Saturday, December 31, 2011

My EPIC Christmas Haul/Gifts

Hello Lovelies..

2011 is almost over! Oh WOW! Time flies eh?

 Yesterday, I told y'all in this post that I received some gift cards for Christmas and I ordered some nail polishes/products. Well, I wanted to make sure I made the post of all my Christmas gifts before the new year, but since I hadn't gotten most of my orders in the mail, I was patient.
Now I have some good news: I'm so glad most of my Christmas gifts I ordered have arrived in the mail, so I can make this post.

Anyway, I did all the talking Yesterday, so please check out this post if you would like to know more. Now let's get on to the pictures. No reviews will be done in this post, as I'll review/swatch each product later on in the New Year :-)

I'll start with some of the goodies I got from ULTA Yesterday.
Left to right: Zoya Paz and Danni. O.P.I A sparkle yule love, You don't know Jacques, My private Jet, Ali's Big break, Light my Sapphire and Skull and glossbones.

I also Got the new Red Angel Plates on Amazon.

Then, I've finally Gotten some acrylic paints. Ohh Weee! Nail Arts, Here I come!

So many colors, I'm beyond estactic!

Here are some Miscellaneous gifts.
Left to right: I finally got Nubar 2010 (on amazon), Marisa at Polish Obsession sent me Ice Pink by Savvy, My best friend got me NYX girls NGP 151 Fame, and while shopping for a storage thing for my polishes, my awesome boyfriend bought and put Sally Hensen's Ice Queen inside the box. I was so excited when I saw the polish! Ice Queen automatically has a special place in my stash now. :-)

Next, I got my first Julep Maven box for only ONE CENT!!! If you're familiar with the Julep program, not much explanation is needed, but if you're not familiar with the Julep program, I will be reviewing this later, so stay tuned for that post. For now though, Let's just enjoy my 4 polishes that I got for ONLY One cent! :-)
Left to Right: Hayden, Megan, Leah and Nail therapy
And.....I've Saved the best for last. :-D
*Drum roll please*.....
My Order from Llarowe came in!!! When I first saw the package, I honestly SCREAMED! Lol.. It was like some sort of magic box opened up and I couldn't control myself. Lol.. I screamed for joy, and tore at the packaging like it was keeping me from something amazing. lol..
Llarowe's website is one I admired from a distance because I was hesitant to use MY personal money to buy the polishes on there. But since I had gift cards and it was Christmas, I decided to spoil myself a bit.

First up is the amazingly well packaged products. Leah Ann at Llarowe is indeed as amazing as they say she is. Customer service is ON POINT, and my polishes arrived in good timing/great condition!

I got 3 of my top favorites from the Brazilian company Specialitta HITS. I got 2 Polishes from their No Olimpo collection, and one of their flakies. I also Got Glitter Gal's 10 to midnight.

Here's Glitter Gal 10 to midnight. Can someone scream HOLO?!

Here are the two polishes I got from HITS No Olimpo Collection. Left to right: Apolo and Hefesto

And lastly, Here's the flakie - HITS Lambada. Lambada did NOT want to photograph well in the bottle. I hope it does when I swatch it though. :-)

Okies doks, that's almost it for my Christmas gifts. The rest of the things I got (which are not here yet) include; Essies Matte About You topcoat, Seche Restore, and some Nail art pens I got before getting the acrylics.

Thanks for viewing Ladies. I'm so glad I'm able to share these with you all, because I know you understand my excitement. Now I can't decide on which of these to try first! 10 to midnight is top of my list though.

I'd like to hear which one of these you'd like me to review/swatch first. I promise you that your opinion will be put into great consideration.

So many lovely polishes to go into this new year with! It's definitely going to be an awesome year!
I also got a storage thing for my polishes, and will make a post of that later on in the new year.

