone to be picked as the winner but not receive the  gift because of an incorrect entry. I want this to be a fair giveaway, so If you say you "did something" but I find out (after checking) that you didn't do it, another winner will be chosen. Please follow the rules ladies, and let's have some fun. :-)

3. I changed the time allotted for a reply by the winner to 48 hours. It was originally 24 hours, but since it will be Holiday period, I understand the hustle that could be going on, and the winner now has 48 hours to reply my email. Failure to reply after 48 hours will result in picking another winner. 

I wish you all Good luck. The Deadline is almost here, and I can't wait to see the lucky girl who gets this. :-)


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nail Haul (Kleancolor Holos and Glitter)

What a beautiful day today is. 

After uploading and posting my final manicure for the 10 day challenge earlier today, I got some rest and had a wonderful rest of the day. :-)

Now, I can finally show you guys the drool-worthy polishes I picked up from the beauty store 2 days ago. 
I went to the store mainly to find some Kleancolor holo polishes, and glitter polish. I crossed my fingers for chunky holo Black, but it wasn't there. :-( I ended up buying 7 Kleancolor polishes and 1 Ruby Kisses HD polish. 


The Ruby Kisses (Mickey Mouse me), reminds me of my Zoya Charity. I probably should have picked another color. lol... 

If you've been reading my blog for the past two days, You will know by now, that I have a favorite from this haul..... and it's Holo Chrome. There's something about the polish that makes me happy! :-)
I already did a swatch of Holo Chrome HERE and I LOVE it! I can't wait to swatch the rest of the polishes for you guys.

Do you have any of these polishes? Do you like Kleancolor polishes or want to try them? 
I'm thinking of having a Christmas giveaway, but I don't know how it will work. It'll probably be for U.S Only residents, because whatever I'm giving away will be bought on amazon, and sent directly to the winner (from amazon), because I don't want to deal with shipping products or going to the store to buy something. Yes call me lazy... lol.  It'll most likely be Kleancolor polishes.

I think I'll do this though... a 3 weeks entry period, so that my winner(s) will get their gifts before Christmas. 

Anyways, more details later.. :-)

Share your thoughts with me in the comment box. Would you like some Kleancolor polishes? I'm feeling generous.. *big grin*.

I'll think this through. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

10 days Challenge - FINAL DAY 10 (Ombre nails)

Hello dearies.

Hope you're doing fine today? And I also hope you had a fabulous thanksgiving day yesterday. I'm still stuffed from all the food I ate. lol..

Anyhoos, Today is the END of the 10 days challenge that I started 10 days ago. As you all know by now, Myself and 3 other lovely ladies I met as a result of our love for nail polishes, decided to all do the 10 days challenge together.

It was fun, very challenging, and time consuming, but I had a blast and I'm glad I was a part of it.

Today, the list calls for "Ombre Nails". Some people call it Gradient nails but basically it's using colors in the same group to do your manicure. You can paint a different color on each nail, or mesh your colors together on every nail.

I chose the meshing colors together option for my manicure today.
Since Purple is one of my favorite colors it only made sense that I had more purples in my stash. So I chose purple for today's manicure.

This was my first time doing Ombre nails/sponging, so it was a CHALLENGE for me, but I am happy with my result.
I didn't want to clean off yesterday's manicure, but I've been good throughout this challenge, and didn't want to mess up on my last day, so I went ahead and cleaned them off. :-(
I however, incorporated yesterday's main ingredient (Holo Chrome by kleancolor) into today's manicure.. lol... Yes I love Holo Chrome! :-)

Enough with the talking.... Enjoy the pictures. 

End result. 

Polishes I used (In order of use - Right to Left).
Starting from right to left. Zoya (Charity) as base, followed by Sinful colors (I love you), Sinful colors (Fuschia purple), Kleancolor (Neon Purple), Zoya (Jem), and Kleancolor (Holo chrome) on the tips. 

 Bonus picture of my nails right after I blended the colors.. Before Holo Chrome, or top coat. :-)
After blending my colors.. Using the sponging methods.

I added a flower from my BPS hello Kitty Stamping plate with China Glaze (emotion). As if my nails weren't busy enough. smh... Lol..

That's it for the 10 days challenge Ladies. Let me know what you think about my Final Challenge in the comment box, and I hope you had fun viewing my creations as much as I did creating them. I will be back to regular scheduling after my 2 weeks of rest. Lol.. Just kidding! 
I still have a post from yesterday's haul and other fun things coming up, so stay tuned.

I would like to give a shout out to the new followers I gained during this 10 days challenge. Y'all make my heart warm. :-) 
Thanks to everyone of you guys out there for your wonderful comments. I appreciate each word you say to me. 