This is probably my last post of the year 2011, so I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all you wonderful ladies! I am excited to be able to share my love/creativity with you all. God bless you so very much, and HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE!!!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Nail Polish Sales at ULTA + Blabs

Hello Ladies

How are you doing today?
Thanks for stopping by to read. I am a girl who loves talking, and a vlog would probably be better for all I have to say today, but errrrr.... I can't really vlog right now, so I hope you're in a mood to read? Yes, Yes you are... lol.. It'll be worth your while, I hope. :-)

Picture gotten from Google
Two days ago, a friend of mine told me about sales going on at ULTA, so yesterday I decided to go check it out for myself.

A quick story before I go on about the Sale... :-)
Picture gotten from Google
For Christmas, I got some gift cards because when I was asked what I wanted for Christmas, I could only list nail polishes I had on my wishlist but was hesitant to buy with MY money. Lol... I was quick to say everything I wanted, but since no one knew exactly what I liked or where to buy them, I was given gift cards instead!

You know what that means right? I instantly went on Amazon, Llarowe and the beauty store to get some of the most important things on my wishlist! I am beyond excited and can't wait to show you ladies all I got when they arrive in the mail. Some of my stuffs have arrived, but I'm being patient so I can make ONE post with lots of pictures instead of spamming you with different posts.

Anyway, I had some more cash left on my gift cards, so I knew ULTA was the place to go spend it when my friend told me about the sale going on.

Now here's the good news. ULTA has 50% off on polishes such as O.P.I, ZOYA, China Glaze, Orly, Revlon and so many others. I would like to believe that this isn't happening at my ULTA only, because I did a quick google search before making this post, and found out that some other ladies in other states have said the same thing.

Run to the nearest ULTA near you if you'd like to add to your nail polish collection ladies.

Picture Gotten from Google

Picture gotten from google
As I stated before, I was pretty excited when my friend told me about the sale, and I went in there hoping to snag some more ZOYA polishes, but O.P.I stole the show because I don't currently own any O.P.Is, so I figured it was time to add them to my collection.

Picture gotten from
Deniz at Emeraled Sparkled Via Google, and edited by me. 
Speaking of collection, I have finally concluded and decided that I am OFFICIALLY a nail polish collector. Yes I said "Collector", not "addict" lol.
In lieu of this realization, I've decided that I need a nail polish rack or some form of nail polish storage thingy. See, I was shying away from getting a rack because I didn't want my room looking like a nail salon, BUT now, I can't cope anymore. I currently put my polishes in a bag, and every time I want a specific polish, it appears that the polish is ALWAYS at the bottom of the bag. *sigh* Basically, the bag I put all my polishes in is starting to piss me off. lol... and instead of getting frustrated over such a minor issue, I'm becoming proactive and I will get a storage thing for my polishes.

No need to pretend anymore, I have (what my friends and loved ones call) a lot of polishes, and they need to be displayed and cared for. LOL.

I also got a very lovely pink polish by Savvy called "Ice Pink" from the Lovely Marisa at Polish Obsession. She swatched the nail polish, and said the first person to send her an email stating they would like to have the polish will get it! I was excited when she replied me and told me I was the first to email her. Thanks for sending the polish really quick Marissa. She looks gorgeous!

I will make a post of all my Christmas gifts and storage space when everything is in order, but I'd love to hear how you all store your polishes, so please do share with me in the comment box. Also, if you got any polishes/nail products or nail arts as your Christmas gifts, I'd love to read about them or see what they are. Leave a link in the comment box if you have it on your blog/somewhere on the web.
I'd love to see them and drool over them. :-)

Thanks again for reading Ladies. Y'all are awesome!!!

Till later, God bless.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Inverted French Tip Manicure

Hi ladies...

How are y'all doing today?

For today's nails, I wanted to use all brown colors but didn't have a design in mind. Somehow, I ended up with what you will see in these pictures.
When I got done doing this, I decided to call it the "The Inverted French Tips" (Hence the title of my post). Lol..
Have you seen this anywhere yet?  I've seen the "Half Moon", which looks nothing like this, but haven't seen this yet.
Someone has probably done it before, but I still feel good knowing I just freestyled and got this done. :-)

Now on to the pictures
The Inverted French Tip

For this manicure, I started with 2 thick coats of Color club - Earthy Angel as my base color, and used Once coat of China Glaze - Delight for the inverted french tip. I then outlined the "intersection" with Kleancolor Nail to toe - Texan cowboy.

 Pretty excited with the turn out. :-)

I didn't apply top coat in these pictures.

Hope you enjoyed today's Post.. :-)
I really enjoyed creating this, and I can't wait to try a "color-block effect". Imagine how cute this will be with summer colors! Using 3 different colors or more? Some additional dots? Stamping? Using a white/black line in the "intersection"/ between both colors? The possibilities are endless!

Disclaimer: I'm not claiming to be the originator of this design, but I honestly hadn't seen these anywhere before I did them on my nails.
I am happy to have done this, but I definitely won't be bummed if someone else had also done it before me. You know what they say about great minds.. ;-)

What do you think Ladies?

Thanks for reading. Till Later, God Bless. :-)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I won Kleancolor's November Beauty Blast!!!

Hello love muffins...

My post today is about some Gifts I won and just received. Back in November, the Kleancolor Group I am in on facebook hosted a "novemeber blast" where members of the group were to post step by step pictures or videos of a nail/makeup tutorial.
I chose to do a Polka Dots Nails/French Tip Design and I was chosen as one of the winners. The Kleancolor representative on the facebook group contacted the winners and our gifts were sent to us.

I was expecting some nail polishes, because I am more familiar with Kleancolor's nail polishes, but I was so excited when I found out that we would be getting varieties of make-up products by Kleancolor.
See, I want more nail polishes, but I was scared they might send me polishes I already own. lol.. So when I found out we would be getting make-up products, my joy was beyond comprehension. I currently do not own any of Kleancolor make-up products, so I knew everything would be the first in my collection.

I know my blog has been more about nails, but honestly make-up is something I love as well. I guess my focus is more on nails because I kinda just got into nails and still have LOTS of practicing to do to get to where I can say, I'm satisfied.
With make-up, I'm not perfect, but I am somewhat satisfied. :-)

Anyhoo, fast-forwarding... The gifts arrived today and they all look like perfection! I haven't tried them all of course, but I can see a love relationship building with Kleancolor make-up. I already love their polishes, why not add their make-up into the midst?

The packaging arrived safe, and the products were well protected with some foamy stuffs in the box. I thought to share these with you my lovelies.
Here are pictures.

Picture of All the products I got minus one. ALL products are By KLEANCOLOR.
Top: Double rainbow palette.
Second Row: Alter Ego, 1 (eclipse),  Love me 365 Bake UTOPIA eyeshadow, Spotlight Blush (sable), Lip/eyeliner pencil (black glitter), Retractable eyebrow pencil (dark brown), KleanShow waterproof Mascara, Alter Ego metallic eyeliner duo, Ultimate Gloss (Kiss me), Moisture Lip gloss with shea butter (Adore), Silver glitter thingy, Kajal Eyeliner (charcoal)
Last Row: Multi-Use Stick (coral)

Left this one out of the group picture by mistake.
American Eyedol Wet/dry baked eyeshadow (Bayou). 

Here's the packaging. Pretty safe. 

Up-Close picture of the products.

I am pretty excited about all these! I have already fallen in love with both lip glosses. Gah! I thought I had the perfect lip gloss already, but having tried these two, I think they're giving my current lip gloss a run for her money. These KC ones apply lovely and they smell nice. I am also very excited about the Kajal and the Alter Ego (Eclipse), eyeshadow palette! Can somebody say New Year make-up will be on point?! Hecks Yeah!!! All that glitter!! I'm in love!

I want to thank the people at Kleancolor for their generousity. This is beyond amazing, and my first make-up products by you guys already have me making plans to buy more. lol... But But, I'll look out for more of your contest, so I can just keep winning more. ehhhhn? Right? Lol...