I am running over to see what the other 3 lovely ladies I'm doing the challenge with did for their final Challenge! You should also check them out.. Visit Carinae over at Carinae L'etoile's polish stash, Tamira at naudii beautii and Ida at Piece of Pie.

Till later.. God Bless. :-)

ZOYA special Holiday Offer

Hello Darlings,

Today's post is about  the offer Zoya is having on their website. It's a Free shipping offer plus some other interesting stuffs.

I'll let you read the fine prints yourself. :

How It Works
In the shopping cart, use code : ZOYA4ME

You will automaticaly receive the following:

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Bonus Purchase 2 or more Nail Polishes & Get:

Free 2oz Remove Nail Polish Remover
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*Coupon will be automatically generated after your order ships and will apear in the "My Coupons & Codes"section of "My Account" Coupon will expire 60 days from the time it's generated.

So, basically, get your favorite Zoya polishes and receive free shipping Plus free 2oz nail polish remover and $5 off your next order. If this interests you, Click HERE to shop now. :-)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

10 days Challenge - Day Nine (Favorite Color Combo)

Hello Lovelies.

 It's Turkey day, and also Day Nine of the 10 days challenge. Today, the list says we should do nails with our "favorite color combination". Now, I love red, I love purple, but for this challenge, I chose purple.

Everyone of the ladies I'm doing this challenge with, have all stated at one point that they "cheated" on a challenge, and for me today is my "cheating" day. Lol...

I went to the beauty store yesterday to check for some polishes by Kleancolor - I wanted to get some holo polishes. (I will do a post after thanksgiving day on my haul).
When I got to the store, I was lucky to pick up some holo polishes, and some other glitter polishes by Kleancolor.
One was more special looking than the rest, and I decided to use it for my "thanksgiving nails", and it also is in my favorite color (purple), and some other colors are also  mixed in it.

SO today, I present my favorite color combination - Purple mixed with almost anything! :-)
Enjoy the pictures...

What I used:

Base - Klean Color: Neon Purple
Kleancolor: Holo Chrome.
Topcoat: Seche Vite.


I Love how it sparkles with every move of my hand!!! 

 My Right hand.... Ohhh Yummy!!! I love this polish!!

And this is the base (Kleancolor - Neon purple) alone. :-)

 I am soo happy With my thanksgiving manicure!!! The shine of this polish is amazing! Even without seche Vite. But I wanted it to dry quick and have that perfect gloss that Only Seche Vite gives, so I added topcoat.

I love holo Polishes now. I can't wait to show y'all the rest of the things I get.
I might not post my final day challenge tomorrow, because I can't stand the thought of cleaning this polish on my finger. :-( It's too pretty.. Soo sparkly, so multicolored!!

I hope you like my idea of "favorite color combination". lol..

Remember to visit Carinae over at Carinae L'etoile's polish stash, Tamira at naudii beautii and Ida at Piece of Pie. So far they've all been coming up with interesting designs for this challenge, so head on over to see what they've come up with for today's challenge.

Till Later my loves. Happy Thanksgiving once more. Go easy on the Turkey, and I'm thankful that you are reading this. God Bless :-)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10 days Challenge - Day Eight (Favorite Movie)

'Sup peoples!! Lol...

Today is day Eight of the 10 days challenge, and the list says "Favorite Movie".
Now, If you know me, you know I love romantic movies. Romantic comedy, romantic drama, foreign romance, romantic tragedy, romance and action, I mean.... everything that has some kind of love in it!

This doesn't mean I don't "enjoy" other movies, it just means if it comes down to it, I'll choose a chick flick over any other kind of movie.

I love when the boy and girl EVENTUALLY get back together, and live ever after (Yes I omitted the "happily" because it's not always going to be happy).
A movie that I most times call my favorite movie is Love and Basketball (2000). 
I have other favorite movies, but this one stands out the most, so I chose to do a mani inspired by it.

Picture Time!

My Thumb:

Base color alone... Me Likey!

What I used:
Base color: Pure Ice (Iced bronze)
Love sign: BM Plate 202
Stamping color: Konad special polish (black)
To draw the basketball on middle finger and thumb: Ruby Kisses Black polish (RNP111)
TopCoat: Sally Hensen.

Looking at this poster for the movie is making me want to watch it now.. lol... Hmm, I love this movie! 
Thanks for reading ladies. Feel free to tell me your favorite movies in the comment box :-)

Remember to visit Carinae over at Carinae L'etoile's polish stash, Tamira at naudii beautii and Ida at Piece of Pie. So far they've all been coming up with interesting designs for this challenge, so head on over to see what they've come up with for today's challenge.

Till later my loves. God bless.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

10 days Challenge - Day Seven (Favorite Freehand Nail Art design)

Hello People...

Hope y'all are doing well today. It's day Seven of the challenge. The closer to the end we get, the more I wonder what I'll do with my blog when the challenge is over. Lol... I guess I'll go back to what I was doing before. haha..

Today, the list says we should do a manicure with our favorite freehand design. For me, that would be the flower. Any Kind of flowery design.

For this manicure, I used a polish I have had in my stash for the longest, but never used due to it's extreme sheerness. It's  a wet n wild polish called Blazed.
To get it to be as opaque as it is in my manicure, I lost count of many coats I applied. lol.. No joke, after the 5th coat, I stopped counting.

Interestingly, I love the color with my skin tone, but its application takes too much patience and I just don't like polishes that are too sheer.

Enjoy the pictures.

I did two flowers on my thumb. 

 What I used: Wet n Wild (Blazed)
Flower: Green is Kiss Nail Art Polish (Beach green) and the Red is Kleancolor Nail to Toe (Pasion flame).

I'm blessed to be doing this challenge with three other lovely ladies, and they are: Carinae over at Carinae L'etoile's polish stash, Tamira at naudii beautii and Ida at Piece of Pie. So far they've all been coming up with interesting designs for this challenge, so head on over to see what they've come up with for today's challenge.

Thanks for reading, and allowing me share my art with you.
Have a lovely rest of the day. Till later, God Bless.. :-)

Monday, November 21, 2011

10 days Challenge - Day Six (Favorite Celebrity Manicure)

Hey beautiful people.

Happy New week!! Today is day six of the 10 day challenge. Today, the List says "Favorite Celebrity Manicure".
I've never really paid that much attention to female celebrities manicure, so this was hard for me.
I didn't know what to do, but as I was watching the AMA last night, Taylor Swift's dress caught my attention. Not to mention, she appeared to be a favorite of the night (if her winnings were anything to go by).

At that moment, I decided I would do a manicure inspired by her dress. Hope this counts as favorite celebrity manicure?

What I used:
Base: Milani (Mr. Sandman)
Top: Wet n Wild (The Gold and the beautiful)

Today's pictures have no flash because I was trying to capture the true colors of the polishes.

When I was done with that, i thought the manicure looked WAY too simple (far from what a celebrity should wear), so I thought of a way to spice it up. Since "celebrity" screamed glitz and glam to me, I immediately thought of rhinestones. I accented my ring finger with some gold rhinestones.

I still wasn't happy with my manicure, so I kept looking through my polishes to see if I could find something to spice it up, make it look better, something, anything!
(At this point, I forgot all about Taylor swift's dress, and just wanted the manicure to make me happy.. lol).
Anyhoo, I saw my bottle of Firework by Kleancolor, and since I didn't like the last manicure I did with it, I decided to give it a second chance.

I carefully picked out the colored glitters, and placed them at the tip of my nails.
Thankfully, this made me happier.

 Final result with flash.

And this is inspiration behind today's manicure. 
Her dress is so beautiful, and I know my manicure didn't do it justice. But this made me realize I need some Holographic polishes in my stash. I think I've seen some nail polishes that achieve this look without as much hassle as I went through. 

Remember Ladies, I'm not doing this challenge alone, so Please visit Carinae over at Carinae L'etoile's polish stash, Tamira at naudii beautii and Ida at Piece of Pie, to see what they came up with for today's Challenge. Leave a comment for them as well.. ;-)

P.S: Sorry about my pictures today. I was trying something new, and as a DoItYourSelf Lady, I would rather mess with things than read manuals. lol... I am trying to perfect my "nail-photography". I discovered it's a different form of photography from what I'm used to. I will get my pictures to where I can genuinely say I love them. I'm learning my best angle, and all that comes with taking pictures of my nails and different polish colors. 

Thanks for reading. I mean, really, Thanks for reading.. :-)

Till later, God bless.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

10 days Challenge - Day Five (Blue nails)

Hello Ladies.

Time is really moving, we're half way in the challenge already! Today, the list calls for BLUE NAILS.

I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do for this challenge, but after pulling out all the blues I had in my collection, I decided to use Kleancolor's Teal Envy and Stamped on her with Wet n Wild Saved by the blue using BM plate 223.

Saved by the blue is more of this color, while, Teal Envy is this color. When Saved by the blue got on Teal Envy however, her blueness blended in with Teal Envy's color.
I love stamping with colors in the same group... It has a "non-shouting" elegant feel to it.