Thanks for reading Ladies. Please let me know your thoughts on Kleancolor make-up products. Do you own any of Kleancolor's make-up? Which is your favorite?
Once again, I'm new to their make-ups, but I am definitely willing to give them a try. I can't wait to try out the palettes and other things. Please let me know if you're interested in individual reviews of the products.

Till later dearies. God bless. :-)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NYX Girls - Frizzy Spots and China Glaze - Fairy Dust

Good day dearies.

If you've been reading my recent posts, you'll know by now that I am kinda hooked on China Glaze - Fairy dust. I just can't get away from the polish. lol.. I want to use her on just about every mani. I need to stop though, lol..

Today's post is of NYX girls - Frizzy spots. It's a black jelly base polish that is best for layering IMO. I tried using it alone, and the result wasn't pretty. It required way too many coats alone, and would have taken forever to get dry. But, that was no reason to condemn the polish. I whipped out my NYC black polish, and used it as my base color. Then applied one thick coat of Frizzy spot when the base polish was dry.
After that, I liked what I saw, but just couldn't resist adding one coat of Fairy dust on top. It's sad I didn't get a picture of Frizzy Spots alone, but Fairy Dust is barely noticeable in this mani, because Frizzy spots also has little Holographic glitters in it.

 Nothing like a blurry picture to show you all the holo goodness. :-)

 And a up-close picture so you can see the large hexagonal glitters in Frizzy Spots.  Beautiful!

Thanks for reading ladies. I'd like to know what you think of this polish. Do you own either of them?

Till Later, God bless. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day Nails

Hey lovelies...

Yesterday was Christmas day, and today, I will be showing you what my nails looked like on Christmas day.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas?

I wanted to do a free-hand design for Christmas day, but between last minute gift wrapping, fixing my hair, and so many other things I had to do, I scratched the idea of free-hand design, and went with something kind of easy, but still very Christmas-y.

Enjoy the pictures. :-)

Love all the shine and colors. Looks like beautiful Christmas lights on my nails.

 I didn't apply polish to all of my ring finger because I wanted to add rhinestones to the rest of the nail. But after adding one line of rhinestones, I liked what I saw and decided to stop there.

Here are the Polishes I used. Left to right: China Glaze - Fairy dust. I just want to use it for everything. 
Sinful colors - Queen of beauty, Kleancolor - Chunky Holo Scarlet, e.l.f - Golden Goddess.

Nails and polishes... (oopsie, spilled some polishes on my palm.. lol).

I really enjoyed doing this and love it very much.

For tips on layering glitter polishes, please check out my Tutorial page.

Thanks for viewing ladies. Till later, God bless. :-)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!


Merry Christmas my loves. I know I'm late, but better late than never right?
I Hope you've been having a fabulous day so far!
I am so glad that Christ is the reason for the season, and we all can celebrate and be merry! I received some pretty gifts, and I'm thankful for all the wonderful people around me.

I will be making a post soon about my Christmas day manicure, so please watch out for that!
Tah-Tah!!! Till later my loves!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Tutorial: French Tip Stamping + China Glaze (Fairy Dust)

Hello ladies...

Thanks for stopping by to read. Today, I have a tutorial for you. For a while, I was thinking of the right way to use my stamping plates that have the french tip designs on them. Every time I used the french tip designs, I either end up having the designs crooked on my nails, or not aligned in the same manner. Sometimes, I even stamp away from the the tip of my nails, and have the design close to the middle of my finger. lol..
Anyhoo, I finally thought of something and wanted to share it with y'all. You might have seen this somewhere, but I hadn't seen it anywhere, so I felt like I would share the little tip that came to me. :-)

It's nothing complicated, so I hope you enjoy it.