I used three coats of teal envy because it's kind of sheer.

I sealed his manicure with NutriNails Fast Dry Topcoat (it's not as glossy as my Seche Vite, and quite frankly isn't as fast drying as SV. But in the quest for trying to save my SV from finishing,  this is something I'm willing to deal with).

Picture Time.

Remember I'm not doing this challenge alone, so Please visit Carinae over at Carinae L'etoile's polish stash, Tamira at naudii beautii and Ida at Piece of Pie, to see what they came up with for today's Challenge. Leave a comment for them as well.. ;-)

Have a happy Sunday Ladies. Till Later, God Bless. :-)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

10 days Challenge - Day Four (Animal Print)

Hello Ladies..

SO I found out blogger has a thing where you can schedule a post to publish at a specific time during the day. Well we just learn new things everyday now don't we. 
I will be setting this post to launch at 6:00am (Saturday morning), and I will be back during the day to see if it really did it. lol.. I know it should, but wow, I'm amazed! 
Also, my middle finger-nail on my right hand broke (something with the middle fingers on both hands), but I refuse to file down my other nails. I am telling myself it doesn't look weird/bad, so I'll let it grow and catch up. You'll see what I mean in the pictures. 

Anyway, Today is day 4 of the 10 days challenge (time is moving)! And the list calls for ANIMAL PRINT. 

I didn't want to do leopard skin because I used that stamping plate for my Rainbow nails, so I chose to do Zebra prints. 
My mani today has a relaxing feel to it, mostly because I needed to rest from going all out on my Hello Kitty Nails yesterday. Today, I chose to use China Glaze (Emotion), and stamped on it with BM plate 223 using konad special black polish.
I love China Glaze polish. One coat was enough, but I used two. Smooth application and dries quickly too. 
I didn't Use Seche Vite TC this time, because I need to save my baby from finishing too Afterall these are daily manis. I used Nurtrinail Speed dry topcoat (which  I don't think is on in these pictures).


I love my ring finger-nail. *sigh*

Is my middle finger Odd? Should I file down the rest of my nails? Do You even notice a difference?  Let me know what you think.

Oh, remember my dearies, I'm not doing this challenge alone, so Please visit Carinae over at Carinae L'etoile's polish stash, Tamira at naudii beautii and Ida at Piece of Pie, to see what they came up with for today's Challenge. Leave a comment for them as well.. ;-)

Thanks for reading, Have a lovely weekend. Till Later, God Bless. :-)

*schedules post* This is so gonna be exciting. Publishing a post while I'm sleeping.. Hehehehehe... 

Friday, November 18, 2011

10 days Challenge - Day Three (Inspired by a book)

Hello Lovelies.

Today is Day Three of the 10 days challenge, and the lists say we should do nails inspired by our favorite book, or just any book. I really don't have a favorite book, so my next option was to be inspired by a book.

I remembered I hadn't done any nail art with my Hello Kitty Stamping plate that I got free from BornPretty, so I immediately went on google, and typed "Hello Kitty Book". I was shown so many Hello kitty books but I settled for ONE that stroke my fancy. :-)

So therefore, today, I have Hello Kitty Nails for you.
For some reason, my nails didn't want to be photographed, I guess Hello Kitty is shy? lol, But I still managed to get some pictures that should hopefully describe this gorgeous manicure I have on my nails right now. I'm so happy that I was able to do this!

On to the Pictures my loves. Be Warned, This post is slightly PIC Heavy.

Low Light                                                               Flash (right after washing my hands.. explains the water

                                                               Thumb Alone

For my Thumb and Middle finger. (Done with Hello Kitty Plate from Born Pretty)
 For my Index and Ring Finger (Done with BM plate 213).

And I just tried some freehand stuff for my small finger (pinky)

What I used:

Seche clear, Neon Pink, melon green, this is it, beautiful girl, queen of beauty, french white tip,  aqua twist, texan cowboy, passion flame.

Konad special polish -black. Seche Vite Top coat.
Stamper, scraper, dotting tool, cuticle pusher, BM plate 213, 224 and BornPretty Hello Kitty Plate.

Yes, This was a Pic Heavy Post.. and I had a fabulous Time doing today's Manicure.

Remember Ladies, I'm not doing this challenge alone, so Please visit Carinae over at Carinae L'etoile's polish stash, Tamira at naudii beautii and Ida at Piece of Pie, to see what they came up with for today's Challenge. Leave a comment for them as well.. ;-)

Thanks for reading my loves. Till Later, God Bless. :-)