First, I will show you a picture of the finished result, and then we get to the tutorial. :-)
Here it is... :-)

Now, On to the Tutorial. 
Step 1: Prepare your nails. Clean it, and use a base coat of your choice. I didn't use base coat for this though.
Side note: I finally decided this is the length I like my nails. I kept them longer but finally filed them down to this length, and I really like. I feel it fits my hands better. :-)

Step 2:  (Not shown), apply a tape to create the line for your french tip. 
Side Note:  You don't have to use the kind I used (seen in step 3 picture), I was doing some house cleaning, and found these. I usually just use tape, and you can see that here . I actually prefer regular duct tape. 

Step 3: Paint your tips whichever color you want and allow it to dry. For this manicure, I used ZOYA - Purity. 
Side Note: Purity is one of the polishes I got from Zoya's past Holiday Flash promos. She's the best white polish I've used.. No streaks and covers great in two coats!

Step 4: With your tape still on your nails, Stamp whichever design you want on top of the base color. Remember to make sure your base color is dry before you stamp on it.
For this particular stamping, I used Color Club - Red-ical nomad. Somehow, she stamps as pink/purple/redish, but as you can see (the bottle), that she's a vampy red color.
The french tip design is from BM plate 218.
Side Note: Step 4 is really what brought about the tutorial. I usually take off my tape before stamping, and then I try to align my stamper on top of the french tip! Idk why I never thought to do it this way. Lol...So much easier.

Step 5: Take out the Tape, and clean your edges with a concealer brush dipped in polish remover. You can use q-tips if you don't have a brush.

 After step 5, you can either apply your favorite top coat and be done, or do something extra to your nails.

I chose to accent my ring finger with some rhinestones from the nail art wheels Ida sent to me, and I LOVE it!
After the extra flair, I whipped out my newest obsession: China Glaze - Fairy Dust, and used her as my top coat. I want to layer her over everything! She's a pretty Holographic polish. It's amazing how I went from having NO Holo polishes, to uhmmm.. Let's not talk about how many I have now. lol...
Fairy Dust is so pretty!!!

Now look at her in all her holographic goodness!!! Yay for Fairy Dust! Also, you can see my rhinestones a lot better in this picture. Aren't they gorgeous? Thanks again for these Ida (if you're reading). :-)

Ok I know this post is already Picture heavy as it is, but but.. I couldn't decide which of these picture not to put up. lol.. SO Please enjoy them all...

Here's a Video Tutorial I uploaded on Youtube: 

Anyhoo, That's it for now Ladies. :-)
Thanks for reading. Till later, God Bless.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hey Ladies!!!

My giveaway is now over and I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all those who entered it. I would have loved if everyone could win, but that would only make me go bankrupt. lol.
Thanks to my old followers who entered, and thanks to every new follower! You guys are awesome!!!
To my international followers who couldn't participate, I hope you've forgiven me. :-)

Without further ado, a winner has been randomly chosen by the Rafflecopter widget.... AND THE WINNER IS..... *drum roll please*.... Oreleona at The Pristine Notion!!!

I already sent an email to her and she has 48 hours to reply me. No response means that another winner will be randomly chosen by the Rafflecopter widget.

Thanks once again ladies, Till Later. God bless.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lorelei's Tiara is now Mine!

Howdy pretties!

If you're familiar with China Glaze's polishes, you probably have heard about their 3D glitters collection winter 2011 . When I read reviews and saw pictures of the collection, only one of the polishes called my name, and I added her to my wish list! I'm glad to announce today that Lorelei's Tiara is now mine! :-)

This polish looks even more beautiful on the nail than it does in the bottle. Although it's soooo winter-appropriate and Christmas-y, I see myself being able to wear it all year round. Application was a breeze, and this glitter polish needs no base color because it's opaque in one thick coat, or two thin coats.
For my swatch, I used two thin coats.

Enjoy the awesomeness that is Lorelei's Tiara.

I feel like a beauty queen with this polish on my Lorelei's Tiara is definitely a good name for it.
Do you own this polish or any other one in the 3D glitters collection? If I could get another from the collection, it would definitely be Love Marilyn.

That's it for now ladies. Thanks for reading.
Till later, God bless.